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Want a Unique iPhone Case? Draw It with a Krillz Set

sketch an iphone case krillz

If you dream of showing off your own drawings, you will love this next idea. Designed for iPhone 4 and 5, a Krillz iPhone set comes with a 40 page drawing and a clear iPhone case.  There is a dye-cut iPhone cutout, that fits your model, on every page. 

Krizzl iphone case and drawing block
Where to buy: Krillz iPhone case for creative people at Neo-utility $35 USD

Keep it in mind for a creative gift for a teenager, for graduation or Father Day. If you draw well, why not customize the gift even further by sketch a case in the book?

+ photo credits: Krillz


Sämyii’s Personalized Cake Toppers | Etsy Finds

samyii custom made cake toppers for brides and grooms

samyii custom made cake toppers for brides and grooms

When I saw the personalized wedding dolls on, I immediately thought of why not used that concept for a birthday. Sämyii, who sells them on Etsy, agrees with me.

birthday cake figurines for girls by samyii on etsy

As I dug her creations on Flickr, I noticed that she also made custom figurines that would be a nice touch on a graduation or a birthday. You can put it at the top of a birthday cake or a cupcake tower. She integrated items to create a scene. I love it. I do not know what is the price of those cute personalized figurines for girls and boys.

samyii's personalized figurines for a boy birthday cake topper

+  Personalized Dolls as Cake Toppers by Samyii $40 USD at Etsy


DIY Graduation Party Decor Ideas

craft projects for graduation or wedding party decor

A college graduate contacted me because he was looking for affordable and colorful party decorations and possibly a theme for their graduation party.

The graduates are multicultural so it may be a nice touch to add elements of several cultures. Instead of coming out with a party theme, I am sharing awesome DIY craft projects to decorate the party room. Each one can be reinterpreted to suit your style.

Chinese Lanterns

big lime chinese lanterns

Lanterns create a festive mood instantly. If you host a party in at an hotel, the ceilings are high and the room are vast. You will need plenty of large lanterns to create a statement. You can attach battery-operated light or flashlight inside if you wish to lit them.

Flite Design showcased the nice mauve and lime at the 2009 Soolip Wedding, an event that happened in Los Angeles on March 29. You will find more inspirations on the blog Junebug Weddings.

DIY Mobile Ideas

A cool idea is to attach each lantern to a bamboo stick and spread them in a vase like flowers. I spotted that idea last year on Project Wedding.

Vary the sizes and colors of origami cranes. These origami mobiles were made for Yuli + Keith’s wedding. The Great Catch picture net is also from their wedding. Check out Oh, Hello friend for more stunning uses of origami cranes.

replace flower centerpieces with bird mobiles

The bird mobile is a good symbol of the life transition that occurs after graduation. Spool Sewing offered the bird pattern for free. Look for the bins with fabric scraps at fabric stores; you will save a lot of money.

Message in a Bottle Game

You can ask everyone to answer the same question before the party. Print each answer on a piece of paper to create unique message in a bottle. Spread the messages in a bottle on each table. Let people freely open the message through the night and guess who is the author of each question.

Make sure the paper is easy to remove. The paper should be almost as high as the bottle and use 2 to 3 tapes to firmly keep the roll small. Get inspired by the Send Help Project invitations featured on NOTCOT.

The idea when you wish to design a party is to find your starting point and from that, to devise the whole theme. Have fun at your graduation party!

+ mauve and lime lanterns by Flite DesignVia Junebug Wedding
+ Origami cranes and great catch images: Yuli + Keith’s wedding photographed by Robert Sukrachand – right reserved
+ Send Help Project invitations via NOTCOT
+ Lime Big Chinese Lanterns on Project Wedding
+ Three Little Birds by Spool Sewing – image on Flickr
+ Bird Mobile done by Homemade with Jill


Fred Cool Ice Cube Trays for a Guitar Hero / Rock Band Party

cool shooters and cool jazz ice cube tray by guitar hero / rock band party

I am certain that many sessions of Guitar Hero or Rock Band will happen in graduation parties this year. These games create an ambiance immediately.

With some bars hosting Guitar Hero nights, you can say that this video game is the new karaoke.

Cool Jazz and Cool Shooters by Fred

I introduced last year the fun cocktail accessories by Fred & Friends. Cool Jazz and Cool Shooters were designed in 2005. But I did not try them until now.

So I was glad when Anouk, the owner of giftOsphere (CadOsphere in French) told me that she added to her inventory Cool Jazz and Cool Shooters by Fred & Friends. I met Anouk through the social media events in Montreal. She is really nice. Her online store, CadOsphere ships in Canada and internationally.

CadOsphere supplied me with two samples of each for my test drive. When my husband saw them, he changed the theme of an upcoming Wii sport party to a Guitar Hero party. He craves for the Rock Band game. I am worried that those hip ice cube trays will give him an excuse. 😉

Result of My Test Drive

I had two sets of each so I can check the consistency of the ice cubes. Wow, it really works! Because the moulds are made of silicone, removing the cubes from the mould works like a charm.

I took me a while to get the pictures I wanted. The ice cube kept their shape as they melted. I made one guitar where the handle was not as deep in the ice but it functions as well as the others.

Literal party theme and decorations are typically my thing. But in this case it works fine. I am telling you: Fred Cool Jazz and Cool Shooters will be a hit at a Guitar Hero party. At that price, it does not cost a lot to create an ambiance.

>>> Sourcing:
Buy online: Cool Jazz ice cube tray at CadOsphere – price: $8.95 CAD
Buy online: Cool Shooters ice cube tray at CadOsphere – price: $10.95 CAD
Learn more: Fred & Friends


Party Theme for a Graduation Party – take 2


I was inspired by too many objects when I was writing my Dotted Theme for a Girl Graduation Party post, that I created a second mood board.

This one is an exercise in pattern arrangements. See how a traditional pattern can take a new life when it is harmonized with hip patterns.

My Design

You can leave the top open of the Teeny Green Dots Lunch Box to use them to store vintage mil bottle filled with non alcoholic cocktails or juices. Next to a buffet table, use them as a container for the napkins. Below is the Chain Link pattern from the MacBeth Collection. Chain Link is offer in Pool (blue) and Apple (green).

The Party Girls invites by Inviting Company are suitable whether you are preparing a Sweet 16 birthday for a girl, a graduation party or a girl night out. You can send them to your girl friends if you want to throw a Before Movie Cocktail the premiere of the Sex and The City movie. Add $50 for printed invites by thermography, lithography or value printing (I do not know what this means)

Pop Ink makes the retro style heavy-duty melamine plates. Their plate illustrations range from the whimsical with a touch of kitsch to lovable drawings. Each set of four plates are packaged in a jewel-like acrylic display box. The designs by Pop Ink are sure to inspire to throw more parties. I select a botanical design called Plant Food.

Buy online: Metal Lunch Box at The MacBeth Collection – price: $48 USD, $35 for the mini
Buy online: Party Girls invitation cards at Paper Affairs – price: $13 for 10 unprinted invites
Buy online: Pop Ink Plant Food Melamine Plate Set at Velocity Art & Design – price: $36 USD for 4 dinner plates

ENTERTAINING PAPER goods PARTY ideas + decor

Dotted Theme for a Girl Graduation Party


A mother wrote to me because she is looking for fun unique ideas for the graduation party of her daughters in May. They want polka dots for a theme with lots of bright spring colors!

I expanded on the polka dots theme for a trendier look. I went instead with fresh, bold patterns where dots are omnipresent. The final look is amusing and young.

Sharing Memories

The mother told me that the girls do not want the boring photo albums. A graduation party is a time to remember where you have been. So I will show you other ways to share memories.

For starter, I suggest spread across the room a series of notebooks with colored pens for people to write their thoughts and memories. An unlined notebook works the best for a party since people can draw or write their messages. Small notebooks are more practical because they are easier to carry around. Select a model that does not require a writing surface. As the girls will get older, they will be happy to have memorabilia of their graduation.

I chose recycled paper notebooks from a small Canadian design studio. The products of ecojot are widely available through retailers across Canada, the United States and in a few international stores. The illustrations I selected clearly convey spring and happiness.

Taking about memories, why not take the time to reflect of the past years without disrupting the path of the party. For that goes with a continuous playing slideshow on the TV during the party or install a screen with a projector. Let me explain the beauty of it.

I suggest a continuous play because your guests look at it when it pleases them. A set projection time always breaks the flow of a party. Trust me, it is a lot of more fun and it generates more interactions between the guests that way.

How to Make a Slideshow

Create a slideshow with the pictures that best illustrates their time at the school. It is more interesting to develop a story based on theme / interest instead of making a time based story. Include pictures from their friends.

Unless you make a DVD copy for their friends, do not bother about the music since it would interfere with the great music playing at the party. Create a slideshow that lasts 5 to 10 minutes. Typically, I leave 15 to 20 seconds between photos. Keep the transitions simple and use the same transition (two to the max).

My Design

Graduations, even from high schools, are a bridge between childhood and adulthood. The items I selected reflected that fact. I really like the Fun Dots Pink and Green Invitation.

The funky GroBal Pot designed by Karim Rashid keeps your house plants lush, green, and looking sharp. I suggest you make long rows. You can mix the small (baby) and the regular sizes. I like to thank Nicole Lecht of freshly Blended that introduced these modern iconic egg-like pots to me.

The fantasia disposable tableware set looks stunning. This modern kaleidoscope of color was designed by for Jackie Shapiro for French Bull. I would suggest using certain pieces but not all of them at once. You can go for a fuchsia tablecloth. You can make you own placemat with fuchsia paper sheets.

You can insert Teeny Dot buckets from The MacBeth Collection. Their pattern collections are very impressive. What is great with The MacBeth Collection is that you can add your girls’ initials and customize the patterns.

The buckets are great for the bar station. Get several sizes to serve large quantity of citrus fruits and smaller one for the cherries, olives, etc. Since these buckets are not designed for food consumption, insert either a glass jar or a parchment paper to serve any sliced fruits and vegetables. You can use the buckets to distribute candies or the party favors.

Buy online: Fun Dots Pink and Green Invitation at The Stationery Studio – price: $90 USD for 25 flat 6″ x 9″ invitations
Buy online: Karim Rashid: GroBal at Velocity Art & Design – price: $24 USD
Buy online: Karim Rashid: GroBal Baby – price: $15 USD
Learn more: 3 x4″ notebooks by ecojot – see their retailer listing
Buy online: French Bull Fantasia paper dessert plates at Plum Party – price: $4.75 USD for 8
Buy online: Buckets at The MacBeth Collection – starting at $25 for the bitsy, $35 for the midi
Via: freshly Blended