Achieving Turkey Perfection the Simplest Way

gourmet turkey perfection tips

If you avoid the traditional Thanksgiving dishes because you feel it take too much work but your family request a roasted turkey, you will be pleased to know that Gourmet found a no-fuss way to cook a golden-brown skin turkey with moist, tender white and dark meat. Simply seasoned the turkey with salt and pepper, then roasted in a 450ºF oven. In their own word, the Gourmet expert said: no need for butter under the skin, no basting, no foil tent, just blasted. With the high-heat cooking method, it takes between 1 3/4 to 2 1/2 hours for a 14- to 16-pound bird. This may be enough incentive for roasting a turkey this holiday, if only making a good gravy was that simple.

Generally speaking, an unstuffed turkey baked quicker than a stuffed turkey. Note that the time difference will be smaller with the high-heat method. Get all the details on Gourmet. One last thing, if you ever wish to invite me for a Thanksgiving dinner or a traditional Christmas dinner, do not try to impress me with the stuffing, I do not eat it. But I will pour more gravy and try your cranberry sauce.

+ photo: Gourmet

  • Line Atallah
    November 18, 2009 at 20:32

    Kim, another thing in common. I do not eat the stuffing either! Last year for Xmas I made a goose instead of turkey, and it was a hit! Full of taste! I highly recommend you give it a try, if you haven’t already.