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Five City Life Wallpaper and Decals for a Little Boy Room

city wall decals french bull

Now that my son is a toddler who expresses his like and taste, I started to decorate his room around him. They are already three drawings on the walls that I used for teaching the primary colors to my son. He enjoys this little moment which it why I’m thinking to add more wall decor to stimulate him.

Since my son says Beep Beep! so often, I am leaning towards a city life theme with cars and buildings. French Bull makes a wonderful wall decal set with colorful cars, buildings, streets, and outdoor elements. Besides the work load, the advantage of using wall decals, instead of a wallpaper, is that you let your imagination and the wall space dictate what it looks like at the end. Continue Reading


Budget-Friendly Wallpaper Ideas

wallpaper diy project door panel stair riser

lilesadi wallpaper dimensions

Have you been bitten by the wallpaper bug yet? When it made its decor comeback a few years ago, wallpaper ushered in a new era of print, pattern, colour and design, and this time it seems here to stay.

Studio Lilesadi, a Netherlands-based label created by sisters Dinah and Sarah Smutny in February 2011, are a perfect example of the fresh approach to wallpaper design we’ve seen in recent years. We love the fresh, striking color combinations found in their new collection, inspired by the light and patterns found in church windows. They also create a coordinating collection of cushions and home accessories sold through their Etsy shop.

Lilesadi wallpaper collection stellar blooming

Not quite ready to commit to an entire room? Or don’t have the budget to use multiple rolls of a wallpaper you really love? Here are three modern ways to use wallpaper to make an impact in a room – without impacting your wallet.

On The Ceiling

Why should walls have all the fun? Using a wallpaper with a light-coloured background (such as those designed by Studio Lilesadi) on the ceiling can help make a room feel larger and draw the eye up. Or make a statement with a bold jewel-toned shade. A word to the wallpaper-wise: use the money you save on fewer rolls of paper to pay for professional installation.

On Panelled Doors

wallpaper diy project door panel stair riser

To add a punch of pattern or colour, dress up a panelled door. Since you’ll need less than one roll for this project, you can opt for a pricier paper with metallic or foil finishes. It’s also

On The Stairs

Entryways and halls are often last to be decorated. We love how just a few pieces of a graphic, contemporary wallpaper transforms this traditional staircase. Depending on the width and quantity of your stairs, this project can take less than one roll.

These projects are also a great way to use wallpaper remnants from other areas of your home to create a cohesive design sensibility.

Have you added wallpaper to your home? How have you used wallpaper in other DIY projects?


+ Lilesadi Wallpaper and Decor
+ Wallpapered Door Panel Project, Martha Stewart
+ Wallpapered Stair Riser Project, Sunset Magazine


Playful Wallpapers for Kids

kido's wallpapers by coordonne

The new Kido’s collection by the Spanish wallpaper brand Coordonne is cheerful and playful. It transports the kids into a quest for adventures. The original designs range from dancing flamenco ladies to comical birds, cars and houses in the forest. Sadly, I do not think that their products have crossed this side of the Atlantic. Nonetheless, I shared them as eye candy.

+ Kido’s collection by Coordonne


Temporary Wallpaper from Tempaper Designs

Tempaper vinyl coated self adhesive wall decor

Tempaper vinyl coated self adhesive wall decor

Rental living has its advantages, but they don’t usually include the freedom to knock down walls, re-tile a backsplash or add more space. Upgrades tend to be of the cosmetic, commitment-free and (thankfully) more affordable variety.

I’m not sure if it’s the start of a new year, or hearing about Kim’s pre-baby apartment renovations, but after five years in the same apartment, I’m craving major change in my living space.

Tempaper vinyl coated self adhesive wall decor

Enter Tempaper, a self-adhesive and repositionable wallpaper. It’s perfect for those of us who are enjoying the resurgence of wallpaper, but who have been weary of embracing the semi-permanent decor decision.

If you’ve always steered clear of wallpaper because of the tricky application process, the repositionable format will help to ensure your print or pattern is perfectly aligned.

Though the pattern choice is somewhat limited, there is some range in the colorways for each. I love the “Edie” pattern in lemon ash (which also reflects the recent “grellow” trend and “Skotti”, an oversized version of the classic houndstooth pattern.

A Collection for Kids

Tempaper self-adhesive wall paper for kids :: tots collection

Don’t miss the Tempaper Tots collection with cute and colorful options for kid’s rooms that be easily updated as your child grows.

Have you decorated with wallpaper? Do you love or loathe its resurgence?

+ Tempaper Designs
+ Where to buy


Cool Wallpapered Rooms

boutique silhouette wallpaper by harlequin

desire and eco highway patterns :: graham and brown wallpapers

I must confess that I never put wallpapers on my home but I would like to commit to one pattern one day. To help me to take the plunge, I like to admire gorgeous wallpapered rooms. If you wish to use wallpapers, here are a few rules to obey. First, less is more. Therefore, restrain it to one wall.  Best results are obtained when you install it on a continuous surface.

boutique silhouette wallpaper by harlequin

The choices are stunning from the grand damask design to the big modern floral or organic patterns. I have a thing right now for the trees of the Silhouette pattern by Harlequin.

gardenia pattern from juniper fabric and wallpaper collection by harlequin

For Kids Rooms

what a hoot fabrics and wallpapers by harlequin

The patterns for kids are as impressive. You can find plenty of playful wallpapers than look sophisticated and unique. On the left, the British houses illustrated paper is called Brighton. Used for the drapes and cushions, the Go Go Retro fabric is mixed with Bonbon fabrics to create a vintage scheme for a boy’s room.

Which pattern is your favorite?

+ Desire in Teal Wallpaper by Graham & Brown $70 USD /roll
+ Eco Highway in White Wallpaper by Graham & Brown $60 /roll
+ Silhouette Wallpaper from Boutique Collection by Harlequin
+ Gardenia Pattern from the Juniper Collection by Harlequin
+ What a Hoot Wallpaper Collection by Harlequin


Home Decor Trend: Mauve, Lilac and Berry Tones

mauve lilac and berry tones :: fall 2010 home trend

mauve lilac and berry tones :: fall 2010 home trend

I wrote a fall trend report for Style Sheet by where grellow was the center of the attention. Another trend that is worth noting is the mauve, lilac and berry tones trend. I touched it on my fall 2010 trends for HGTV with a few accessories. Let’s explore it further.

Furniture, pendant lamps, art prints and paint colors enable you to let in those nice red-blueish tones. I prefer the mauve and lilac to last year’s purple. I feel that it is easier to coordinate. I am fond of the glass pendant lighting collection by Niche Modern. It has a unique, industrial yet sophisticated design, especially in that rich tone. We see a lot of black or grey used as accent color with this color palette.

Traditional Style

plum trend used with traditional style furniture

Plum, mauve and lilac are not reserved for the modern style. It applies as well with traditional style decor. On the October 2010 issue of Living etc., they show the crocus Zephirine wallpaper next to a stunning blue sofa. The result is awesome.

+ EVRT Studio – Atlas Oats Print $120 to $160 USD at 2Modern
+ Niche Modern’s Plum Pendant Lighting $440 to $1,195
Inhabit Plankton Pillow $60 – $68
+ Moire Tibet Pendant by Shine Labs $350
+ Suzanne Lounge Seating for Kids $1,726 – $4,064
+ Designers Guild’s Zephirine Wallcoverings – color: crocus – photo by Damien Russell for Living etc.
Fox Point Armchair $615 painted in Martha Stewart Living Paint in Blueberry Pie $ 25 a gallon


3 Looks Inspired by Harlequin’s Patterns

pretty in pink lush wallpaper and lalika textiles by harlequin

tempo collection harlequin with a hint of retro style

It is an art to know how to mix patterns that fit together without looking like a matching set. This is why I appreciate companies that make it easy for everybody. One of those companies is Harlequin, a UK wallpaper and textile manufacturer. They create collections that make you look brilliant. Take the Temp collection for example. They mix a large orange poppy print with cream and black circle drapes.

pretty in pink lush wallpaper and lalika textiles by harlequin

I am not a pink girl. Look at how sophisticated these pink rooms are. They use dark brown or the nice gold to bring elegance. These pink decorated rooms feel timeless.

azara and azita patterns :: textiles by harlequin

The bedroom is certainly more matching than the rest. Still there is enough differenced on the many patterns to make the whole interesting. The look is pretty eclectic. You get traditional French style furniture mixed with patterns with Persian and Indian influences.

+ Find a retailer near you
Tempo collection by Harlequin
+ Lagoon Wallpapers
+ Lalika collection


Magazine Wall

magazine wall

Create you own mosaic wall with old magazines. It must feel good to repurpose old magazines in such a beautiful way. It can even be a conversation starter.

Classify the magazines by format (width and length). First, you need to make your bricks by tightly tying magazines together. Discuss with your handyman on the best way to proceed to assemble the wall. You must be sure that your wall will not fall apart if something or someone hits it.

+ via PoppyTalk and Home by Sunset


Sophie Conran Wallpaper Range for Arthouse

spectra pattern sophie conran for arthouse at B&Q

After making delicious pies and designing a popular dinnerware line, Sophie Conran created a line of wallpaper for Arthouse. Except for Spectra, which is part of a special line exclusively available from B&Q, all her patterns are traditional. Her main collection should be available through many retailers.

Main Collection

sophie conran for arthouse wallpaper collection

For her main collection, Sophie Conran was inspired by magic of fairytales and her childhood memory of summer where she stayed in a turreted chateau high atop a cliff in the Dordogne. Therefore, the patterns feel vintage and French.

Good news for UK readers, you can participate in a giveaway where five lucky Livingetc readers will win £160 worth of Sophie Conran wallpaper.

Styles from Other Designers

arthouse wallpapers:: the teal eco paper and the vintage radiance pattern

More great wallpapers are produced by Arthouse. The blue and silver Divine paper at the top is an eco-friendly wallpaper made from recycled paper and water-based inks in factories that have environmental improvement policies in place. The yellow paper is the Radiance pattern from the Vintage collection. They are both equally pleasing to the eye.

+ photos via Arthouse


The Elegance of Wallpaper Imitation Tiles

porcelanosa wall tiles with a wallpaper effect

Lots of progress have been done with tile effects. We all seen the superb wood porcelain tiles in restaurant lobby. They provides form and function. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are perfect for high traffic areas  and a wet area like a bathroom or a pool house.

One brand that carries upscale luxurious tiles is Porcelanosa, a Spanish company that started in a small village by the Mediterranean Sea in Castellon, Spain. Browsing their catalogue is a treat. They have been in the United States for the last 20 years. Porcelanosa say that their products are available at surprisingly affordable prices.

If you wish to add the effect of luscious wallpaper in your bathroom without worrying about maintenance, go with wall tiles. My collage at the top shows a bathroom with Decor Silk Blanco tile. Venezia provides a baroque print. The sophisticated lino metal series would look awesome  in his bathroom.

Bringing Character to a Room with Tiles

porcelanosa men lounges with natural stone fireplaces

Continuing on masculine home decor, I really like the ambiance of these two lounges. One the library, I wish to point out the large scale tiles while the natural stone fireplace is the star of this bachelor lounge. The two lamps fits so well in the space.

porcelanosa making a statement with 3d wall tiles

The reflexion of the 3D Blueker looks incredible on the pool. These pictures clearly demonstrates how you can make a statement with porcelain and ceramic tiles.

+  Porcelanosa


Oas Wallpaper Collection by DecorMaison

oas wallpaper by decormaison

Oas means oasis in Swedish. This is where I imagine myself when I look at these styled scenes. Those are perfect inspirations for a Friday.  The wallpaper in the kitchen seems to have been inspired by Orla Kiely.

oas wallpaper by decormaison

For the pre-launching promotion of their new Oas wallpaper collection, the Swedish brand DecorMaison did something special. Their stylist team converted several campers into decorated rooms. It is a great way to transport their installations.

Oas will be available in September 2009. I do not know if it will be available in North America. I know that I like the motifs.

+ DecorMaison
+ Via emmas designblogg