Festive Glassware for Spring and Summer by BodaNova


Things can be bold, cheerful and playful and still convey a mature look. Fun tableware goes hand in hand with spring and summer entertaining. I went on a lookout for festive glasses to decorate in a flash your table settings.

I started my search with the Scandinavian designers since designing lively and fun patterns is one of their strength. I found what I was looking for at BodaNova. Founded in 1971 in Boda, Sweden, BodaNova is now part of Iittala Group.

One Tube – Four Glasses

The tube package is really neat. With pattern names like Joy Smile, Joy Fun, Joy Happy, Joy Play, One Tube – Four Glasses conveys Glad to Be Here when you give it to the hostess. Handy to carry around, you can buy a set or two for when you go to picnic.

With its retro vibe, One Tube – Four Glasses is the perfect gift for people who like to chill in a cocktail lounge atmosphere. The glassware design would also be perfect for a kid party.

Fun-Filled Nature Inspired Glassware

One year ago, the Season concept was launched (middle right picture). Designer Barbro Wesslander for BodaNova played with her sense of color, style and fantasy. Season comes in green, yellow, red and black. The series includes a glass, a small plate, a serving plate, a tray, tablemats and serviettes.

For spring 2008, Barbro Wesslander has created the Blossom series (top right picture). The patterns are clearly more organic. You can serve all sorts of coffee, chocolate drinks and beer in the Blossom’s Blue Flowers and Brown Flowers. In fact, the Brown design includes three round metal canisters that are ideal for storing tea, coffee, cocoa and sugar.

For an alfresco dinner or Mother’s Day, go with the Green Plants or Pink Plants. This year pink and green is a hot color combination, so you can mix both. It is easy to imagine yourself sipping a fresh juice or a glass of rosé in the Plants design. Three rectangular canisters for serving crisp breads, crackers, biscuits and sweets complete the Green Plants family.

Crisp Breads

I am a fan of crisp breads. I stopped eating crackers and replaced then by crisp breads about five years ago. I typically buy two kinds: the Light Rye and the Dark Rye by Ryvita. These are made in England. To inspire you to eat more crisp bread, I took a tasty photo from Wasa Web site, they are the world’s largest producer of crisp bread.

Stock several crisp bread bags on your pantry. You will be ready to make canapés for improvised parties. Why not borrow the Insalata Caprese on crisp bread idea from a Ryvita advertising campaign?

Buy online: BodaNova One Tube – Four Glasses Joy Tumbler at GreenerGrassDesign – price: $32 USD for 4
Learn more: Blossom Collection by BodaNova