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Decorating a Terrace with Tulip Lamps

tulip lamp for myyour

A quick look at my logo is all you need to understand why I share this amusing outdoor lamp. Available in a small format and an extra large format, Tulip lamp comes with or without a light. The small version is designed as a signal light or courtesy table lamp. I don’t care about the table version. What grabbed my attention is this row of illuminated 5-foot tall tulip lamps. Continue Reading


Space-Saving Outdoor Dining Furniture

side by side dining tables

side by side dining tables

Folding and stackable furniture comes handy when you entertain a larger crowd. You can get a long table simply by putting side by side two dining tables. I read on Country Living that interior designer Lynn-Anne Bruns found this pair at Pier 1 and only paid $100 each. The story did not say if it was on sale or when she bought them. I did not find them on Pier 1 Web site.

malaro table ikea

One option that you can buy is the white MÄLARÖ table at Ikea. You can use it to set up an impromptu bar station by the pool or the lake.

Bring Your Own Furniture at the Park

dining at the park

Another usage for folding outdoor furniture for picnics in the park. The folding dining table, that can sit 6, would make your picnic more comfortable and more stylish. You will be envy of everyone. Maybe that I am getting old but I intend this year to bring my table and chairs to the park. If you are not convinced, look at the setting of this guy. I spotted it last Sunday. Ever since, I want to create my own version.

foldable backyard dining table

If you prefer some colors, Crate & Barrel carries a must-see summer collection in a choice of 5 colors: soft green (my favorite), warm yellow, aqua, blue and white. Beware that they are only available online and that we can shop there as Canadians (but the shipping fees can be hefty).

May 2011 issue of Country Living – photo by Lucas Allen
+ MÄLARÖ table at Ikea $89 CAD / $69.99 USD
Foldaway Green Dining Table $219 USD
+ Green Folding Aluminum Chair $54.95 USD
+ Backyard Green Stacking Chair $32.95 USD


The New Hopper Table and Benches by Dirk Wynants for Extremis

hopper table and benches designed by dick wynants for extremis

hopper table and benches designed by dick wynants for extremis

As an hostess, I’m in awe with the Hopper furniture collection. I like the look of the furniture but what I truly admire are the practical accessories designed for entertaining outdoor or indoor.  You can fit inside the table oil lamps, ice buckets, grilling surfaces and an awning. Tables can be linked together to create a long communal table.

icecube by extremis  :: drink cooler

The Hopper collection was designed by Belgian designer Dirk Wynants, who founded Extremis in 1994. You may know Extremis for IceCube, the coolest party cooler. The drink cooler comes with a lighting system. If it wasn’t that expensive, I would like to have one at home.

woodstock :: wood log rack and dolly by extremis

WoodStock is more than a fire wood rack. It is also a removable dolly that allows you to easy transport of a large amount of wood logs without breaking your back.

qrater campfire dish by extremis

Qrater is a stylish campfire dish. Optional skewers and grills, held at the right position with a bracket system, let’s you easily grill you a snack. Fire dishes add comfort to an urban garden or the cottage.

+ IceCube by Extremis $2,046 USD at Unica Home
+ WoodStock $1,581
+ Qrater fire dish by Dick Wynants $2,279
+ Hopper collection via MoCo Loco


Fermob for Colorful Outdoor Furniture

artichoke centerpiece styled on fermob green garden chairs, bench and table

fermob french lifestyle

The Fermob catalogue sells a wonderful lifestyle. It is based on joie de vivre and accessibility with a modern version of classic pieces. The stylist does that but at the same time, they capture the garden furniture details. The brand cultivates a romantic view of the French lifestyle that is hard to resist.

artichoke centerpiece styled on fermob green garden chairs, bench and table

You get a sense of well-being by looking at the pictures. It gives my ideas for planning a kids party or how to style my table for a weekend lunch by the lake. It is about taking time to relax with a good board game and enjoy a refreshing cocktails. So even if you do not need new outdoor furniture, you will get something out of flipping their online catalogue.

fermob yellow pirate boats built with garden chairs and paddles

I like the perforated chairs. There is Bagatelle, a folding chair with a cute perforated back rest. If you prefer an armchair, consider Louvre which comes with a perforated seat and is stackable.

fermob perforated garden chairs :: plating board games

Practical Design

fermob red foldable garden chairs and tables

Several of their garden chairs and tables are either foldable or stackable. It comes handy if you wish to bring furniture at a picnic, for storage and to keep extra chairs or tables for when you host larger dinner parties.

fermob blue and orange garden furniture

The furniture made of steel, iron or aluminium is available in the 24 Fermob colors. All the colors are sublime but I have a thing for the verbena and aniseed green. New colors that work well together are fjork blue and paprika. Above, they mixed turquoise and orange.

Retailers across the U.S. and Alphaplantes in Montreal sell Fermob garden furniture.

+ Fermob
+ Fermob USA


Cheerful Outdoor Furniture and Fabrics

cheerful outdoor furniture and fabrics

cheerful outdoor furniture and fabrics

The sunny summer weather of last weekend sent me on a quest for bright and fun outdoor furniture. I tried to look for the unexpected. My first stop was Living etc. After all, all their 2010 issues are a burst of colorful rooms.

punch of orange :: outdoor dining collection at crate & barrel

I like the boldness and warmth when pink, orange and red meet.

atrium lounge chairs with aruba cushion

No need to change your outdoor furniture to bring them to the current home fashion. It can be as simple as updating your cushions. Or you could add a colored metal side table or a bar cart to your outdoor space.

mix patterns with individual outdoor seats

Everything does not have to match. A big lounge outdoor sofa can mix patterns as long as you restrict it to a uniform palette. With individual seats, you can group them to suit your needs. This design reminds me of Ligne Roset.

+ Outdoor fabrics by Jab Anstoetz £60.10 to £100.85 per m
+ Green or Raspberry Bamboo stool £69 by Plumo
+ Garçon Rolling Bar Cart $69.95 USD at CB2
+ Cayenne or Daffodil Cushions for the Alfresco Dining Collection $29.95 – $1,199.00 USD at Crate & Barrel
+ Atrium Chair Lounge in Aruba $899 USD at Crate & Barrel – no longer available


Vote for Your Favorite Weekend Project at BHG 48-hour Challenge

the 48 hour challenge with 5 bloggers on Better Homes and Gardens

If you are curious about what 5 talented home and garden bloggers can create in their own home with a $500 outdoor weekend project, check the 48-hour Challenge organized on Better Homes and Gardens and sponsored by Home Depot. I am showing you my top 3. I let you chose which one you feel is the best.

You can vote for your favorite. The recipient will get a $5,000 bonus! The talented Nicole of Making It Lovely! is one of the contestants. I like her green and white divider. She explained on her blog how to paint this lovely green leaf rug.

I am sure that many of you will get inspire by the grill cart designed by Marc Spagnuolo of  The Wood Whisperer. Easily to build, the cart features a removable porcelain tile work surface, a raised shelf for storing condiments, a light for evening grilling, a paper towel holder, and hooks for cooking utensils. Charcoal, a chimney starter, and a small refrigerator sit on the bottom shelf.

Each year building a gardening working station like this multi-task potting bench. We never seem to find the time. Jen Kershner from The Cottage Nest did a great job on hers.

Good luck to each contestant! Go encourage our bloggers and vote at the BHG 48-hour Blogger challenge right away.


The Feminine Side of Outdoor Furniture and Fermob

pink and blue garden furniture :: tablabri by fermob

French people, like many residents of European countries, are not afraid to infuse bold colors in their decor. They also do it in a tasteful way. The latest example is the April-May 2009 issue of Coté Sud, which is dedicated to the feminine side of summer. The mood of the cover says it all.

Another reason the cover caught my eye is Tablabri by Fermob. Tablabri was designed as a twist on the classic outdoor dining table and a parasol. It is practical too since you can store the poles and the canvas when not in use in a space situated under the tabletop.

fermob colorful garden furniture

Many dining tables and outdoor chairs from Fermob can be folded. It is practical when you like to host sit-down dinner for 20. Furniture, which likes gardens, which like colors is the motto of Fermob. Therefore, you will not surprise when I tell you that all the outdoor furniture pieces are available in 24 colors.

More Outdoor Design Ideas for Spring-Summer 2009

The outdoor space does not show sign of fatigue. Do not restrict your backyard accessories to the traditional look of outdoor furniture. Outdoor lights is one area where they are so much options than in the space. I will explore outdoor lighting on another post. For now, take a look of these photos from two backyards in France.

colorful gardens :: cote ouest and  cote paris

Consider the background surfaces before selecting the colors of your furniture. You can color block one wall and keep the other walls and the deck neutral to support your decor. See how great it looks on this Parisian terrace. Mixing shades of pink and purple works well against a green foliage backdrop and a sandy deck.

+ Talabri £1120 at Made in Design
+ Fermob
+ Images from Coté Sud, Coté Paris and Coté Ouest


Outdoor Wicker Chairs: Four Splurge and a Steal

Sampan and Iraya daybeds from locsin collection for neoteric home

I gathered a few items to make you dream before the weekend. I finished with a steal at Pottery Barn.

canasta circular chair designed by patricia urquiola

Neoteric produces upscale outdoor furniture with a remarkable design. Sampan and Iraya are two stunning daybeds. From the 2007 collection of B&B Italia, a huge women pattern built the structure of the Canasta circular sofa designed by Patricia Urquiola. It is a nice alternative to the Dedon Orbit without canapy.

melon wicker chair by neoteric home

Melon from Neoteric is a big chair that gives you privacy. Colorful cushions would seem more appropriate for Melon. Especially that summer 2009 is pretty vibrant in terms of colors. A steal is the Palmetto all-weathered wicker chair currently on sale at Pottery Barn.

palmetto wicker chair at pottery barn

+ Sampan Outdoor Wicker Day Bed $8,995 USD
+ Iraya Outdoor Wicker Daybed $7,495 USD
+ Canasta circular sofa by Patricia Urquiola for B&B Italia
+ Melon Outdoor Wicker Chair $7,995 USD
+ Palmetto All-Weather Wicker Egg Chair – reg. $1299 on sale $1,039 USD


The Chair 6 and Marshmellow Stool by Lebello Enliven your Garden

chair 6 by lebello

For outdoor furniture, my heart swings between wood furniture and colorful modern furniture. If you wish for no maintenance furniture, synthetic fiber outdoor furniture is the way to go.

A brand that produces amazing design at a relatively affordable price is Lebello. The stainless steel sledge base Chair 6 is new for summer 2009. You can opt for the cut lower back design called Chair 6 Open. I like both shapes so it comes back to which chair feels more comfortable to you. Chair 6 comes in 11 colors of fibers.

marshmellow stool by lebello

The Marshmellow design expresses a cheerful sense of stylish. Besides the 14 bold and tasteful colors, a feature that stands Marshmellow apart is its cool Neoprene cushion. I am a fan of Neoprene. I own a pair of rain boots mainly made of Neoprene that I absolutely love. The cushions are also available in 100% solution dyed acrylic fiber.

About the Lebello Fibers

The Lebello furniture is made from superior polyethylene-based synthetic fibers. I knew that this material was easy maintenance and resistant to sea salt and pool water. What I learned is that it is a 100% recyclable material. Plus their products are 70% manufactured by hand, with minimal machine equipment. The Lebello fibers can withstand temperatures from -20°C to +55°C, which means that your outdoor furniture can stay outside all-year long in most areas.

+ Chair 6 $356 USD at Lebello
+ Marshmellow M2 $165 USD at Lebello