Vintage Wood Style Toys and My Toy Exchange Party

land of nod cool vintage style toys

Toys can be eyesores in a house. Let’s face it toys take place. If you can afford them, try to opt for something else that the mass-produced plastic kind.

You can get at Land of Nod high-end toys with a cute vintage vibe. Since kids outgrow or get tired of their toys fairly quickly, try to get a few items that can be repurposed as display.

A Little Bit of Nostalgia

The Kitchen and Grocery section at Land of Nod is incredible. I adore the Shop ‘Til You Drop market, shopping cart, cash register and well-balanced scale. The chalkboard would let your kids advertise their daily specials or set the price at the lemonade stand. You can use it whenever you have a garage sale.

Make-belief games are an important part of child play. I recalled that running a shop was one of my favorite games. My parents also got me a stunning salon kit that they probably bought from the United States. It had a special meaning since my mother was a talented hairdresser with her own salon.

More Toy Ideas

If you are a regular reader, you probably notice my teepee fascination. I cannot imagine a boy or a girl who would not enjoy having a roomy teepee in their playroom. A teepee is also great when you are hosting kid parties.

The French-designed Zamiloo Cardboard House with the coordinating Squirrel Family can decorate the nursery and toddler room until the little girl is 3 years old. The same goes for the On the Right Racetrack.

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Wooden toys can be repainted and can be repaired if broken. For that reason, they are more environmentally friendly.

Toy Exchange Party

Lisa Kothari invited me to write a guest post on Peppers and Pollywogs blog.

With the current economical climate and the green living trend, I selected an unusual theme for a kid related party. Learn how to organize a Toy Exchange Party in your community. Get answers from how to select a venue to what are the rules for the exchanges up to what to serve as refreshments.


+ Shop ‘Til You Drop Market – $199 USD
+ Meet Me in the Teepee – $119 USD
+ Honey I Shrunk the Football Table – $59 USD
+ This Full Playhouse – $54 for Zamiloo Cardboard House, $19.85 for the Squirrel Family characters
+ On the Right Racetrack – $39.95 USD
+ Tabletop Puppet Theater – $89 USD
+ Wood Roller, Sorter and Stacking Ring Maker – $14.95 – $29 USD
+ image from Cupcakes with three locations in Vancouver, Canada

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