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IDS 12 Preview: What I Plan to See/Do?

ids 12 conversations in design

ids 12 conversations in design

We are just a few days before the opening of IDS 12 and I can’t wait for my annual visit. I will fly the night before to be right on time for Conversations in Design. I hope to grab new ideas from the 12 internationally renowned speakers that will talk at Conversations in Design. It should be a good introduction before heading to the exhibit floor since the Conversations in Design’s theme is Trailblazers and Trendspotters.

I will start the next day with a blog and traditional media panel conversation hosted by BlogPodium. Then, it will be time to explore what is at the trade show. One exhibit that I will not miss is Studio North and Prototype, that will celebrate the 10th anniversary at IDS.

I will stay Saturday in order to attend a second design blogger event: the Canadian Design Bloggers Meetup that will be held at Brassaii. Between meeting some friends, bloggers, and business partners, I would need to find the time to shop at the first CB2 store in Canada (@CB2queenwest). I’m so sorry that I couldn’t attend their opening party. It is a short drive (5 minutes by car, 25 minutes by foot) from the IDS since CB2 is located at 651 Queen Street West. Do not be surprised if you see at the airport a girl with CB2 bags.

I look forward to this short design trip. If you see me in Toronto, come to say hello. I would love to chat design and blogging with you.


Celebration Weekend 2011 is this weekend

celebration weekend

celebration weekend

I love Sunset magazine. I discovered it a few years ago while we were in San Francisco or Los Angeles. There was a copy in our hotel room. I was hooked. Every week, Sunset organized a Celebration Weekend outdoor exhibit at their headquarters. They have activities for all members of the family, food and drinks demonstrations, beautiful gardens and a product exhibit. It is definitely on my to-do list for next year.

If you are not too far from the Menlo Park area this weekend, plan a day at Sunset Magazine Headquarters. Watch this video with footage of the 2010 edition.

+ See the lineup of Celebration Weekend 2011


My Favorite Things at SIDIM 2011

tall grass in the prairies wallpaper murals

I went to the 2011 edition of the SIDIM (Montreal International Interior Design Show) yesterday. Here are what I found to be the most interesting stuff. Know that I kept a few items for individual posts. The first thing that caught my eye is the mood of the Tall Grass in the prairies wallpaper mural. It is based on an original painting from Ruth Baker.

Nestor Modular Table

nestor modular table by eric giraud

This is a prototype from a design student called Eric Giraud. His concept is perfect for entertaining. The table is made of 4 elements: two caddies and two eating surfaces.

nestor caddy by eric giraud


wood pendant fixtures by atelier cocotte

The wood pendants by Atelier Cocotte are interesting. The collection features several shapes. My favorites ones are Gladys, Tina and Noisettes.

tina pendant light by atelier cocotte

They should be available in selected stores soon; see their Web site for more information.

nest by louis poulsen

For the exterior, I like the feeling of the Nest light for Louis Poulsen. I imagine a few to illuminate a path. I would place small trees between them.

Party at Domison

curling side table by samare studio

Domison continues to promote good design in Montreal but hosting a party at their retail stores. They invited several designers to showcase a piece for a one-night exhibit. Two creations caught my attention. First, the Curling side table by Samare Studio. They repurposed competition curling stones in a beautiful side table.

fence coat rack by 6.1 designers

The second item is the white picket Fence, a coat rack from 6.1 designers. It is a simple idea that is well executed and practical. There is a small shelf to put your mail, a book or a few magazines. As you can see from my pictures, you can hang your umbrellas in two ways. Fence is suitable for any room in your home.

See more photos on my Facebook page.

sidim 2011 photo album

Show Me More Spaces

As with any interior design shows that I attended this year, you really have to dig to find outstanding elements. Although my visit was pleasant, I was disappointed that I could not identity a design trend after my visit. I feel that the SIDIM organizer could do a better job to insure that the visitors are inspired. Home decor blogs and magazines clearly understand that what people are looking for are inspirations. On that point, I feel that the IDS does a great job with their designer spaces. I do not want them to copycat what IDS does but I would like the SIDIM to present us designed rooms, not just vendors.

You can visit SIDIM today (Saturday) from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M at Place Bonaventure. General admission is $15 CAD.




Nomad: Ultralight Camper

nomad ultralight camper design by etienne danserau :: sidim 2010

nomad ultralight camper design by etienne danserau :: sidim 2010

A section of SIDIM was dedicated to student’s projects. It may be because I would love to use his small model as a doll house, but Nomad, a camper made of fabric and aluminum, grabbed my attention. The ultralight structure requires less energy than a regular camper. Etienne Danserau, who studied at University of Montreal, imagined this concept.


Cônes by Porcelaines Bousquet at SIDIM

porcelain serving cones by porcelaines bousquet

porcelain cones with 2 styles of wooden stands by porcelaines bousquet

My next discovery at SIDIM 2010 is handy for the stylish hostess. Serving food in paper cones is a popular trend these days. The cones are not just for serving French fries, you can use them to serve nuts, popcorns, fresh vegetables or fruits, and ice cream. Still, they are not many reusable cone options available on the consumer market. This is about to change with Cônes by Porcelaines Bousquet.

porcelain serving cones by porcelaines bousquet

For serving the food, Porcelaines Bousquet proposes two wood options for communal service and one option fitted for plating. The overall look feels chic without being formal.

How Do You Store Those in your Kitchen?

stack cones for storage with the hold stand by porcelaines bousquet

Hard-paste porcelain is the type that you pass on from one generation to the next. It is quite resist. Her biggest challenge was not perfecting the form. It was how do people will store them at home. For each cone that she produced, she needs a stand to hold the cone while it cools down.When that happens, the join will shrink by up to 15%. Then, she threw away the stand. One day, the solution hit her. Why not use the stand to stack the cones? Brilliant! When you buy 4 Cônes, you get a storage stand.

Perfect Hostess and Wedding Gifts

The price of a Cône is $40 CAD. The shopstick-style wood support is sold at $20. If you buy these, you will be sure that no one bought the same wedding gift than you. Plus, I am sure that the bride and groom will use your gift. You can place your order by phone; they deliver in the United States and across Canada. Or browse the list of Canadian retailers to locate one near you. Louise Bousquest launched her hard-paste porcelain business in 2002. She operates her workshop-boutique in a small town located 45 minutes from Montreal.

+ Cône by Porcelaines Bousquet $40 CAD
+ Locate a Canadian retailer near you


Poitras, 13 rue de l’univers Living Collection

servingware table linens by 13 de rue de l'univers by jean-claude poitras

servingware table linens by 13 de rue de l\'univers by jean-claude poitras

The first stand I visited at the SIDIM 2010 show was Poitras, 13 rue de l’univers. Jean-Claude Poitras presented at SIDIM his brand new collection of table linens, tableware, throws and home accessories. I love what I saw. And judging from the reactions of women visiting his booth, I do not think that I am alone.

This is the latest venture of Jean-Claude Poitras, a prolific designer from Quebec who started his career in the 1970’s as a fashion designer. After dressing women and men, he switched his interest to dressing our home in different ways. As I spoke to him, Poitras pointed out that home design can endure the passage of time and stay fresh. He gave me as an example the first plate he designed, in 1998, if I recalled well. He still enjoy eating in it after all these years.

glassware by poitras 13 rue de l\'univers

With his 13 rue de l’univers collection, Jean-Claude Poitras infused a cheerful element to each piece and yet the ensemble carries such a classic elegance. It’s form a whole but every piece has its own character.

server spoon by poitras 13 rue de l\'univers

The serving spoon that stays on the rim of the bowl is such a clever. I want one. A collection of candles in modern glass containers complete his home collection. He opted for casual chic table linens that are superb. These definitely feel timeless.

summer throws by poitras, 13 rue de l\'univers

The same beautiful colors and textiles that you put on your table are available in throws. My favorite ones are the chevron. If you are invited for a weekend at a cottage, make sure to bring one as a hostess gift. They will love it for cold nights, when they sit next to the fire pit.

The information is not all on his Web site but it should be there shortly. For now, selected retailers in Montreal carry the line. I hope that it will cross our borders. I do not recall the exact price but I know it is accessible. You can find his tableware collection at Les Touilleurs in Outremont, À table tout le monde on St-Paul Street West, Léo Victor (who is also at SIDIM) and Nautique International (located at the marina of the Old-Port).

+ Poitras, 13 rue de l’univers
+ SIDIM 2010 – up to May 29th, 2010


Butterfly Bag Chair and Stool by Bev Hisey

details of butterfly bag chair by bev hisey

details of butterfly bag chair by bev hisey

I met Bev Hisey at the IDS last January. She is a talented home decor designer. I was in awe with her latest creation before I sat in her bag chair made of 3mm 100% wool felt. I went to heaven when I sat down.

bev hisey sitting in her butterfly bag chair

It is truly one of most comfortable chairs I had the chance to sit on. If you sat on the Sumo bean bag chairs, forget about it. The experience is miles miles away. Bev Hisey is taking luxury to the next level. She filled her bag chair with chip foam that are produced by recycling foam off-cuts from upholstery manufacturers. The seating is firm, and there is no sinking down to the floor.

bev hisey\'s butterfly bag chair and triangular stool in his dressing room

Her Butterfly Bag Chair makes a top-notch reading chair with or without the smaller triangular butterfly bag as a foot stool. If you have kids, know that kids love to play with the triangular butterfly bag. When comes the time to romance, you will be happy that the chair is big enough for 2 persons.

bev hisey press kit envelop

I wish I did not mind spending over $3000 for a Valentine’s Day gift because I still dreaming about it. In the meantime, you could be happy with one of her superb butterfly cushions.

bev hisey\'s cushions

+ Butterfly Bag Chair by Bev Hisey
+ Canary Yellow Butterfly Cushion $144 for 11×18 inch
+ Pebble Grey Butterfly Cushion $156 CAD for 18×18 inch


First Coverage of IDS 2010

ids 2010 highlights :: light fixtures against a mural

ids 2010 highlights :: light fixtures against a mural

I was extremely busy with many work-related tasks over the last few weeks. Therefore, a weekend getaway in Toronto to visit the IDS 2010 and to attend a Spanish tasting dinner in honor of the birthday of a foodie friend was more than welcomed.

ids 2010 preview of my favorite design items

I am sitting on the train right now. This post is simply to give you a quick glimpse at stuff I like from the exhibit. I will give you the details later this week as I release my coverage of the Interior Design Show.

Sunday’s Design Talks

design talks ids2010 :: enduring design talk with Brian Gluckstein, Suzanne Dimma and Mark Challen

For people that are on Twitter, I tweeted the last two design talks of the show. Brian Gluckstein and Suzanne Dimma shared practical design tips for enduring design. The top 3 tips from the talk are, in my view:

  • classic does not means traditional. It means refined. Therefore, classic could apply to modern style;
  • comfort is as important as the look. Brian Gluckstein tries any chairs and sofas that he used in his design;
  • before investing in new fixtures, install dimmers on pendants and lamps. Create moods by lowering the light. I add to put bulbs that are less than the maximum written on your lamp.

I filmed Mark Challen’s style talk with my iPhone because I did not want to miss anything.


Interior Design Show 2010

ids10 :: interior design show in toronto

ids10 :: interior design show in toronto

Just a quick note to talk about the next Interior Design Show in Toronto. They have planned good things for us including 11 featured exhibits, Pecha Kucha (during trade day), design talks, free consultations plus the exhibitors. I am looking forward to this edition; their tenth.

On Saturday, January 23rd, 2010, Ingrid Abramovitch will talks about decorating and renovating an older home. They will be a panel discussion on defining luxury. On sunday, the Editor of Canadian House & Home Suzanne Dimma will talk about the decor trends for 2010. Then, a panel will explore timeless design. The design talks will close with style commentator Mark Challen who will review the most remarkable film sets from the past decade.

Visit the IDS Web site to know everything that is going on. Follow them on Twitter as you could win weekend tickets to the show; this is a daily giveaway that runs until the show.


souk @ sat is next weekend

souk @ sat

Next week-end, from December 11 to December 13, see you at the SAT for the annual craft fair the souk @ sat. This annual event offers Montreal artists, creators and designers a marketplace to showcase their recent work to the public. The place is organized in sections: living-room, kitchen, bedroom, walk-in, bathroom, etc. For the exhibitor line up, it seems that there is less things for the home but I will probably stop by.

photo: souk @ sat


Best Home Decor Products of the Week for my Design Friday

coral seating and items for new ps ikea home decor collection

Before the weekend, I gathered the best of what the design products I spot this week. With the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) happening last week in New York City; there were plenty of great candidates for my top 3 list. I must confess that I am jealous my blogger friends who went to the ICFF show. I had previous commitments who made it impossible for me to attend. There is always next year as they say.

coral seating desgined by werner aisslinger :: made in berlin 2009

+ The first product is the felt and polycarbonate Coral Seating designed by Werner Aisslinger. These awesome poufs were premiered last April at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan. If you are going to the DMY Festival in Berlin, from 3 – 7 June 2009, do not miss the second presentation of the Made in Berlin show. The Coral Seating is available in several colors. I love it! Via Mocoloco

+ The second position goes to the upcoming PS collection from IKEA. The PS collection is not yet in stores. The PS Maskros Pendant ($89.99 USD) and the PS Stock vases ($24.99 – 29.99 each) are something to look for. Via Apartment Therapy Chicago

hero 365 drying rack

+ The Hero 365 Rain Collector and Drying Rack are designed by the Toronto based Hero Design Lab. They would look sharp in a contemporary backyard. Hero 365 promote better habits in everyday living by bringing good design to everyday items. I cannot agree more since my blog is based on that philosophy.

hero 365 rain collector

The rain collection is composed by the stand, a collapsible plastic tank to collect the water and a hook for your watering can. Both lightweight aluminum items are manufactured in Canada. They are recyclable and shipped flat-packed. Via Mocoloco