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My Holiday Décor Started with an Evergreen Bouquet

christmas bouquet

christmas bouquet

I like to integrate small holiday elements into my home décor. Here is an evergreen bouquet that I put next to my yellow green vase collection. To complement my vase collection, I put my bouquet inside a tall and narrow glass container that I cover with holiday gift wrap paper.

What is important when you design an evergreen bouquet is to play with textures. To achieve that result, I  looked outside the local conifers. I am sorry that I didn’t write down the different leaves but I know that several species are from the United States, the red berries are from Netherlands and the pine leaves are from Quebec. I bought them at Atwater farmers market. When you make your selection, stay with the same tones. Some conifers have yellow tones, others have blues.


A Sneak Preview at my Boy Nursery

my boy nursery decorative details

my boy nursery decorative details

We will cover Nursery & Kids Bedrooms during January 2011. To kick it off, I decided to give you a sneak preview at the decorative elements of the nursery of my upcoming baby boy.

I believe that a nursery should be fun. My design idea was to select a bolder color than pastel as long as it still feels peaceful. Plus, I did not want to go for the obvious blue nursery; especially since my husband gave me a light blue Eames molded plastic rocking chair. Instead, the color scheme of the DwellStudio’s Owls Sky bedding inspired me. I opted to paint the walls this nice fir stand green (P5036-41 by Para Paints). It is not obvious on my photo but the green on the walls is slightly paler than the green of the bedding pattern.

The room will be brighten by the pure white crib and the 3-drawer changer. Instead of a closet, I will put a pear stained wood armoire that used to be on my bedroom. It will be located on the opposite wall of the room. The pear stained wood should looks great next to great.

cameron bookcase at pottery barn kids

I have to see the Cameron 3-Shelf Bookcase first (I am afraid that it is too creamy white) but I am looking for something similar. It is not easy to mix furniture from several collections and with different finishes. Therefore, I will wait to see what how these pieces look in the room before I make my final decision.

It is still a work in progress. I will get a better idea when the movers bring part of the furniture in his bedroom. The rest will be delivered in a week or two.


Orange and Green Halloween Tabletops

green and black tabletop for Halloween

modern orange hues halloween tabletop ideas

My first idea was to create a mood board for modern black and orange Halloween table. To do so, I incorporated elements that are not typical Halloween decorations. I decided to play with orange shades to see if it will add a new dimension to the classic theme. Stacking a bunch of Asian bowls create a unique centerpiece. And the best part is that you will get to reuse the bowls the rest of year.

Green for Halloween

green and black tabletop for Halloween

But not everyone wishes for the traditional orange and black tabletop. So, I started to experiment with green and black. The awesome mummy vases add a playful touch. They go so well with mummy wrapped cookies and “Mummy Veggie Dip” tray featured on Phyllis Hoffman Celebrate Halloween magazine.

mummy vegetable dip tray and mummy wrapped cookies for Halloween

In both cases, I suggest to put a spider web tablecloth on top of a solid tablecloth. I pair that with a modern style black and white dinnerware and black stemware. I would finish the look with white cotton or linen napkins.

+ Spiderweb Tablecloth Halloween $34.99 at [affiliate link]
+ Tradition Wine Glass Set $25 USD / $26.25 CAD for set of 6 at Potiron
+ Milano Dinnerware Set $65 USD / $68.25 CAD for 4 place settings
+ Wilt-Proof Centerpieces at Martha Stewart
+ Mummy Vases and Mommy Food from Phyllis Hoffman Celebrate Halloween – via Hostess with the Mostess


Delightful Mondays: Pea and Mint Soup

pea and mint soup recipes :: challenge inspired by Donna Hay

pea and mint soup recipes :: challenge inspired by Donna Hay

This week, I highlight a group of foodies with a monthly recipe challenge. Their monthly challenge is a twist on a Donna Hay’s recipe. You can vote for the winner. The winner will select next month’s challenge recipe. I featured these two for their awesome food presentation.

+ Rebecca of So Long and Thanks for all the Food deconstructed the recipe for a picnic. Her take was that all the ingredients could become a spread to eat outside with crackers. She put the three different preparations in small bottles. Then, place the bottles in a basket with the black charcoal crackers. Superb idea!

+ Barbara of Winos and Foodies made a lovely presentation that would be great for a shower and a Sunday brunch.


Housewares Made Out Thrown-Away Sport Felt

old news designed by Jonas Forsman for creatables

old news designed by Jonas Forsman for creatables

I like to encourage designers who gave a second chance to materials that would otherwise go to waste. Creatables decided to repurpose thrown-away sport felt that are used for tennis courts. Creatables manufactures the stuff. They collaborate with designers to create their product lines.

green old news newspaper collector by creatables

+ Swedish designer Jonas Forsman gave a nice form to a newspapers collector. The concept behind Old News is to provide a practical way to store your newspapers and magazines while you wait for the recycling day in your neighborhood. €48

tennis notice board by creatables

+ The Tennis Notice Board uses an invisible wall mounting system. Optional accessories include small white hooks for keys. You can go for the Winbledom green, the red Roland Garros, the blue US Open or the gray Sodertalje. €22


Pastel Marshmallows or Fudge

nathalie jost's pastel fudge squares for Easter

nathalie jost\'s pastel fudge squares for Easter

The pastel fudge caught my attention for its lovely colors. I would recycle the palette for marshmallow lollipops. Simply add food coloring to your recipe. You probably have some bottles left from your Easter egg painting.

If you like the taste of white chocolate, Nathalie Jost shared her pastel fudge recipe. She told her readers to experiment with extracts to get different flavors. You could try it with peppermint or raspberry extract.

+ photo and recipe: Easter Fudge by Nathalie Jost


Inspired by Ink & Peat

ink and peat :: store view

ink and peat\'s floral arrangements for a modern garden

It has been a while since I visited Housemartin, the blog of the owner of Ink & Peat. I admire Pam’s floral arrangements since her beginning. She caught my heart again with her modern garden arrangement that cleverly mixes a variety of orange and green flowers.

ink & peat :: store view

Not every party requires a theme. But it helps to get plan a fabulous event. When you are not inspired, visit design stores that you love for clues to stimulate my creativity. Take the visual merchandising at Ink & Peat. I love their merchandise and how they display everything in the store. It provides all the clues that you need to create a fabulous table. You get the mood and what style to look for.

When you walk to a store and their displays astonished you, take notes on how the colors are distributed. Building a color scheme is not just about putting the right colors together. It is mostly about how much of each and how do you spread the colors. Then, you can adapt the key elements to get a look that you will be proud to share with your guests.

+ Interior views of Ink & Peat
+ Modern garden on Housemartin


Salad Bowl + Servers by Joseph Joseph

joseph joseph's salad bowl and 2-piece server set

joseph joseph\'s salad bowl and 2-piece server set

I like the way this salad bowl integrate a resting place for the servers. The shape of the bowl is elegant. I imagine using one side as a handle. Morph designed this salad set made from easy to clean polypropylene. The set is available in vibrant green, black or white.

Joseph Jospeh was founded in UK by the twin brothers Richard and Antony Joseph in 2003. They are the one who made the Index chopping board set designed to reduce the likelihood of cross-contamination of different food types.

+ Joseph Joseph Salad Bowl and Servers $39.95 USD


Grace Bonney’s 10 Favorite Designs on June 2009 Canadian House and Home

grace bonney of design sponge :: canadian house and home june2009

I met and chatted a little with Grace of Design*Sponge last February when she sat on the Design Bloggers panel at IDS 09. She is a sweet girl.

Canadian House and Home wrote a two-page story on her. Grace told us to check the work produced by contemporary Australian and Mexican artists. She loves the way contemporary artists of both countries are informed by their indigenous culture. It results in vibrant color art pieces that feel fresh.

Canadian House and Home also asked Grace to select her favorite products and homes of the moment. You can admire 10 rooms that inspired her.  Grace is into vintage wallpapers. She shown us the vintage floral wallpaper she selected as the place setting for her wedding. I share her love for Thomaspaul pendants and lamps.

easy to live with green

Grace currently favors Sherwin-Williams Verdant 6713. I included a picture of a green that is an easy to live with. When selecting a wall color, check what it looks like under the lighting conditions of your room. Select a color that could cheer you up during the day and be sophisticated at night for your dining and living rooms.

+ Thomaspaul – Trees 3-Shade Pendant Lamp $550 – $595 USD
+ Vintage Wallpaper nr 64 50 € at
+ Grace Bonney’s 10 Favourite Homes
+ June 2009 Canadian House and Home magazine


Picnic Inspirations | Fabupost 001

picnic fabupost :: la tartine gourmande :: limoncello with tequila recipe by the kitchn :: menu rubber vaseI started over my post series that highlighted great posts from my blogroll. I named this collection of fabulous posts Fabupost.

Dressing up Tartlets and Sandwiches

The honor goes to La Tartine Gourmande with her post about a Celeriac and Long Pepper Tartlet and a picnic with the man of her life on this Memorial Day. Her pictures and writing inspire me to try making adorable tartlets like hers.

And look at how fantastic is her sandwich presentation. If you are a good cook or if you are or pressed by time, you should not be afraid to serve sandwiches to your guests. Simply invite your guests for lunch instead of dinner. Put attention to details and you will be able to impress your guests with any food.

Summer Drink Recipes

Limoncello and Tequila symbolizes summer in my mind. The Kitchn unites both to create a refreshing drink called Limonada. The recipe is on their site.

When I am in a hurry, I pour half a bottle of Limoncello over ice cubes in a pitcher. Then, I fill the pitcher up with light Cranberry juice.  Stir a few times. It is that simple to concoct a tasty festive drink for a crowd in a few seconds.

This cute pink rubber vase designed by Henriette Melchiorsen for Menu completes the picnic design.

>>> Sourcing:
Buy online: Pink Menu Rubber Vase at Conran Shop – price: $39 USD
Buy online: Pink Menu Rubber Vase at Bodie and Fou – price: £14.95 small, £19.95 regular
Via: A picnic, to start – Un pique-nique, pour commencer [La tartine Gourmande]
Via: Limoncello! Limonada with Limoncello and Tequila [The Kitchn]


Centerpiece and Tabletop Ideas for Mother’s Day

mother's day centerpieces :: vazu ter off top expandable flower vase :: gerbera dill chrysanth ::

I was planning to showcase the actual Mother’s Day table I designed for my mom but due to my surgery, I will skip this year. I still can talk you about the design.

Mother’s Day Tabletop Ideas

My scheme revolves around my baroque black & white dinnerware set.

It is becoming a habit to use this dinnerware set for Mother’s Day. I composed a Girlie Mother’s Day inspiration board with the same set last year. This year, I decided to add vibrant pinks and greens to brighten up the black & white tableware.

A Portable Flower Vase

Recall Vazu from last year. It is the fun and innovative expandable flat flower vase.

The Tear Off Top is a more cheerful version with less packaging and all the advantages of the original. Since Vazu is designed to carry around cut flowers, a cute packaging has no real purpose most of the time. The Tear Off Top vase is half the price of the original.

Tear Off Top is available in 4 patterns in a choice of 3 colors each. Vazu USA kindly sent me three samples of Tear Off Top flower vases with cute pink and red hearts for my setting.

MushiMushi – Love Is All harmonizes the best with the design of my Mother’s Day tabletop. For an casual outdoor brunch or a teen birthday party, check out the EnFlor pattern. At this price, you can afford to spread many vases across the room.

Finishing Touch: the Flowers

A simple bunch of fuchsia gerberas looks great for any family event. Keep them long as much as possible; the idea is to see to create a well-defined section of green stems between the vase and the flowers. You can use a rectangular or an oval pinholder to perfectly align the gerberas. In the pink family, the Pink Purple Ranunculus Flower is a classic choice.

I prefer the fresh look of bright green flowers. I enjoy the Spider family and the Galiaro Green Chrysanthemum. Other choices include a handful of long lasting chincherinchee, dill, and button chrysanths.

For floral inspirations, I always check these two sites. The Flower Council of Holland and the Flowers & Plants Association both keep you up-to-date with floral design trends. The So simple. So try it is a wonderful initiative of the Flowers & Plants Association to demystify the art of floral arrangements.

>>> Sourcing:
Buy online: Vazu MushiMushi – Love Is All at Vazu USA – price; $4.99 USD
Photo credit: Gerberas from the Colorful Grey Inspirations Spring 2008 [] – Rights reserved
Photo credit: Mini-trees of chincherinchee [] – Rights reserved
Photo credit: Button chrysanths in a plastic pan scourer [] – Rights reserved
Photo credit: Dill in a test tube [] – Rights reserved
Photo credits: Dinnerware set and left bottom picture taken by Kim Vallee ­- Rights reserved