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Amy Butler’s New Tech Skins

amy butler ipad skins

amy butler ipad skins
Amy Butler’s Apple iPad skin in Heirloom Blue Sky $29.99 USD at Skinit

Skins give characters to your mobile devices. I also think that it is a sure way to make sure that no one miss theirs for yours. Although I’m afraid that Amy Butler’s bohemian patterns might be too busy for the front of my device; they look stunning from the back. I bet that iPad had never look so stylish.

I need a case to protect my iPhone — I dropped my iPhone a couple days ago while crossing a street. But, by looking at the above picture, I am contemplating the idea to let go on my case and dress up my iPad with one of her fabulous skins.

amy butler iphone skins
Amy Butler’s iPhone 4 skins $14.99 at Skinit – shown here: Gypsy Cobalt Charcoal and Floral Couture

If you are interested, pop by Skinit to pick out a new favorite amongst her 25 patterns and take advantage of the  current 20% savings offer with the code STYLE.


Introducing Parson Gray: New Fabrics by the Husband of Amy Butler

curious nature parson gray

curious nature parson gray

David Butler, the husband of the well-known fabric designer Amy Butler, will launch shortly his own line of fabrics. David is the man behind Amy’s photography and graphic design. They worked together since 1992. Curious Nature is his first collection of quilting/fashion and home décor fabrics for Westminster/FreeSpirit.

curious nature fabric collection by parson gray

Amy described his collection as his folk modern interpretation of natural elements weaving together a balance of hand-drawn patterns inspired by Japanese indigo and mid-century fine art. Curious Nature is divided in 3 groupings: Rare Earth, Ocean and Mineral.

rare earth by parson gray

The collage  and groupings make you appreciate how you could mix and match the patterns. The muted colors he used are soothing and energetic. Curious Nature has a good mix of manly and gender neutral patterns, which speaks to me since I live with two boys. The Home Décor line will be larger prints on weight cotton. The line will be available this winter. I will keep my eye open since I need to reupholster a chair that sits in my living room.

ocean by parson gray

Ocean is filled with various blues and greens while the Mineral series is made of tone of bone, smoke, silver and dark grey (or black, I am not sure).

mineral series by parson gray

The Parson Gray’s Website is not ready yet. In the meantime, you can like Parson Gray on Facebook.



Owl Theme for a Bathroom

give a hoot shower curtain

give a hoot shower curtain

The owl theme is popular for a nursery and invites. Now, you can have it for your bathroom decor. Last Friday afternoon, I took a few hours off the baby world for a quick stop of one of my favorite stores in Montreal, Maison Simons. I often buy at Simons my everyday kitchen linens. I stopped by the bathroom department to check the bathroom accessories since I need a soap dispenser for my baby son’s bathroom.

orange chenille bath rug

I stopped by the shower curtain section. Changing the shower curtain is a quick and easy way to update a decor. The Give a Hoot shower curtain caught my eye. I would coordinate it with that orange chenille bath rug. I like it so much that I’m contemplating the idea of putting this playful theme in my baby son’s bathroom, even though I already bought a shower curtain.

orange and blue bathroom accessories

Consider these bright bathroom accessories to continue on the orange and blue theme. The colors are invigorating as the idea that Spring is here.

orange and blue bath towels

Note that Maison Simons now runs an online store. Unfortunately, only a subset of their merchandise is available online.

Orange chenille bath rug $30 CAD at Maison Simons
+ Zesty citrus bathroom accessories $5 – $20 CAD


Paper Source’s Note Cubes and Pads for Spring

note cubes with spring and summer patterns

note cubes with spring and summer patterns

I have a thing for note cubes and note pads with a magnet on the back. I used them all the time. I am always on the look up for great design. Although it snows all day, I began my search for Spring patterns.

magnets and notepad with spring patterns

I am in awe with the Bicycle  and the Daisy collection at Paper Source. I so wish that they operate a Canadian store at this moment. I am afraid of the delivery fees from US due to the weight of cubes.

+ Bicycle Note Cube $16.95 USD at Paper Source
+ Daisy Note Cube $16.95 USD at Paper Source
+ Daisy Recipe Box $13.50 USD
+ Daisy Collection Magnets $15.95 USD for a set of 10
+ Bicycle Magnet Notepad $6.95 USD


Temporary Wallpaper from Tempaper Designs

Tempaper vinyl coated self adhesive wall decor

Tempaper vinyl coated self adhesive wall decor

Rental living has its advantages, but they don’t usually include the freedom to knock down walls, re-tile a backsplash or add more space. Upgrades tend to be of the cosmetic, commitment-free and (thankfully) more affordable variety.

I’m not sure if it’s the start of a new year, or hearing about Kim’s pre-baby apartment renovations, but after five years in the same apartment, I’m craving major change in my living space.

Tempaper vinyl coated self adhesive wall decor

Enter Tempaper, a self-adhesive and repositionable wallpaper. It’s perfect for those of us who are enjoying the resurgence of wallpaper, but who have been weary of embracing the semi-permanent decor decision.

If you’ve always steered clear of wallpaper because of the tricky application process, the repositionable format will help to ensure your print or pattern is perfectly aligned.

Though the pattern choice is somewhat limited, there is some range in the colorways for each. I love the “Edie” pattern in lemon ash (which also reflects the recent “grellow” trend and “Skotti”, an oversized version of the classic houndstooth pattern.

A Collection for Kids

Tempaper self-adhesive wall paper for kids :: tots collection

Don’t miss the Tempaper Tots collection with cute and colorful options for kid’s rooms that be easily updated as your child grows.

Have you decorated with wallpaper? Do you love or loathe its resurgence?

+ Tempaper Designs
+ Where to buy


New Amy Butler’s Solstice Travel Bag Collection

solstice traveler bag collection by amy butler

solstice traveler bag collection by amy butler

Amy Butler launched Solstice, her third collection of fashion handbags and luggage from Kalencom. The Solstice collection is available in a softer palette. Amy took her inspirations from the graceful silver engravings on decorative doors and archways, elaborate stone carvings, fanciful scrollwork and drops of rain on lotus ponds that she saw while visiting India and Bali.

solstice collection :: honeysuckle tote by amy butler

I featured the Take Flight traveler bag (top left) and the Honeysuckle tote (bottom left). They could be just what you need to travel in style this Holiday season.

+  Solstice Travel Bags and Handbags by Amy Butler for Kalencom.


Cool Wallpapered Rooms

boutique silhouette wallpaper by harlequin

desire and eco highway patterns :: graham and brown wallpapers

I must confess that I never put wallpapers on my home but I would like to commit to one pattern one day. To help me to take the plunge, I like to admire gorgeous wallpapered rooms. If you wish to use wallpapers, here are a few rules to obey. First, less is more. Therefore, restrain it to one wall.  Best results are obtained when you install it on a continuous surface.

boutique silhouette wallpaper by harlequin

The choices are stunning from the grand damask design to the big modern floral or organic patterns. I have a thing right now for the trees of the Silhouette pattern by Harlequin.

gardenia pattern from juniper fabric and wallpaper collection by harlequin

For Kids Rooms

what a hoot fabrics and wallpapers by harlequin

The patterns for kids are as impressive. You can find plenty of playful wallpapers than look sophisticated and unique. On the left, the British houses illustrated paper is called Brighton. Used for the drapes and cushions, the Go Go Retro fabric is mixed with Bonbon fabrics to create a vintage scheme for a boy’s room.

Which pattern is your favorite?

+ Desire in Teal Wallpaper by Graham & Brown $70 USD /roll
+ Eco Highway in White Wallpaper by Graham & Brown $60 /roll
+ Silhouette Wallpaper from Boutique Collection by Harlequin
+ Gardenia Pattern from the Juniper Collection by Harlequin
+ What a Hoot Wallpaper Collection by Harlequin


Cooler Shelf and Drawer Liners

eco leaves shelf paper

eco leaves shelf paper

This cute pattern is not for gift wrapping papers but for protecting and decorating shelves and drawers. Like many, I covered my bathroom and kitchen drawers with liners when I was renting an apartment. I did it for hygienic reasons. But when we moved in our current space, there were no need since we put a brand new kitchen and master bathroom.  Frankly, most drawer liners lack style. Therefore, they do not really enhance your drawers.

gypsy garden shelf paper

I found a store on the Web that may change my mind. The collection at Chic Shelf Paper is more interesting than what I remembered. Each pattern is available as a matter paper, a fine weave fabric, laminated vinyl and satin canvas. Prices vary from $2.5o to $5.75 per square foot.

chic shelf papers and drawer liners

+ Gypsy Gardens
+ Eco Leaves
+ Kitchen Descriptions Shelf Paper & Drawer Liner
+ Cross Me Yellow Shelf Paper & Drawer Liner

BABY products FAMILY

Beautiful Bibs by Oktak Mini | Etsy Finds

reversible large bib by oktakmini bird and red stripes

reversible large bib by oktakmini bird and red stripes

I bought several pouches from Oktak, the brand of Aki Takada, a Japanese bag designer who lives in Manhattan. Aki has launched an Etsy store for baby stuff called Oktak Mini. Like for her coin purses, pouches and clutches, her fabric choice is awesome.

reversible large bib cars

The small and large bibs would make baby shower gift that parents will appreciate since you need a few ones.

reversible small bib fork and spoon

+ Large bib – bird and red stripes $12.50 USD on Etsy
+ Reversible large bib – cars $12
+ Reversible small bib – spoons and forks on light blue $14


Jean-Paul Gaultier Dresses Up Roche Bobois Furniture

mah jong sofa by jean-paul gauthier for roche bobois

mah jong sofa by jean-paul gauthier for roche bobois

Now, you can dress your living room and bedroom with furniture featuring stunning fabrics designed by French designer Jean-Paul Gaultier. I wish I was rich so I could afford this limited edition collection.

jean-paul gaultier for roche bobois sofa fabrics

I was already fond of Roche Bobois’ classic Mah Jong couch. But now, Jean-Paul Gaultier brought it a sublime level. I like the effect of the various patterns put together.

jean-paul gaultier striped sofa and rug for roche bobois

His iconic blue striped pattern is available on Mah Jong sofas and a rug. A smaller indulgence would be to buy a few cushions. You could try to replicate the look by upholstering your sofa with a blue and white striped fabric on which you put a couple of Jean-Paul Gaultier for Roche Bobois’ cushions.

cushions from jean-paul gaultier for roche bobois

In the Bedroom

jean-paul gaultier's bedroom furniture :: bed and paravent

The collection proposes a bed, a paravent and a wardrobe on wheels. You get the sensuality that Jean-Paul Gaultier used on Madonna in the 1990s. The wardrobe has mirror doors when it is closed.

jean-paul gaultier for roche bobois wardrobe on wheels

If you are interested, the collection will arrive at Roche Bobois stores in fall 2010.

+ photos: Roche Bobois


The Cutest Dog and Cat Tags Can Help You Find Your Lost Pet

blanket ID tags for dogs and cats

blanket ID tags for dogs and cats

Losing a pet is devastating for all members of a family. This is why it’s important to provide a way to find your pet if he gets lost.

Blanket Online ID probably made the cutest animal tags I ever saw. But this BC-based company does more than that. Each tag identities your pet with a unique ID code. And with their networks in Canada and the United States, they can help you find or reunite a lost pet. Amongst the services offered by blanketID is the possibility to print a a ‘Lost Pet’ poster directly from your member account.

blanketID tag in Butterfly green pattern

Not Just a Tag

A year membership comes with every purchase of a tag. You register your tag and fill out your contact information, including multiple phone numbers, and the description of your pet. You can even write down any medical conditions and allergies.

In the event your pet gets lost, you simply report your pet missing via their Web site and automatically sends a broadcast email to local SPCA, animal hospitals, shelters, other local blanketID members. The email links to your online information so that everybody has 24/7 access to a full description and photos to help identify your lost pet.

blanket ID dog and cat tag collection

What is handy is that you do not need to replace the tag when you move since you keep your contact information online. I only wish that you can write down the name of your pet on the tag.

One more thing

If your pet goes outside, make sure to affix the proof of rage vaccination tag that your veterinarian gives you annually when you go for their routine checkup. It can save you troubles in certain situations.

+ Dog and Cat tag $24.99 CAD