Cooler Shelf and Drawer Liners

eco leaves shelf paper

eco leaves shelf paper

This cute pattern is not for gift wrapping papers but for protecting and decorating shelves and drawers. Like many, I covered my bathroom and kitchen drawers with liners when I was renting an apartment. I did it for hygienic reasons. But when we moved in our current space, there were no need since we put a brand new kitchen and master bathroom.  Frankly, most drawer liners lack style. Therefore, they do not really enhance your drawers.

gypsy garden shelf paper

I found a store on the Web that may change my mind. The collection at Chic Shelf Paper is more interesting than what I remembered. Each pattern is available as a matter paper, a fine weave fabric, laminated vinyl and satin canvas. Prices vary from $2.5o to $5.75 per square foot.

chic shelf papers and drawer liners

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