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Decking Your Guest Room

decking your guest room

Country Living shared easy holiday snowflake craft projects that triggered the idea to deck your guest room. I never deck a bedroom but since your guest room is the private living quarter of your guests during their stay, why not add a winter touch to their decor?  The snowflake pillows are cute. Do not forget to add some shiny touches. The silver lampshade is a superb idea to achieve it.

Since your guests may be hungry when they arrive, leave on their room a coconut frosted cupcakes with its beaded snowflake topper. You simply need long and short clear beads and some wire to make your own topper.

+ photos: Country Living


BubbleTree Redefined the Hut for Adults

bubbletree\'s treehouse

Two years ago, I told you about Domaine des Ormes, an hotel in Brittany, France where you can rent a perched cabin for your family vacation.

Now, I am presenting you a hut concept developed by a French company called BubbleTree. A wooden platform is build around a big tree. The idea is to get the feeling to live in nature. The spherical canopy (bubble) is meant to be deployed only to shelter you for rain and wind. The rest of the time, you live without walls.

view of the inside, some accessories and deployed bubble by BubbleTree

This hut can be very sophisticated. BubbleTree sells hammocks, nets, long chair convertible, lighting system, solar shower, picnic basket and a lifting system to fit their construction. By adding hammocks or sleeping bags, you can transform, at will, the space into a summer guest house for 2 people.

As far as I can tell, BubbleTree’s products are only available in France. This is not inexpensive either. According to the article I read on Born Rich, you must budget EUR 11,000 (approx. $15,300) for the platform alone with the ladder. If you wish to add the bubble (canopy), the price starts at EUR 18,000 (approx. $25,000).

Still, you can still build your little oasis at your cottage. After you adapted and designed your own version, invite a few friends to build it this summer. It does not have to be perched into a tree. It can be a simple platform on a raised piece of land with a canopy system.

+ BubbleTree – Web site has an english version
+ Via Born Rich


How to Quickly Design an Escape for your Weekend Guests

set the tone by styling the entrance

I have to warn you. If you do this, you are better to clear your agenda because all your friends will line up to stay over on weekends. This is one of the most adorable weekend decoration project I have seen lately.

backyard escape in Canadian House of Home, July 2009 edition

The idea is to convert a small garage or a big shed into a tropical guest room. And you will not break the bank to impress your friends. This design was accomplished with mostly inexpensive items found at IKEA and in Chinatown. The sources are in the July 2009 issue of Canadian House and Home.

beachfront terrace with a shaded daybed

The best deal was the daybed. Imagine reading a book or having a nice conversation there. The base is made by stacking several shipping crates that they painted. Ask your  local hardware stores, garden centers or lumberyards for similar unpainted crates – most stores give it for free. A sheet hanged on tree branches. They use a sheet but you could check out the dollar bin for fabrics to cover a foam cushion or a single bed mattress.

This setting calls for quick and simple cocktails. Serve gravlax canapes paired with a white wine or a refreshing Tom Collins for the apero. Lynda Reeves shares her Gravlax Recipe With Mustard Dill Sauce. This is one more recipes to try besides the two gravlax recipes I gave you this week. You could rotate them each weekend and see which one you prefer.

+ Canadian House and Home July 2009 – Photography by Stacey Brandford


Toy Storage and Bedroom Storage Solutions for my Organizing Monday

orgazining toys :: fabric storage solutions by modern-twist

Plastic bins are bulky. Therefore, I am looking for other options to enable kids to store and carry their toys. I found a clever yet simple solution that is multipurpose.

Modern Twist produced a neat and stylish solution for kids and grown ups. Their hiding bags exist in several formats. From the tiny portable Hide Box perfect for carrying jewels when you travel to the medium Hide Box II to empty your pocket when you get home up to the versatile PJ Pocket Pillow bags. The PJ Pocket Pillow can fit blankets, a pair of sandals, a stuffed animal, or a children book. They can hold all type of toys and objects.

The design is inspired by a vintage Japanese design. The fabrics are awesome. Modern Twist proposes for kids  abstract elephants and squirrels in soft blue, green, orange and yellow. Adults may prefer the lemon twist available in cream and brown or cream and red.

vintage style bedroom storage by modern-twist

Do not forget the guestroom. Keep 2 PJ Pocket Pillow bags to leave to your guests while they are staying over. They will appreciate it as they carry their stuff from the bedroom to the bathroom.

+ Hide Box $24 for 3-inch box
+ Hide Box II $25 for 8-inch box
+ Modern-Twist PJ Pillow bags $50 USD


Cool Gift Ideas from Simplemente Blanco

oval wooden tray ::  Gardeners Knee Pad :: flower carrier by simplementeblanco_kitchen

I felt in love with the work of Fernanda Bourlot, an artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina who now lived in Boston, Massachusetts. She likes simple things that feel luxurious. As suggested by the name, everything at Simplemente Blanco is from the white palette.

The Design Philosophy

Her collection carries a modern rustic charm. Simplemente Blanco believes in balance, symmetry, calmness and pureness. Fernanda Boulot design brings us peace via the simplicity of the forms and the serenity of the spaces. Simplemente Blanco loves fresh interiors and I would add: comfort.

I compiled two lists of outstanding gift ideas. You bring on any of them as a housewarming gift or as a hostess gift that you are staying over for a few days.

For the Kitchen

The Oval Wooden Tray is perfect for the upcoming summer cottage season. From the Eating section, check out the Special China section and the dandelion table linens.

Gardeners Knee Pad is a must for anyone who enjoys gardening. It can be practical and decorative. You may question the wisdom of a white textile if you wish to use the object. But if you can wash in the machine, this knee pad will stay clean. Unfortunately, the Web site contains no product details.

The flower carrier is wonderful. You can also use it as a shopping bag when you buy bunches of flowers at the flower market. A message to my friends and family: this flower carrier is on my wish list for my upcoming birthday.

For the Bathroom

soap box :: golf ball soap :: simplemento blanco bathroom Fernanda Bourlot thinks that a home must contains just what they need and nothing else. You do not need to forgo style and beauty to live by this philosophy. Her bathroom collection is a proof of that.

You can decorate your bathroom with pleasing bathroom products. The irresistible Assorted Soap Boxes certainly qualify.

The Golf Ball Soap is a set that any hostess can provide to her stay over guests. Mark the Golf Ball Soap Bag on your Father’s Day gift ideas. The linen farmer bag is a wonderful packaging. I think it looks more precious this way.

Where to shop

These were my favorites but there are more to see of their Web site. The showroom is a by-appointment only. Consumers can visit Simplemente Blanco retail place called On the Side located at 40 Waltham Street in South End, Boston. On my next trip to Boston, I will schedule a visit for sure.

Learn more: Simplemente Blanco
Via: What To Do… Fernanda Bourlot on decor8