Cable Organizers from Bluelounge

cablebox mini storage bluelounge

cablebox blue lounge before cables

It doesn’t seem to matter how small our computers and mobile devices get, they’re inevitably accompanied by a tangle of wires and cords. Look familiar? That’s a “before” shot from the website of Bluelounge, an award-winning California-based design studio known for creating smart, sleek solutions for modern living.

The “after” photo features Bluelounge’s CableBox, a very clever cable management system. Made from fire-retardant plastic, it’s designed to fit a power bar or surge protector inside, with plenty of extra space to store adapters and extra cable lengths. Stash the CableBox on or under your desk, beside your computer or behind the TV to keep cables neat, clean and dust bunny-free.

cable storage box blue lounge

The CableBox is also available as a mini version (in a rainbow of cheery colours), which is perfect for smaller devices.

cablebox mini storage bluelounge

The StudioDesk

More proof that Bluelounge knows something about solution-oriented design: their StudioDesk (which is also available in an XL size). A sliding desktop surface reveals a storage compartment with room for a power bar and all the cables you could possibly need. A slot runs along the top of the desk so you can plug in, charge and grab your devices as you need them.

studio desk bluelounge cable storage organization

studio desk bluelounge cable storage organization

Do you struggle with cable clutter?


CableBox from Bluelounge, $29.95 US
CableBox Mini from Bluelounge, $29.95 US
StudioDesk from Bluelounge, $599.95 US