Space-Saving Outdoor Dining Furniture

side by side dining tables

side by side dining tables

Folding and stackable furniture comes handy when you entertain a larger crowd. You can get a long table simply by putting side by side two dining tables. I read on Country Living that interior designer Lynn-Anne Bruns found this pair at Pier 1 and only paid $100 each. The story did not say if it was on sale or when she bought them. I did not find them on Pier 1 Web site.

malaro table ikea

One option that you can buy is the white MÄLARÖ table at Ikea. You can use it to set up an impromptu bar station by the pool or the lake.

Bring Your Own Furniture at the Park

dining at the park

Another usage for folding outdoor furniture for picnics in the park. The folding dining table, that can sit 6, would make your picnic more comfortable and more stylish. You will be envy of everyone. Maybe that I am getting old but I intend this year to bring my table and chairs to the park. If you are not convinced, look at the setting of this guy. I spotted it last Sunday. Ever since, I want to create my own version.

foldable backyard dining table

If you prefer some colors, Crate & Barrel carries a must-see summer collection in a choice of 5 colors: soft green (my favorite), warm yellow, aqua, blue and white. Beware that they are only available online and that we can shop there as Canadians (but the shipping fees can be hefty).

May 2011 issue of Country Living – photo by Lucas Allen
+ MÄLARÖ table at Ikea $89 CAD / $69.99 USD
Foldaway Green Dining Table $219 USD
+ Green Folding Aluminum Chair $54.95 USD
+ Backyard Green Stacking Chair $32.95 USD