Autumn scenes dinnerware for an elegant Thanksgiving table

autumnal themed thanksgiving tables at micheal fina

For my last look at a Thanksgiving table this year, I want to finish in style. As I mentioned before, I am fond of pewter tableware. I enjoyed their craftsmanship and their eternal elegance.

With winter coming, people living in colder climates are looking for warmth in their home decor. Even if I am truly a modernist, autumn has this effect on me.

As a Canadian, I am not a specialist in the American culture of Thanksgiving. But basically, Thanksgiving celebrates the end of the harvest season. So we take time to thank Mother Earth and the people that work on bringing us fresh food at the table. It is also the hunting season.

With the kind of food that is fashionable right now for entertaining at home, the Country styles both from France and Italy are in right now because they better complements the meal. When I talked with the sales director at Arthur Quentin last month, she confirmed the trend. Many of their customers live in hip modern décor house.

Autumn and winter woodland scenes

The first tablescape displays Solonge by Gien with the handmade Pewter Gallic Charger from Match. The plate you see is one of the 6 drawings from the dessert ensemble. A fabulous combination that can take different look depending on the table cloth you select. For example, the look will be softer if pale blue or pure linen was used instead of the orange.

Gien is known as the number one producer of the highest quality earthenware in France. Match pewter is handmade by artisans in the North of Italy. Each piece is crafted of an alloy that is food safe and lead free which explains the price.

Italian ceramic and pewter fall table

Depending of the type of cooking you are doing, you may prefer solid color plates. Also from Match, the Convivio Green collection is available in dinner plates, soup/pasta bowl and salad/dessert plate. You have the choice between a mug or the cup and saucer.

For the flatware, the translucent quality of Zambia by Ashandi is out of the ordinary. The Victoria Decanter with Pewter from L’esprit & le vin reminds me of a duck. It was a propos with both of my table schemes. Wine decanters are a must when you set an elegant table. So it is appropriate to own one or two if you are entertaining a lot.


Look at the end of Thanksgiving menu to see my meal suggestion for the Canadian Thanksgiving. It is a new twist on the seasonal meal. I have to warn you, there is no turkey.

Buy online: Solange dinnerware by Gien at Michael C. Fina – price: $45 USD for a dinner plate
Buy online: Match Pewter Table Service Charger at Michael C. Fina – price: $180 USD
Buy online: Convivio Green collection at Michael C. Fina – price: $84 USD for a dinner plate
Buy online: Zambia by Ashandi at Michael C. Fina – price: $ 168 USD for a 5-pc place setting
Buy online: Victoria Decanter with Pewter from L’esprit & le vin at Michael C. Fina – price: $425 USD