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Freezer Storage Labels from Simple to Stylish

simplest frozen food labels

simplest frozen food labels
photography: Roland Persson for Brasserie Rouge cookbook | food styling: Linda Lundgren – via Hey Look

Style plays an important part in your life but I remain a practical girl. Sometimes that means to cut corners. A good example is when comes the time to track food that I will put in my freezer. I simply rely on a roll of plain mashing tape and the reliable Sharpie to write down the contents and the date. I do it because both items are in a drawer close by.

So, imagine the moment of pure delight I experienced when I spotted this superb picture from the cookbook of Brasserie Rouge, a Swedish restaurant. It elevated my process and gave me the strength to share this little secret with you.

Printable Freezer Storage Labels

To do like Martha, print your own freezer storage labels that include their own calendar to track the shelf life of everything in your freezer. There is even room to write down the year — I write down the year by habit.

stylish frozen food labels
photo credits: two templates by Martha Stewart | Freezer Storage Labels | Clip-Art Freezer Labels

stylish frozen food labels details

Before you head to the office supply store, note that you will need to buy a box of weatherproof labels for laser printers. As long as you maintain a fresh supply of label sheets, you can look stylish less time that it takes me to cut my mashing tape.

Are you stylish or simple when it comes to everyday freezer storage labels?


New Uses for Old Things: Shutter Makeovers

old shutter diy pin board

Next time you pass by a stray shutter on the curb, at a garage sale or at an antique market, stop and consider giving it a new lease on life. Sure, they function perfectly well inside or outside of windows, but with a little creativity that shutter can also add functionality and organization in the corners of your home.

old shutter diy pin board

Shutter slats are perfectly suited for storage and organization. As shown on, a coat of paint unifies a trio of shutters to create an entryway catchall for shopping lists, invitations and mail. This easy idea can be put to use almost anywhere in your home – add one to a kitchen wall to clear clutter from the fridge, or a kid’s room to display their artwork . We also love the idea of using a weather-worn shutter to organize seed packets and other gardening gear in a garage or potting shed with the help of clothespins, S-hooks and other hardware.

shutter diy book magazine rack

Speaking of kid’s rooms, turning a shutter on its side creates a clever rack to keep their favourite books easy to grab (check out the full DIY by Jamie of Something To Do). Right-side up, with a few rungs removed, create a rack for magazines and tuck it near your favourite chair for an adult-friendly reading nook.

shutter diy furniture shelf table

Obvious organizers, shutters can also play a part in larger projects around the home. We love the country-charm of this coat rack and shelf combination – perfect for a cottage. For a more contemporary look, choose clean-lined brackets and hardware.

HGTV created a console table using a shutter as the tabletop, and it’s barely recognizable! We love the light and airy look, but for a more solid surface, add a piece of glass on top.

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Cable Organizers from Bluelounge

cablebox mini storage bluelounge

cablebox blue lounge before cables

It doesn’t seem to matter how small our computers and mobile devices get, they’re inevitably accompanied by a tangle of wires and cords. Look familiar? That’s a “before” shot from the website of Bluelounge, an award-winning California-based design studio known for creating smart, sleek solutions for modern living.

The “after” photo features Bluelounge’s CableBox, a very clever cable management system. Made from fire-retardant plastic, it’s designed to fit a power bar or surge protector inside, with plenty of extra space to store adapters and extra cable lengths. Stash the CableBox on or under your desk, beside your computer or behind the TV to keep cables neat, clean and dust bunny-free.

cable storage box blue lounge

The CableBox is also available as a mini version (in a rainbow of cheery colours), which is perfect for smaller devices.

cablebox mini storage bluelounge

The StudioDesk

More proof that Bluelounge knows something about solution-oriented design: their StudioDesk (which is also available in an XL size). A sliding desktop surface reveals a storage compartment with room for a power bar and all the cables you could possibly need. A slot runs along the top of the desk so you can plug in, charge and grab your devices as you need them.

studio desk bluelounge cable storage organization

studio desk bluelounge cable storage organization

Do you struggle with cable clutter?


CableBox from Bluelounge, $29.95 US
CableBox Mini from Bluelounge, $29.95 US
StudioDesk from Bluelounge, $599.95 US


New Uses for Old Things | Kitchen Gadgets in the Office

desk organization kitchen tools

desk organization kitchen tools

Nothing gives new life to seemingly out-of-date kitchen gadgets than a change of scenery. I spotted these creative office organizing solutions via Better Homes and Gardens and can’t wait to put them to use.

Though it may be past its prime in the kitchen, a roughed-up muffin tin is the perfect desk drawer catch-all for office essentials like paper clips and stamps. Try it in a chest of drawers to keep jewelry untangled, or in the drawer of night table to stash relic tubes of lip balm and lotion.

And though egg cups may only find their way to your dining table once (or less) a year, you can put them to work every day decluttering your desk top. If you don’t already have some in your cupboard, you can find inexpensive vintage options at thrift stores. Treasured teacups would also be a pretty solution for small stationery items.

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