Glamorous Holiday Theme with a Christmas tree Fitted for Condo Living

Cosmopolitain Holiday Decor at Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire is not a name that comes to mind when you plan a glamour Holiday party. But when I browsed the Holiday catalogue that they sent me I was surprised to see that they carry some cool design holiday decorations. Canadian Tire imagined 6 holiday decor themes for the 2008 edition. The Cosmopolitan theme will work as well for a Christmas party than for a New Year party.

I received some free samples from Canadian Tire for evaluation. I selected the items to fit with the decorations I already owned. They sent me a sample of the black feather tree with gold tips and the deep purple feather wreath. I did not have the time yet to open the box of the 3-piece pre-lit gold trees (reg. price $29.99) that sit on the coffee table. I received a couple more items that I will show you later this week with my own settings.

These items are more affordable than the typical stores where I shop. It is not the same quality obviously. If it is for a holiday decor that you intend to use for a year or two, go for it. I say that because some items are fragile. Their lifetime will depend on how good you are at storing them.

Purple Feather Buffet Table Theme

I came out with a concept for a buffet table. Put a feather wreath around a round raised service plate or bowl. Sadly, the wreath they sent me arrived in three pieces due to poor packing. I may try to rescue it with some tape and see if it possible to show you my concept next week.

Rainbow Moments tea lights and oil lamps

I bought at Home Hardware a pack of Rainbow Moments tea light candles with purple flames from to complete the look.

Christmas tree Fitted for Condo Living

Big and tall Christmas trees take space. So brands imagine different options to adapt to the lack of space of many urban residents.

I saw this $130 model on the Canadian Tire catalogue but I did not find it online. The half-tree is designed to stand against the wall. I never see this type of tree for real. I think it is a practical idea to a specific problem. The half-tree is cheaper and you save on decorations. Have you ever seen one installed in a home? I am curious to know if they look good.

Stay tuned to see later this week my own Holiday decorations. Like gifts under the Christmas trees, you have to wait a little bit later to see how I decorated this year. Simply know that I gave you some clues over the month.