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Dotted Theme for a Girl Graduation Party


A mother wrote to me because she is looking for fun unique ideas for the graduation party of her daughters in May. They want polka dots for a theme with lots of bright spring colors!

I expanded on the polka dots theme for a trendier look. I went instead with fresh, bold patterns where dots are omnipresent. The final look is amusing and young.

Sharing Memories

The mother told me that the girls do not want the boring photo albums. A graduation party is a time to remember where you have been. So I will show you other ways to share memories.

For starter, I suggest spread across the room a series of notebooks with colored pens for people to write their thoughts and memories. An unlined notebook works the best for a party since people can draw or write their messages. Small notebooks are more practical because they are easier to carry around. Select a model that does not require a writing surface. As the girls will get older, they will be happy to have memorabilia of their graduation.

I chose recycled paper notebooks from a small Canadian design studio. The products of ecojot are widely available through retailers across Canada, the United States and in a few international stores. The illustrations I selected clearly convey spring and happiness.

Taking about memories, why not take the time to reflect of the past years without disrupting the path of the party. For that goes with a continuous playing slideshow on the TV during the party or install a screen with a projector. Let me explain the beauty of it.

I suggest a continuous play because your guests look at it when it pleases them. A set projection time always breaks the flow of a party. Trust me, it is a lot of more fun and it generates more interactions between the guests that way.

How to Make a Slideshow

Create a slideshow with the pictures that best illustrates their time at the school. It is more interesting to develop a story based on theme / interest instead of making a time based story. Include pictures from their friends.

Unless you make a DVD copy for their friends, do not bother about the music since it would interfere with the great music playing at the party. Create a slideshow that lasts 5 to 10 minutes. Typically, I leave 15 to 20 seconds between photos. Keep the transitions simple and use the same transition (two to the max).

My Design

Graduations, even from high schools, are a bridge between childhood and adulthood. The items I selected reflected that fact. I really like the Fun Dots Pink and Green Invitation.

The funky GroBal Pot designed by Karim Rashid keeps your house plants lush, green, and looking sharp. I suggest you make long rows. You can mix the small (baby) and the regular sizes. I like to thank Nicole Lecht of freshly Blended that introduced these modern iconic egg-like pots to me.

The fantasia disposable tableware set looks stunning. This modern kaleidoscope of color was designed by for Jackie Shapiro for French Bull. I would suggest using certain pieces but not all of them at once. You can go for a fuchsia tablecloth. You can make you own placemat with fuchsia paper sheets.

You can insert Teeny Dot buckets from The MacBeth Collection. Their pattern collections are very impressive. What is great with The MacBeth Collection is that you can add your girls’ initials and customize the patterns.

The buckets are great for the bar station. Get several sizes to serve large quantity of citrus fruits and smaller one for the cherries, olives, etc. Since these buckets are not designed for food consumption, insert either a glass jar or a parchment paper to serve any sliced fruits and vegetables. You can use the buckets to distribute candies or the party favors.

Buy online: Fun Dots Pink and Green Invitation at The Stationery Studio – price: $90 USD for 25 flat 6″ x 9″ invitations
Buy online: Karim Rashid: GroBal at Velocity Art & Design – price: $24 USD
Buy online: Karim Rashid: GroBal Baby – price: $15 USD
Learn more: 3 x4″ notebooks by ecojot – see their retailer listing
Buy online: French Bull Fantasia paper dessert plates at Plum Party – price: $4.75 USD for 8
Buy online: Buckets at The MacBeth Collection – starting at $25 for the bitsy, $35 for the midi
Via: freshly Blended

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    April 4, 2008 at 15:23

    A mother wrote to me because she is looking for fun unique ideas for the graduation party of her daughters in May. I went with fresh, bold patterns where dots are omnipresent. The final look is amusing and young. Plus I give you activity ideas.

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    Oh, this is very pretty!

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    Party Theme for a Graduation Party – take 2

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    hi everyone! i was just wondering if anyone had ideas for centrepieces for a graduation party for a masters level graduate. she has just graduated from teachers college. something cute but classy… any suggestions?

    thank you

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    Just wanted to let you know that I found a “typo” in the blog above. In the fourth paragraph, it is supposed to say thought but it says taught.