Eleven place card holders for your dinner parties

modern style place card holders at my wedding favors

A quick way to push further your table decorations is by using decorative place card holders. This personal touch makes your table stands out.

Although those are sold for weddings, they work as well for your dinner parties. From my experience, if you are looking for something that is not widely available at typical retailers, search at wedding favor stores.

I received some samples from My Wedding Favors to appraise what they look like. I went for the traditional ones because I want to check the detailed works on the pieces since they are quite affordable. After review, I am satisfied with the look, especially considering that they do not cost a lot.

My Wedding Favors has a huge catalogue. Take the time to explore to find the right design for your event. To speed things up, I selected 11 place card holders for you; all fitting into my entertaining style.

Modern style place card holders

If you are looking for modern style, check the Classic Round Place Card Holders and the Silver Plated Fortune Cookie Place Card Holder. I usually prefer holders where the card is higher in the air. Sitting like that on the plate, The Silver-Plated Perfect Pair Placecard Holders look inviting.

Since Valentine is not too far away, I suggest either the Silver Mini-Heart Place Card Holder or the iconic love sign of Silver LOVE Place Card Holders with Matching Place Cards.

When you are short on ideas, you can let the party themes be driven by the style of your card holders. Over time, you could gather several styles and then, you will be set for all occasions.

Traditional style party ideas

 classical place card holders at my wedding favors

These classic style chairs symbolize an elegant soirée in a traditional setting. It give you the chance to host a Victorian feats or a Dangerous Liaisons inspired dinner party. But I prefer the look of the all pewter chairs.

For a tea party, use any of these chairs to write the tea blends. If you like to host tea parties, get both Silver Teapot Placecard Holders and the plantation style Silver Pineapple Placecard Holders.

If you are celebrating a new baby, a promotion or a new house, champagne is in order. There is nothing wrong in this case to be literal and use these modern champagne bucket card holders. These sleek holders could be used on a buffet table to write the name of the dishes.

The wine buckets can inspire you to host a medieval dinner party. If you dress up your table with a few pewter serving pieces, the style of these wine bucket card holders will complement the pewter. It is ideal for an Italian style feast.

Creative place cards

A few tips on etiquette. Always handwrite the guest names and if any, the table number. At larger events where people do not necessary know each other, you can write the names on both sides so people can learn the names of everyone sitting at the table.

I find these beautiful handmade tags at Cox and Cox. If you stop by the art & craft store, you can buy fine paper by the sheet to make your own handmade tags. One trick of the trade, keep your old blade on hand for cutting. Having a slightly uneven edge adds warmth to your place cards. Or use a ruler to cut the edge of your paper.

Buy online: Hand-Made Cards at Cox and Cox – price: £14 for a pack of 50 place cards
Buy online: Pewter Chair Set with Epoxy and Rhinestone Accents at My Wedding Favors – price: $7.95 for a set of 4 chairs (4 models per set)
Buy online: Set of 4 Unique Pewter Chair Placecard Holders at My Wedding Favors – price: $8 for a set of 4 chairs
Buy online: Wine Goblet Placecard Holder at My Wedding Favors – price: $1.80 each
Buy online: Silver Plated Miniature Champagne Bucket Card Holder at My Wedding Favors – price: on sale at $1.80 each

  • denise
    January 9, 2008 at 16:35

    I love place card holders. I think when guests see their names written out and placed on the table it goes a long way in making them feel like you wanted them there. Thanks for sharing these cute holders

    Other ideas for place card holders that I have used…kids toys (example from one of my parties can be found at dbaker.smugmug.com look in my party folder under caveman) food (fruits or vegetables), natural elements (twigs, rocks, pinecones, etc)

    I love coming to your site for inspiration!

  • At Home with kim vallee
    January 9, 2008 at 17:19

    Denise: I am really impressed by your parties. I would like to spotlight them on my blog. Can you contact me through the Contact form (see the top menu)?

  • laurie
    June 17, 2008 at 13:30

    i am having trouble finding gold ball place card holders, very similiar to the silver ball place card holders, can you help me?