Designer Wallpapers by Graham and Brown

monsoon wallpaper :: umbra :: Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen  :: marcel wanders collections by graham and brown

Dressing up your room with the right wallpapers adds sophistication to a dining room or living room. I typically prefer to put wallpaper on a single wall or two walls, depending on the room configuration.

British brands have a long history of making great patterns. Have a look at these patterns from Graham & Brown. This is a brand that teamed up with several designers to bring you striking designs.

A Look at My Favorites

Sophia from the Monsoon collection reinterprets Art Nouveau damask. You will be surprised how sophisticated a fuchsia wall can be.

No need to install wall paneling with Phantom from the Umbra collection. In case you did not already know, the uber stylish Canadian brand Umbra teamed up with Graham & Brown to produce its first ever wallpaper collection. The frame illustrations of Huddle pattern can bring something different to a room.

Mystique Avocado by Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen takes its inspiration from the delicate lattices and Jali screens that help shade colonial plantation houses on the fringes of the Caribbean Sea. In a typical Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen design, he injected a jet look to this classic design.

The Red/Orange Alice designed by Marcel Wanders is highlighted by delicacy and intricacy in its detailing. The Marcel Wanders collection costs for £35 for a single roll; other collections are available for £30.

Hot pink Midsummer (not shown) adds drama. The beautiful leaf silhouette design fuse silver shine with hot pink matt.

Wallpapers are fashionable once again. The new wallpapers can be a great source of inspiration if you redecorate a room.

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