Crafted wine labels as seen on Pottery Barn Web site

wine labels and Ceramic Wine Buckets at Pottery Barn

Here is a tasteful yet simple way to label the wines for a wine tasting party. It is versatile because this label tag technique works as well on decanters, wine carafes, wine bottles and glasses.

The next time you do a wine and cheese party, think about labeling the wines you will be serving. Hang a chalkboard where you wrote the specifics of the wine so everyone can read them. If you ask guests to bring a bottle, ask them for the wine details a couple of days in advance.

To reproduce these labels, simply glue a number on a natural paper background on the center of a price tag. It is even simpler if you buy the number already on a background. It looks better when you leave a margin on the price tag. Use raffia ribbons to attach the label to the container. You can play with colors if you like.

Homemade wine tasting booklets as party favors

You can craft a booklet to leave as a souvenir to your guests. On each page, print the specifics of the wine and leave some room for the guest to write his / her impressions. It is always a good idea to add extra blank pages as new wines will certainly be added at the last minute.

My tips for styling the booklet

Go to the art and craft store or a fine stationary store to pick up a few accessories. I like to use Chicago Screws to bind the pages of small notebooks. Also called Binder Posts, Chicago screws come in varying heights. So get the right fit. You can get them in aluminium, brass, nickel, gunmetal metal and vibrant colors at Quietfire Design online store. Embellish the cover page with eyelets and brads.

nota bene stationary store in Montreal

I enjoy the aluminum and nickel looks, so I get my Chicago screws in a fine stationary store called Nota Bene* located in Montreal. If you are looking for international collection of contemporary designed stationery from around the world, stop by Nota Bene*. I like to explore their stylish and modern selection of weekly planners, diaries, notebooks, binders, albums, papers, envelops and pens. Nota Bene* is one of my favorite shops. Russell, the owner is a nice guy that is truly passionate about what he does.

Have fun labeling and making your wine booklet party favor. I am sure that your guests will appreciate these keepsakes.

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  • patricia gray
    August 21, 2007 at 18:15

    Great tips and what fun to do this at a party.

  • Chip
    September 3, 2007 at 10:51

    Great idea. They would enhance any wine tasting gathering.