More Time Saving Ideas with Cecily Ink’s Fresh Style Card

cecily i nk florish fresh style card file

I am going to a BBQ this afternoon. I was invited a few weeks ago and I forgot this is a housewarming party.

As I woke up, I realized that I need a card and a gift. This happens to all of us. Luckily, I found a congratulation card that matches the personality of my friend in my stash. My husband will walk to a local merchant to buy the perfect item for our friend – I told him what to get.

This is why I like the concept behind the Fresh Style Card File collection by Cecily Ink. The set is organized by category:

  • 4 birthday cards
  • 4 thank-you cards
  • 4 sentiments: sorry, get well, with love, miss you

I think the multiple-occasion card boxes is a market that is under utilized in the stationery business. With so many unforeseen events we have to attend, having cards on hand save us time.

Expanding the Horizon

I suggest to stationers to include more cards about the typical life events. This is where we need more help as a consumer.

Every year, we used a few sympathy cards, general congratulation cards, congratulation on your new house card, new baby card and more. We need more announcement and greeting cards options for the small events and the milestone events that are making life so interesting.

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