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    Kitty Teepee and Faux-Fur Skin by Loyal Luxe

    cat recycled cardboard teepee by loyal luxe

    cat recycled cardboard teepee by loyal luxe

    Pets are like kids, they like to be entertained. Pet toy makers do not always pay attention to style. This is not the case of Loyal Luxe, a Montreal-based company that produces adorable recycled cardboard cat houses. I introduced last year, their first product, the Cat Cabin. A couple months ago, they launched a cute teepee. You know how I like teepee (or tipi) for kids and grown ups.

    faux bearskin cat and small dog carpet

    Loyal Luxe also added a beautiful faux-bearskin for cats and small dogs to their collection. I know for a fact that cats go for anything with fur or faux-fur. We bought several years ago two RENS sheepkins for our cats. They were delighted! Since then, I repurposed the sheepkins as small bed carpets for my husband and I. During the colder months, I now lay a faux-fur throw at the end of our bed so the cats know where to sleep. What I like about a cat rug is that it takes less space than a pet pillow. Plus, it is easier to store away when you do not wish to have it in your decor.

    Going back to Loyal Luxe, they transformed a traditional Canadian icon by mixing a synthetic bearskin on one side with a red plaid fabric on the other side. More bearskin colors and fabric patterns are available on their online shop to suit your taste or decor.

    + Native American Teepee $24 CAD
    + Faux Bearskin $30

    + Canada: RENS sheepskin $39.99 CAD
    + USA: RENS sheepskin $24.99 USD