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I want my Wii Fit Plus

wii fit plus by nintendo

wii fit plus by nintendo

Like everyone’s else at this time of the year, I want to exercise more in 2010. Going to the gym does not fit my schedule. I used to do a small wake-up my body yoga routine every morning followed 3 times a week by a longer yoga session. Then, I add a Wii Fit session to my “get in shape for ski”  routine. For the last 6 months, I stopped all that.

Living a More Balanced and Organized Life is my New Year’s resolution. To be true to my resolution, I will reintegrate a training session as an essential part of my daily activities.

I was curious to see what is new with Wii Fit. They are a few new exercises but the feature I like the most is that I can build my own training routine in Wii Fit Plus. I will get the new version. I will tell you if it is worth it. As I watched the Wii Fit Plus Info video, I felt inspired by the loft interior.

What I like about the Wii Fit is that it can be used by all members of the family.

+ photos: Wii Fit by Nintendo


Super Mario First Birthday Party Theme

super mario first birthday party theme :: cupcake towers and favor tables

No need to get fancy fondant cupcakes to make a lasting impression. You can go a long way with figures, stamps and creativity.

How This Mom Did It

Look at the impressive party realized by swishersweets80. I applauded that this mother got her supplies from several stores. Therefore, the result is not too matching. She nicely decorated the cupcake stands simply using red, blue and green gift wraps. Her stands could be used for a circus theme. They become Mario stands when she added the accessories. Video games, especially the ones from Japan,  are great because you can find a whole range of branded items that you can use as party decorations.

For favors, you can find soda drinks, candy boxes and figures at video games stores. Her favor bar included Rainbow Colored Barber Poles, Mario Bros. Band-Aids found at Urban Outfitters, Red and Green Caps and Fake Mustaches purchased at, Coin boxes filled with Chocolate Coins and Gum Coins, and Mario Themed Mini-Stamps found at

super mario first birthday party theme :: super mario figurines, party decorations, cupcakes


You can play Mario games on the Wii. I suggest Mario Kart Wii with a Wii wheel or WarioWare: Smooth Moves which is a bunch of mini-games. You can play Mario Kart with the standard Wii controllers. A Wii wheel cost about $10. For an extra $30, everyone can drive with its own Wii wheel controller. Or you can ask a few friends to bring their Nintendo DS so you can host a tournament of Mario Kart.

This theme is not just for children. I know that my husband would like it for his birthday party. Remember the old arcade theme I did for him last year.

+ Super Mario Coin Boxes $44.99 USD for a box fo 12 at [affiliate link]
+ photos by swishersweets80 on Flickr – rights reserved
+ learn how to make your own cupcake stands


Befriend with Animal Crossing: City Folk

animal crossing city folk on the wii

My all-time favorite video game, Animal Crossing will migrate to the Wii November 16th, 2008 with a new title Animal Crossing: City Folk.

I recalled playing hours and hours of Animal Crossing: Wild World on my Nintendo DS. My husband just asked me why I like Animal Crossing? The answer is simple. It is a happy game about building friendship and collecting items.

The Game in A Few Words

Your character lives in a village with animal neighbors. Basically, you and your animal neighbors will perform several tasks to make each other happy.

You can design clothes, decorate your house, write letters, take care of your flowers, go on the shopping spree and explore the town of other players. With Animal Crossing: City Folk, you can take a bus to the new urban city area. I cannot wait to try it out.

The game happens in real-time. If you visit during the night, it will be dark outside. During the winter months, you get snow and can build snowmen. If your snowmen look fabulous, you will get a reward.

There are recurring visitors, calendar events and special events to break the routine. For example, special things happen on New Year’s Day. You can participate in the monthly fisherman tournaments on Sunday, the flea markets and the Acorn Festival.

For Kids, Teenager Girls and You

The cool thing about Animal Crossing is that it is truly a game for all ages. It is suitable from kids of 6 or 7 old ages up to adults. As we get older, the female gender seems to prefer that type of game. If you are looking for Christmas gifts for all the family, Nintendo Wii clearly qualifies.

I suggest Animal Crossing: City Folk for young kids and teenager girls. I have to warm you; when your kids will be at school, you may feel the urge to play a little game.

If you pre-order the video game until November 15, 2008, will email you a $10 off a future video game purchase. You can watch a trailer video to get a sneak peak of the game.

+ Animal Crossing: City Folk – $49.99 USD
+ snapshots from Nintendo and


I Talked about the Wii Fit on The Radio

Kim Vallee and Karine Larose at Sans Détour with François Bugingo :: Wii Fit

Friday morning,  I did an interview for Sans Détour, a show on Radio-Canada hosted by François Bugingo. I was there as a fan of the Wii Fit. Karine Larose, a fitness expert at Nautilus Plus, participated to the discussion.

My Assessment

I am happy to have one. The Wii Fit has great value as a motivator. It is fun to see the avatars of your friends while you are bouncing the soccer balls.

Wii Fit also scores all your exercise performances. I noticed than when I did not execute well the exercises, my score is lower. Like any computer game, higher marks or playing for a certain time will open new exercises.

The Hula Hoop is quite fun and can make you sweat. I enjoyed doing the balance exercises of the Wii Fit program. The balance exercises are the most playful. The slalom ski, table tilt and ski jumping are my favorites so far.

I used the Wii Fit regularly after my surgery to gain back my balance. I used to put less weight on my injured leg and the Wii Fit spotted this fact. It forced me to correct my posture.

Right now, I do not use it every day because I already follow a strict exercise routine for my ACL rehabilitation. I do not like going to the gym. Once I am back in form, I am planning to practice yoga and a program with the Wii Fit. By that time, new sport games will probably use the Wii Fit Board.

Click here to listen François Bugingo interviewing Karine Larose and I. Take note that the interview was done in French.

Picture: Kim Vallee and Karine Larose in the studio of Sans Détour
Wii Fit Pictures by Nintendo

CAKES + desserts FOOD + DRINK

Celebrating the creative genius of Clever Cupcakes in Montreal

super mario brothers : peter pan : pacman : fly : tea pot : teaching by clever cupcakes in montreal

I am always watching for stylishly decorated cupcakes. Fondant decorated cakes are my favorites. So imagine how glad I was yesterday when I came across the most stunning cupcakes I ever saw.

The power of social networks

My journey started by looking at the Facebook profile of new friends I made last Wednesday at the Montreal Girl Geek Dinner. I spotted a comment about a cupcake montage for the m0851 Fashion Show and Press conference. This event occurred this week as part of the current Montreal Fashion Week. This is how I discovered Michelle, the talented girl behind Clever Cupcakes.

Custom designs

What I am showing you are the Creative cupcakes. My husband and I are planning to host a Nintendo Wii party in a near future. We were both ecstatic in front of the Super Mario Brothers Cupcakes and the Pacman Cupcakes. I really appreciate the profusion of fine details in these hand-made fondant decorations.

It is not just the cucpcakes for geeks and Ninetendo fans that are stunning. Clever Cupcakes cater different styles. You can ask her to design something special for baby showers, kid birthdays, wedding showers and a tea party.

Clever Cupcakes made 7 dozens of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with chocolate and vanilla buttercream topped with handmade fondant decorations for teacher appreciation week at two local schools. The teachers must have been happy.

How to order from Clever Cupcakes?

Operating like a catering company, their cupcakes are made to order. They are baked fresh for delivery in the Montreal area. People can place their order online or by phone.

Their is no minimum quantity for the creative cupcakes. The regular and the wholesome cupcakes are sold by the dozen.

About the food

Her Wholesome cupcakes are sweetened with Agave Nectar, a natural sweetener often considered suitable for diabetics. Clever Cupcakes can satisfy all the taste buds with a wide selection of cake flavors, icings and fillings. The Boston Cream filling and the All Chocolate are supposed to be exquisite.

You can order your cupcakes in the regular size or as mini cupcakes. Beside the adorable Creative cupcakes, there are Classic cupcakes. The Wholesome series is an upscale, healthier version of the classic due to the agave nectar and the choice of unbleached organic flour and the 100% Whole Wheat flour.

I will share my experience with Clever Cupcakes after our Wii party or my birthday, whichever comes first. If you tasted these cupcakes before, feel free to share your experience.

Buy online: Clever Cupcakes

CAKES + desserts FOOD + DRINK

Your avatars as wedding cake toppers


I am not a huge fan of wedding cake toppers but these ones got my attention. As a leisure gamer, I found those cake toppers pretty amazing.

Targeting the fans of Nintendo Wii this Valentine, Paul Pape Designs got an overwhelming demand. Their production does not start there. Paul Pape Designs also produces clay imitations of your game avatar characters.

For a wedding, the mid and deluxe options are worthwhile. For $200, the deluxe version delivers a custom job including the reproduction of your wedding dress and the groom’s tuxedo. You can decide on your own pose and even, add a scenery.

Not just for getting hitched!

If it is your birthday, have them create a clay imitative sculpture for your event.

Paul Pape Designs is also renowned for its true-to-scale, laser die-cut paper furniture called Pop-Out Furniture.

Buy online: Mid-grade Cake Topper by Paul Pape Designs – price: $150
Via: Chocolate Mii for you and Wii on Popgadget

+ Fresh Ideas for Wedding Cake Toppers
+ Unique cake toppers by Chapeau de Gateau
+ Whimsical wedding cake toppers by Weddingstar


My Christmas party tips on Clin D’Oeil

Glam Christmas : Clin d'oeil decembre 2007 issue

I wish to share one moment of success with you. The columnist Marie-Julie Gagnon interviewed a few event designers and planners from the Montreal area. The subject was How to host a glam Christmas in 10 steps?

Her 3-page article is published on the December 2007 issue of Clin D’Oeil, the premier Fashion & Beauty magazine in Quebec. I feel honored to be featured alongside a talented group. Everyone has excellent tips to share.

Basically, my tips can be summarized like this:

  • More than a theme, you should try to recreate the Magical ambiance of Christmas
  • If you wish to use traditional colors why not use different tints like a lime instead of the Christmas green?
  • For the fashionista, why not use the trendy colors like Purple, Aubergine, Sage and Charcoal?
  • The perfect Christmas cocktail is my signature Surubaotini, a raspberry martini
  • Games let people of different ages socialize more. Play Wii Sports to burn some calories. The game come bundled with the Nintendo Wii console. What is incredible with the Wii is that people who never play video games before cannot stop playing. The Wii is always a hit at parties.
  • For movie fans, a sure bet is Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action for the Xbox 360 console. The game is shipped with four wireless Big Button Pads, so each player has his or her own buzzer. People that played the game so far enjoy it a lot, including the columnist Marie-Julie Gagnon.

There is no need to buy the consoles right away. Video rental stores rent the consoles and the games. Beware that after you play the Wii once with friends, I predict you will want your own.

Nintendo still cannot supply enough Wii one year after its launch. If you live in the United States, good luck to find a Wii without extra games that bring up the price. In Canada, you can buy the console without extras but the stocks are low. It would be wise to reserve one as soon as possible if you wish to have one by Christmas.

wii party

Tips on how to host a Wii party from Nintendo

Nintendo Canada Web site provides useful tips on How to plan a Wii friendly gathering. You get recipes for food and drinks when reading Host to host a dinner & Wii party. I suggest that you create the Mii of every player in advance. This way you have more time to play. There are Wii invitation themes on Evite.

For francophones

If you or someone you know read French, Marie-Julie Gagnon has a beautiful book called Cartes postales d’Asie that would make a beautiful Christmas gift.

December 14th, 2007 Update: If you wish to read the story online, visit

Learn more: Web site of Clin d’Oeil 
For Canadians: Nintendo Wii with Wii Sports at Future Shop – price: $269.99 CAD
Buy online: Cartes postales d’Asie de Marie-Julie Gagnon on – price:$19 CAD