Befriend with Animal Crossing: City Folk

animal crossing city folk on the wii

My all-time favorite video game, Animal Crossing will migrate to the Wii November 16th, 2008 with a new title Animal Crossing: City Folk.

I recalled playing hours and hours of Animal Crossing: Wild World on my Nintendo DS. My husband just asked me why I like Animal Crossing? The answer is simple. It is a happy game about building friendship and collecting items.

The Game in A Few Words

Your character lives in a village with animal neighbors. Basically, you and your animal neighbors will perform several tasks to make each other happy.

You can design clothes, decorate your house, write letters, take care of your flowers, go on the shopping spree and explore the town of other players. With Animal Crossing: City Folk, you can take a bus to the new urban city area. I cannot wait to try it out.

The game happens in real-time. If you visit during the night, it will be dark outside. During the winter months, you get snow and can build snowmen. If your snowmen look fabulous, you will get a reward.

There are recurring visitors, calendar events and special events to break the routine. For example, special things happen on New Year’s Day. You can participate in the monthly fisherman tournaments on Sunday, the flea markets and the Acorn Festival.

For Kids, Teenager Girls and You

The cool thing about Animal Crossing is that it is truly a game for all ages. It is suitable from kids of 6 or 7 old ages up to adults. As we get older, the female gender seems to prefer that type of game. If you are looking for Christmas gifts for all the family, Nintendo Wii clearly qualifies.

I suggest Animal Crossing: City Folk for young kids and teenager girls. I have to warm you; when your kids will be at school, you may feel the urge to play a little game.

If you pre-order the video game until November 15, 2008, will email you a $10 off a future video game purchase. You can watch a trailer video to get a sneak peak of the game.

+ Animal Crossing: City Folk – $49.99 USD
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  • Tristen Birthday Entertainer
    August 26, 2010 at 18:45

    I didn’t realize that there was another version besides Wild World. I will have to look into it. I love Wild World, the only problem is that I tend to forget that I have a life when I start the game. Am I the only one?