Centerpiece and Tabletop Ideas for Mother’s Day

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I was planning to showcase the actual Mother’s Day table I designed for my mom but due to my surgery, I will skip this year. I still can talk you about the design.

Mother’s Day Tabletop Ideas

My scheme revolves around my baroque black & white dinnerware set.

It is becoming a habit to use this dinnerware set for Mother’s Day. I composed a Girlie Mother’s Day inspiration board with the same set last year. This year, I decided to add vibrant pinks and greens to brighten up the black & white tableware.

A Portable Flower Vase

Recall Vazu from last year. It is the fun and innovative expandable flat flower vase.

The Tear Off Top is a more cheerful version with less packaging and all the advantages of the original. Since Vazu is designed to carry around cut flowers, a cute packaging has no real purpose most of the time. The Tear Off Top vase is half the price of the original.

Tear Off Top is available in 4 patterns in a choice of 3 colors each. Vazu USA kindly sent me three samples of Tear Off Top flower vases with cute pink and red hearts for my setting.

MushiMushi – Love Is All harmonizes the best with the design of my Mother’s Day tabletop. For an casual outdoor brunch or a teen birthday party, check out the EnFlor pattern. At this price, you can afford to spread many vases across the room.

Finishing Touch: the Flowers

A simple bunch of fuchsia gerberas looks great for any family event. Keep them long as much as possible; the idea is to see to create a well-defined section of green stems between the vase and the flowers. You can use a rectangular or an oval pinholder to perfectly align the gerberas. In the pink family, the Pink Purple Ranunculus Flower is a classic choice.

I prefer the fresh look of bright green flowers. I enjoy the Spider family and the Galiaro Green Chrysanthemum. Other choices include a handful of long lasting chincherinchee, dill, and button chrysanths.

For floral inspirations, I always check these two sites. The Flower Council of Holland and the Flowers & Plants Association both keep you up-to-date with floral design trends. The So simple. So try it is a wonderful initiative of the Flowers & Plants Association to demystify the art of floral arrangements.

>>> Sourcing:
Buy online: Vazu MushiMushi – Love Is All at Vazu USA – price; $4.99 USD
Photo credit: Gerberas from the Colorful Grey Inspirations Spring 2008 [flowercouncil.org] – Rights reserved
Photo credit: Mini-trees of chincherinchee [tryflowers.org.uk] – Rights reserved
Photo credit: Button chrysanths in a plastic pan scourer [tryflowers.org.uk] – Rights reserved
Photo credit: Dill in a test tube [tryflowers.org.uk] – Rights reserved
Photo credits: Dinnerware set and left bottom picture taken by Kim Vallee ­- Rights reserved

  • francesca
    May 8, 2008 at 17:07

    You so many great idea for decoration, I think that I will stop by often.
    Anyway I like to know that the mother’s day is so celebreted also in your country.
    thanks for the ideas