Gift Wrapping Collections

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Making a good first impression always counts. Nicely wrapping a gift takes a little more time than inserting your gift in a bag topped with tissue paper. But recipients notice this gesture. So it is worth the effort.

In certain cultures, gifts are open in private. Therefore, your gift is publicly judged by the way it is wrapped. People who worked in Japan told me that they received more than once a gift where the wrapping costs more than what was inside.

I like to keep a small assortment of wrapping papers along with ribbons and gift tags. Simplify your life with patterns suitable for several occasions.

Whimsy Press

Blue Bird from the Green with Envy line by Whimsy Press can be used for weddings, showers, and birthdays.

Give Whimsy proposes several collections around a theme. Each collection contains 2 sheets of each design (a total of 8 sheets), plus stickers for each! Oh So Current collection is gender neutral. Havana is my favorite pattern from that set.


From the latest collection by Heidi, Livia and Ariel are perfect for any occasion from a birthday to a baby shower gift. Luxy, Dehaven and Nouvella are perfect for any occasion from a bridal shower to a housewarming gift.

Heidi’s set includes 2 wrap sheets, 1 10-inch ribbon and a box of 8 cards with envelops.

+ Green with Envy by Whimsy Press – price: $4.50 USD per sheet
+ Give Whimsy – starts at $36 USD
+ Everyday wrap collections by Heidi – price: $21.99 USD per set