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Fukuoka House

Fukuoka family house

Fukuoka family house :: residential modern architecture in japan

You feel like you are outside inside this Japanese family home. For that alone, I think it is a great architecture project. Plus, kids have room to play.

kitchen and playroom/living of the Fukuoka family house

I do not know how they deal with the concept of privacy from higher buildings or if they provide any means for natural ventilation to cool down the Fukuoka House but I find the concept of a glass roof very intriguing. The effect on photos is superb.

Fukuoka family house :: modern architecture

+ photos: Suppose Design Office
+ via Blue ant Studio

  • cathie
    April 6, 2010 at 13:59

    oh my word, this is the most beautiful house i’ve ever seen. what a gorgeous & intelligent design! thanks for sharing :]