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Wow for the Norwegian Wild Reindeer Observatory Designed by Snohetta

Norwegian Reindeer Pavilion Centre

Norwegian Reindeer Pavilion Centre

The Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre Pavilion shows a wood construction like I have never seen before. I like how the benches are organically shaped to provide the visitors a stunning view of the wilderness. Wood pegs were used as fasteners for the wood section of the building. The rest is made of raw steel resembling the iron found in the local bedrock.

Norwegian Reindeer Pavilion Centre

The visitors could sit at the south facing exterior wall and enjoy the warmth of the interior space. The organic nature of the building is stunning and unusual. I dream to see a similar design at a ski resort.

Norwegian Reindeer Pavilion Centre

You can admire more photos on Arch Daily.

+ photos: Ketil Jacobsen and
+ via Core 77 and Arch Daily


Modern Rustic Kitchen that Feels More Modern

The wildness of the oak wood kitchen on the cover page of Elle Decoration UK edition caught my eye. I envy anyone who has a kitchen with floor to ceiling cupboards. It looks neat but more importantly for me, it reduces the amount of spring cleaning. Plus, using more vertical space for storage keeps the floor plan airy.

This new kitchen opposes organic and urban through the materials and its design. The metal stools and white tableware help in making the room feels more modern. It fits the beach mood sought by the owner, the interior designer Boyd Ferguson. One superb detail to steal is how Boyd varied the board widths. I like the simplicity and warmth of his kitchen. The wood wall effect shares design elements often seen in the modern Scandinavian cottages. Therefore, the overall effect feels comfortable and natural.

If you are interested to know more about the design philosophy of Boyd Ferguson, read his profile interview on Cape etc.

Elle Decoration UK

I typically prefer the houses presented in the UK edition than the US edition. You know by now that I am partial to European design. Sadly for you, Elle Decoration UK does not have a Web site. Check out for the October 2009 edition at your nearest news stand. I bought my copy yesterday in Montreal. Depending on where you live, you may still be able to grab a copy.


What’s New at PBteen?

The Spring 2009 collection arrived this week at PBteen. I was curious to see what they concocted for the girl teenagers. I cannot identify with boy teenager style so I omitted that section.

For the Bedroom

paper collage organic bedding collection at PBteen

Their new line or organic bedding proves that you can be cheerful and eco-friendly. I really enjoy the look of both the Paper Collage and the Mariposa Garden Organic bedding collections.

Their pillow collections mix with several patterns. The Eco Message Pillow Covers send the right message. For their more grown up look, opt for Pom Pom pillow cover and throw.

Studying in More Colors

study desk accessories at PBteen

The Chalkboard Speaker Shelf is available in more colors. The iPod docking station comes with two integrated, chalk, eraser. The shelf is big enough to hold a few study books, comic books or manga.

Both the table model and clip model of the Hi-Light Task Lamps are not available in yellow, a hot color for 2009.

+ Paper Collage Bedding from $19 to $119 USD
+ Mariposa Garden Organic Duvet Cover & Sham from $29 to $119 USD
+ Candy Pop Finials $25
+ Turn Over a New Leaf Pillow Cover on sale at $25
+ Love Your Planet Pillow Cover $39, available Feb. 27, 2009
+ Pom Pom Organic Pillow Cover $29
+ Pom Pom Organic Throw $79
+ Hi-Light Table Lamp $79
+ Hi-Light Clip Lamp $39


Remarkable Eco-friendly Kitchen Tools by Domestic Aesthetic

domestic aesthetic reclaimed salt and pepper shares, salad bowl set, mahagony spice dish

I am very thrilled by this new housewares collection made of reclaimed wood. It made me regret that I was not at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in NYC last week.

More than just a pretty face, the culture of Domestic Aesthetic revolves around sustainability. They use responsibly harvested materials and low impact processes. Naturally, their production methods eliminate hazardous chemicals so you and your family can feel better eating and cooking with their products.

Domestic Aesthetic aims to produce well-designed, affordable eco-friendly housewares. I feel that they deliver on their “Live well, Live right” motto. Nike Foley designed pieces that appeal to the senses of both men and women.

The Certified Salad Bowl Set comes with porcelain edged plates instead of the typical salad bowls. I like the usual shape of the large serving bowl. It harmonizes with the Certified Salt and Pepper Shakers.

Made out mahogany waste from a local window company, the organic shape of the Reclaimed Mahogany Spice Dish contrasts against the square edges of the block. It will fashion an impressing view next to your cooking area.

If I did not live with curious cats, I would get a spice dish for myself.

I just sent a request to know when and where to buy? Also how much their products cost? I will get back to you as soon as I receive an answer from Domestic Aesthetic.

>>> Sourcing:
Learn more: Domestic Aesthetic
Via: domestic aesthetic [the style files] + Reclaimed Wood Housewares by Domestic Aesthetic [Inhabitat]

HOME + GARDEN MODERN architecture

It’s Hip to Be Square on Canadian House and Home

urban organic modern style :: house of Amanda Schuler and David Podsiaglo

If you guess that the couple who owns the urban organic modern home store Stylegarage in Toronto lives in a lofty space, you are right. Except that they accomplished the look in a suburban duplex.

Urban Modern Style

Their interior design borrows to the loft-chic style. You can feel the warm sensibility of the organic moderns style. The house has a lot of warmth due to an extensive use of wood.

Amanda Schuler and David Podsiaglo live in this house with their 18-month-old son. Let’s review their cool entertaining spaces that are featured on the June 2008 issue of Canadian House and Home magazine.

Dining Room

You may say another chalkboard. For me, it triggers childhood memories. So I still dream of a chalkboard wall in my own home.

The pendant light, cool wall-mounted wine rack, the table and chairs are all from their own Gus* at Stylegarage collection. They designed and manufactured the furniture under the brand Gus Design Group in Toronto.

Discover the design philosophy behind their kitchen and dining room by watching a video interview on Canadian House and Home. You get a better feel of the size and layout of the space in the video.

Low Maintenance, No Fuss Backyard

The backyard is a great example of a low maintenance urban backyard. A perfect solution if you prefer entertaining to gardening or taking care of the pool. Even if you prefer a different style of furniture, you can get inspired by the layout and divisions of the space. Make adjustments to fit your lifestyle and priorities.

I really like to get the long wood tray to serve my baguette bread. It looks so modernly chic.

+ Video: Loft-Style Living [Canadian House and Home]
+ Photo credits: by David Bagosy for Canadian House and Home June 2008 issue – pages 136-141 – rights reserved