First Coverage of IDS 2010

ids 2010 highlights :: light fixtures against a mural

ids 2010 highlights :: light fixtures against a mural

I was extremely busy with many work-related tasks over the last few weeks. Therefore, a weekend getaway in Toronto to visit the IDS 2010 and to attend a Spanish tasting dinner in honor of the birthday of a foodie friend was more than welcomed.

ids 2010 preview of my favorite design items

I am sitting on the train right now. This post is simply to give you a quick glimpse at stuff I like from the exhibit. I will give you the details later this week as I release my coverage of the Interior Design Show.

Sunday’s Design Talks

design talks ids2010 :: enduring design talk with Brian Gluckstein, Suzanne Dimma and Mark Challen

For people that are on Twitter, I tweeted the last two design talks of the show. Brian Gluckstein and Suzanne Dimma shared practical design tips for enduring design. The top 3 tips from the talk are, in my view:

  • classic does not means traditional. It means refined. Therefore, classic could apply to modern style;
  • comfort is as important as the look. Brian Gluckstein tries any chairs and sofas that he used in his design;
  • before investing in new fixtures, install dimmers on pendants and lamps. Create moods by lowering the light. I add to put bulbs that are less than the maximum written on your lamp.

I filmed Mark Challen’s style talk with my iPhone because I did not want to miss anything.