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Breakfast Train Express

breakfast express train fine china tableware

breakfast express train fine china tableware

Add a whimsical touch to your breakfast with these fine bona china carriages with birch wheels. Thanks to hidden magnets linking the carriages, the entire train can be wheeled along. Kids and adults can be entertained while waiting for their bread to toast. The eggcup, toast rack and salt and pepper holder are sold separately.

I first spot when Design Milk featured the Breakfast Express last year after it was exhibited at Pulse London. Since then, it is now in production and available on the Web site of her creator, Reiko Kaneko.

boat basket

You can keep your fresh fruits, a ready-to-serve loaf of bread or French pastries on her Boat basket with natural rope. Reiko Kaneko was inspired by a Viking ship when she designed that tableware piece.

+ Breakfast Express, Eggcup by Reiko Kaneko £19.95
+ Breakfast Express, Toast Rack £19.95
+ Breakfast Express, Salt and Pepper Cellar £19.95
+ Boat Bread Basket by Reiko Kaneko £119.00


Unique Tableware by Aldo Bakker

oil platter by aldo bakker

oil platter by aldo bakker

The stunning white porcelain tableware collection by Dutch designer Aldo Bakker caught me eye. His graceful pieces were studied to fulfill a specific function. He likes his pieces to be tactile. Usually, they take their meaning when you hold them in your hands.

I was intrigued by the oil platter. The two surfaces of the oil platter work together. You pour the olive oil on the horizontal dish. You turn it slightly on the side to brush your bread against the vertical dish. You end up with the right amount of oil on your bread piece.

Although I admire the concept, I wonder how effective the oil platter is in a real-life application. How long are you willing to hold the oil platter on your hand? How well the oil stays on the dish when you put it on the table?

More Serving Ware

salt cellar by aldo bakker

The salt cellar seems to be the more practical of the entire collection. I imagine it as an elegant way to serve fleur de sel at the table. His water carafe rests on a table on the side instead of standing tall. You need to hold the carafe with your both hands to serve water.

water carafe by aldo bakker

I am curious. Are they are more than conversation pieces? Have any of you seen and use these pieces? If so, how do they perform?

+ Oil Platter by Aldo Bakker $169 USD
+ Salt Cellar $129
+ Water Carafe $229
+ Aldo Bakker’s Web site

FAMILY KIDS products

Happy Smile Paul & Kate Plates for Kids

happy smile paul & Kate plates by pitekan for kids

happy smile paul & Kate plates by pitekan for kids

Leave it to Japanese people to create the cutest food presentation for kids. Here, parents do not have to be food sculpting artists to create a fun plate for their toddlers. Pitekan sold them in a pack of 2 assorted plates. You get one china porcelain red-haired boy plate (Paul) and one china porcelain blonde girl (Kate).

I found these at Trico, on online store that is operated from Japan. They suggest to send them an email to order in English. The Happy Smile Paul & Kate Plates are pricey so you could use them on Sundays and special occasions.

About Porcelain Plates for Kids

I know that many moms will be horrified at the idea that these are not melamine plates. I have seen it work. I cannot tell you how to educate your kids but I believe that kids should be taught at a young age to eat on proper plates. This way, they learn how to behave at the table. The quickest they learn not throw food or to hit the dinnerware with their cutlery, the less work it will be for you.

If wish to hear your thoughts on when and how to switch to actual dinnerware instead of plastic ones?

+ page translated by Google:  Happy Smile Paul & Kate Plates for Kids at Trico ¥4,620 for a pack of 2 assorted (approx. $53)


Milk Glass and Porcelain Cake Stands

decor bon bon by rosanna cake and friandises stands

Any beautiful sweet tooth table starts with cake stands. You need a few stands to make a statement. You aim to get 2 or 3 sizes that you can stack. The ones on the Miette’s candy table (previous post) are superb. I do not think that they sell them. A milk glass or glossyfinish porcelain adds sparkles in a classy way. Here are some suggestions, if you are on the market for cake stands.

What I like about the Decor Bon Bon series at Rosanna is the diversity of the container. It mixes bowls on pedestal with rimmed plates and the standard cake stands. That mix already created interest on your table. It also teach you that you assemble your own set using flea market finds and store bought stands. The key for a cohesive look is to restrict your options to the same color or shape. The Decor Bon Bon series was inspired by Victorian era tableware.

It’s OK to be Square

cake stands by martha stewart collection at macy\'s

The square plates can hold more food. It is something to consider since you lose space when you stack them. Martha Stewart carries a line of affordable square cake stands in three dimensions.

+ Decor Bon Bon Cake Stand by Rosanna $35 USD
+ Martha Stewart Collection Whiteware Cake Stands on sale $14.99 to $29.99 at Macy’s


Cônes by Porcelaines Bousquet at SIDIM

porcelain serving cones by porcelaines bousquet

porcelain cones with 2 styles of wooden stands by porcelaines bousquet

My next discovery at SIDIM 2010 is handy for the stylish hostess. Serving food in paper cones is a popular trend these days. The cones are not just for serving French fries, you can use them to serve nuts, popcorns, fresh vegetables or fruits, and ice cream. Still, they are not many reusable cone options available on the consumer market. This is about to change with Cônes by Porcelaines Bousquet.

porcelain serving cones by porcelaines bousquet

For serving the food, Porcelaines Bousquet proposes two wood options for communal service and one option fitted for plating. The overall look feels chic without being formal.

How Do You Store Those in your Kitchen?

stack cones for storage with the hold stand by porcelaines bousquet

Hard-paste porcelain is the type that you pass on from one generation to the next. It is quite resist. Her biggest challenge was not perfecting the form. It was how do people will store them at home. For each cone that she produced, she needs a stand to hold the cone while it cools down.When that happens, the join will shrink by up to 15%. Then, she threw away the stand. One day, the solution hit her. Why not use the stand to stack the cones? Brilliant! When you buy 4 Cônes, you get a storage stand.

Perfect Hostess and Wedding Gifts

The price of a Cône is $40 CAD. The shopstick-style wood support is sold at $20. If you buy these, you will be sure that no one bought the same wedding gift than you. Plus, I am sure that the bride and groom will use your gift. You can place your order by phone; they deliver in the United States and across Canada. Or browse the list of Canadian retailers to locate one near you. Louise Bousquest launched her hard-paste porcelain business in 2002. She operates her workshop-boutique in a small town located 45 minutes from Montreal.

+ Cône by Porcelaines Bousquet $40 CAD
+ Locate a Canadian retailer near you


A little bit of French country

pewter salad servers and nicoise salad bowl

little bit of french country :: espresso cup and spoon

Although I am a modernist, the French Country tableware will always grab my attention. I guess it is the comforting feeling that they carries. Plus, they fit what I eat. What I found at Barrel & Barrow brings a twist on the classic. Take, for example, the Côte Est Espresso cup with its spoon hanging from the handle ($6.95 AUD).

pewter salad servers and nicoise salad bowl

I may be biased because this is my all-time favorite salad, but I would like to put on my table the Niçoise Salad bowl ($19.95 AUD). And this is accounting for that fact that they should have written Salade Niçoise. I can not judge if their recipe is right, which would be the deciding piece of information. But one thing is for sure, this collection is affordable. Even the Pewter Salad Servers are a bargain at $49.95 Australian dollars (about $57 USD).

+ Wheel & Barrel Homewares


My Momo Dinnerware by Marukatsu

momo plates, trays and cups by marukatsu

momo plates, trays and cups by marukatsu

I could not visit Japan without buying some tableware. I resisted many items since the way Japanese food presentation is quite different than how we eat as Westerners. In Japan, they use tons of bowls, from medium size to the tiniest bowls, in every meal. I opted instead for plates that I know I will use over and over. I plan to use the white cup and its tray for breakfast or to serve a sweet treat with our tea. I paired the cup with a black salad plate to fashion a breakfast set for 2.

Then, I bought the black and the white L-shape plates and a few rectangular plates for serving appetizers when we entertain.

ta-ta-la bikoku dish by marukatsu

My husband, who does not share my passion for tableware, provided good advice on what would be practical at home. The only thing I regret that I did not buy is a medium size ta-ta-la Kikoku dish. My plates and cups are in the dishwasher as I am writing this post. Now, I just need to find how I can fit them inside my already full kitchen cabinets.

Kappabashi district

Marukatsu is located in the Kappabashi district of Tokyo, which is next to the Asakusa district. Kappabashi has become a hot tourist spot.  This is the restaurant supply shopping street where you can find anything you need to open a restaurant. For my friends living in Montreal, think about Distribution Alimentaire Aubut‎‎ but multiply it to a long street of shops and add restaurant furniture and decorative items. Kappabashi is heaven for someone who likes to entertain at home. I bought two bags of individual plastic bottles to serve sauce or vinaigrette, including a bag of pig bottles. They will bring a cater look to my food presentation.

+ photos: Momo by Marukatsu


Dune Hors d’oeuvre Dish

dune hors d'oeuvre dish by voonwong&bensonsaw

dune hors d\'oeuvre dish by voonwong&bensonsaw

If you are not a domestic goddess, my best advice is to get unique hors d’oeuvre dishes. This way, you simply have to throw the food in the dish to produce an immediate Wow factor. It is hard to be more eye-catching and functional than the Dune hors d’oeuvre dish.

It is part of the Setcast collection is the result of a close collaboration between the London based multi disciplinary design studio voonwong&bensonsaw and one of China’s most distinguished manufacturers of bone china, Asianera.

+ Dune Dish $175 USD at Merchant4


French Pantry Appetizer Plates

french pantry appetizer plates

Except for the William-Sonama printed signature (I would prefer something like Bon Appétit!), I really like the look of this white porcelain plates that are perfect to serve a sandwich, a single serving cheese plate or a small tray of antipasto.

The plates can also act as a message board. A customer commented on the W-S site that she writes notes or her menu on them with dry erase markers. A simple wash will clean up the remaining marks. It is a good alternative to the chalkboard.

And I would love to receive for Christmas a set for 8 of Laguiole Flatware in ivory ($79 for 5-piece place setting).

+ French Pantry Appetizer Plates $20 for 2