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The Reveal of My Business Site

new website for kim vallee

→ But I am Still a Lifestyle Blogger

new website for kim vallee

Today, I published my new Web site for Kim Vallee. This marked an important moment for me. For years, I felt the need to have a cover page where I could highlight the several business hats that I wear. I finally have it!

Update: I forgot to mention the best part about the design of my business site.  It has a responsive design, which means that its layout automatically adjusts to fit the screen of your device. Try it on your iPhone and iPad. I love this feature.

You might have noticed that I write less often over the past year. Now, you know that it was not just the baby that kept me from writing more posts. Do not worry, At Home with Kim Vallee will continue to be a big part of my life. And yours, I hope! I still want to inspire you with my stylish finds, time saving tips and design ideas. As a matter of fact, my next post series will be about tasty summer cocktail recipes that was made just for me by a renowned mixologist.

Joli PR

I am excited by my latest project. And if you are a lifestyle blogger, I believe that you will enjoy Joli PR. I designed it with lifestyle bloggers in mind. Joli PR is the visual, interest-based app that I wish that I had for years, instead of an inbox filled with mostly irrelevant pitches. To make it a win win solution, I make sure that it delivers something great for brands and PR people. If you want to be amongst the first people who have a peak at Joli PR, sign in here. I promise not to spam your inbox.


I’m in Fashion Magazine

kim in fashion magazine of May 2011

kim in fashion magazine of May 2011

Just a quick note to highlight the fact that I participated in an article where two dermatologists assess the daily routines of 5 women and give advice on aging gracefully. We each represent one decade.

This involved a photo shoot when I was 38-week pregnant. I was glad that it was only for a portrait. You can discover little facts about my life in the May 2011 issue of Fashion magazine. The photographer was Coey Kerr. My hair and makeup was done by Andrew Ly.

+ Fashion Magazine – May 2011 issue


Twice in the Toronto Star | Sharing Potluck and Entertaining Tips

my article for the toronto star

Yesterday, for a great day for me. I wrote an article of the printed edition of the Toronto Star about how to Make potlucks stylish. You can read my article online at I wish I could show you the printed version, which has my picture on it but a mishap at the newspaper stand here in Montreal meant that I was unable to grab a copy yesterday. Do not worry, my dear friend Eden Spodek of Barganista is sending me two copies.

live chat about holiday entertaining on the toronto star

After that, I was interviewed during an one-hour live chat by the public and Jane Van Der Voort of the Toronto Star.

MEDIA buzz

A Great Day for Women and Mom Blogs

A big news in the Quebec blogosphere was a Quebec Web celebrities list made in response to The Web Celeb 25 by Forbes. The Christiane Charette radio show on the French channel of Radio-Canada hosted this Top list.

How they did it?

Michelle Blanc, Bruno Guglielminetti and Dominic Arpin compiled their own list of 25 Web celebrities and from that they produce the top 10 list.


I am happy to report that two bloggers from our circle made the Top 10. At the 3rd position is Martine Gingras of Martine pioneered the mom blog in Quebec. She is very good.

m-c turgeon

M-C. Turgeon is an artist, blogger, podcaster and crafter. She runs a Web design and communications  studio. She founded Creacamp, a meeting for creative women  in Montreal. M-C Turgeon writes either in French and in English on her blog. She is very active online and offline.

It did not stop there. Several bloggers from the women and mom blog circle were chosen in the top 25 lists, including me. I wish a express my warmest thanks to Michelle Blanc and Bruno Guglielminetti for giving me this honor. Women in other spheres also appear on the Top 25 lists. Slowly but surely, the Web stops to be a gentlemen club.

Upcoming Talk


I wish to remind you that I will be talking about Women and Mom Blogging and Marketing at the next PodCamp Toronto at 2:45 pm on February 21st, 2009. The topics covered are all exciting. In you are in Toronto that weekend, come to visit. It’s free.

+ Top 25 of Michelle Blanc
+ Top 25 of Bruno Guglielminetti
+ Top 10 on Christiane Charest

MEDIA buzz

Live Interview with Elaine Griffin | Feb 4, 2009 at 12:45

elaine griffin :: new york interior designer

Today, I will interview Elaine Griffin, a leading New York interior designer, author and editor in a live streaming video interview. It will be a new experience to be on the other side. I will be the interviewer instead of the interviewee.

It should be interesting. A recognized tastemaker, Elaine Griffin is a contributing editor of Elle Décor. She designed the Good Works Makeovers for Oprah’s O at Home, and is ranked as one of House Beautiful’s Top 100 American Designers. Her first book will be out in Autumn 2009.

The Interview Topic

Elaine will share her design ideas to enhance the exterior of your house. You will learn how you can add curb appeal on a budget. I will ask her about the latest trends in front entryway.

The live streaming feed will be up from 12:45 to 12:55 pm EST today (February 4th, 2009). I know it is at last minute, but check if you can add it to your agenda. If you are unable to make it, I will publish the video later this week.

+ Live Video Stream of the Interview
+ Elaine Griffin

MEDIA buzz

Talking about Women Blogging

This post is a little bit of self-promotion but I wish to share with you the good things happening in my life.

In the News


First, Deena Waisberg interviewed me a few months ago about women blogging. Her article is published in Reader’s Digest. Deena introduced the world of blogging through the eyes of a few Canadian bloggers.

She asked me if she could interview one of my readers. After asking permission, I referred her to Sabina DeShazo of Barefoot in the Orchard. I wish to thank both for their collaboration.

Session at PodCamp Toronto 2009


I posted my session on the wiki. It will be a follow-up to the session I did in Montreal. Last time, I did an introduction to the world of women and mom blogs. Now the scope will be an Updated Look at Women and Social Media.

The core of the session will be on what is happening in the world of women and mom marketing and blogging. We will look at the latest metrics. See how blogging and social media enhance the life and the daily activities of modern women. I will share great initiatives but I also want to hear about yours. So if you are in the Toronto area, I wish you will come.

  • What: PodCamp Toronto 2009
  • When: February 21 and 22, 2009 (a weekend)
  • Where: Rogers Communications Centre at Ryerson University, Toronto, ON
  • Cost: Free!

PodCamp Toronto is made possible by the generous contributions of our sponsors. Visit for more information and Free Registration.

+ The Feminine Side of Blogging in the Reader’s Digest
+ PodCamp Toronto 2009 blog

MEDIA buzz

At Home with Kim Vallee featured in Singapore Home And Decor Magazine

At Home with Kim Vallee featured in Singapore Home And Decor Magazine

When we say that the Web has no frontiers; it is true. I am so glad to report that my blog is featured in an interior design magazine from Singapore. I am on the December 2008 issue of Singapore Home & Design. I want to thank Ruth Chan for this honor.

By the way, seeing the Queen clock inspires me to find a cool red silhouette clock for the office. Inform me if you see something similar.

DesignDotCom Dec 2008

No More International Boundaries

On that same article, I found out about vPost, a service provided by Singapore Post. No more disappointment because your favorite online shops do not ship overseas; like it is the case for the Queen clock. The service gives you access to a US, a UK, an European or a Japanese shipping address. vPost will forward your packages to your Singapore address within a week. I wonder if and when a service like that will be available in Canada.


My Canada Day Party Ideas on The Province by Cheryl Chan | News Flash

canada day party by cheryl chan on the province - featuring kim valleeIf you are still looking for ideas to celebrate Canada Day tomorrow, do not despair. I got an easy solution for you than is sure to impress your friends and family.

Simply read the casual and relaxed guide prepared by Cheryl Chan for The Vancouver Province. The owner of Bright Ideas Event Coordinators, Sharon Bonner and I share party ideas to help you organize a fun Canada Day party.

The story covers every elements of your party from venues, décor, food and drink menus, activities, and settings. I wish to thank again Cheryl Chan for this interview.

Traditional Dessert

Pouding chomeur is a classic, comfort food dessert in Quebec. Adults and kids love the taste. I will prepare and showcase the three most typical recipes. You get to see the difference between the original pouding chomeur recipe up to an upscale version served on individual ramekins.

Read the full story at Don’t stress to impress on the big day by Cheryl Chan [The Province]


Guest Blogging about Bedding and Bedroom Decoration Tips on | News Flash

bedding and accessories for a summer bedroom look

You can read my third guest post on Style Sheet, the blog produced by

This time, I share decorative tips to freshen up your bedroom this summer.

I feel it is important to get two looks for our bedroom: a winter look and a summer look. To accomplish that, a few decorative changes are often enough. Read my post on Style Sheet to discover my tricks.

Via: Bedding and Accessories for Bedrooms [Style Sheet]