Inspired by Vintage Silverware | etsy finds

Silverware wind chime at Finnegan\'s market

You can repurpose vintage silverware in several ways at the end of their useful life. You can make you own wind chime by flattening forks and spoons.

Custom Vintage Silverware Garden Markers by monkeysalwayslook on etsy

Etsy seller monkeysalwayslook converts old silverware into custom garden markers or picture holders (see last picture). What is cool is that you get a custom piece.  You will be able to select from her collection which silverware pattern you prefer and specify what to write on the garden markers.

Vintage Silverware Tags and Picture Holders

On Etsy, petitepear uses silverware images as a stamp for gift tags. For a special occasion, you could hang the tags so that each tag falls above the place setting of each guest. The tag becomes the place card.

+ Custom Vintage Silverware Garden Marker by monkeysalwayslook $8 USD each on etsy
+ simply chic vintage style silverware tags by petitepear $3.50 USD each on etsy
+ Custom Silverware Picture Holders by monkeysalwayslook $13 USD each on etsy

  • Ali de Bold
    July 9, 2009 at 06:59

    Ok those garden markers are adorable! Now if only I could keep plants alive…