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Gold Gift Wrap Ideas from Shim + Sons

gold gift wrapping by shim + sons

gold gift wrapping by shim + sons

Don’t you love receiving a gift that’s impeccably wrapped? It’s almost like receiving two presents in one: a pretty package and the treat that’s inside it.

Coordinating your gift wrap with your holiday decor is an easy way to create a unified look in your space. Using a multitude of boldly colored patterns and prints can overwhelm the rest of your decorations, so keep it simple by sticking to one colorway.

In the Holiday issue of new digital magazine Gifted, designer Sally Shim of Shim + Sons shared simple packaging techniques using white and gold paper goods for an incredibly sophisticated look.

Gift Wrapping ideas by Sally Shim

Basic white boxes are wrapped with bands of vellum for a frosty feel; graphic patterns drawn with a ruler and a gold marker look especially modern. I also love the woven gold paper strips. It’s a clever play on the tartan trend that can easily be re-interpreted with other shades to match your decor. You can find instructions for all of Sally’s wrapping ideas in Gifted magazine. They made the cover page!

+ Gifted magazine
+ For boxes and containers, look at Paper Source and Creative Bag


Bring natural harmony to your home

ligting by Nicolette Brunklaus :: tableware at the conran shopAn enduring trend is the chic natural look. This style mixes modern design with icon of the wildlife.

The Shady Tree Lights designed by Nicolette Brunklaus from Amsterdam certainly portrays this style. Offer in six colors and three formats, you will find you to fit your space. You can achieve an overall rustic look by mixing the Log Hanging lamps with the Log Standing set. Folded Secret neatly catches your post and hides your keys.

February 6th, 2008 Update: I saw the Nicolette Brunklaus Lights at Lekker when I visited the store last week-end. The ceiling lamps are even more adorable in reality.

In the foyer, let your guests hang their coats on another Dutch design. Perfect for the urban crowd, the Rack Deer Park displays 3 über hip solid cast aluminum deer antlers.

The lesson here is that nature can be brought to a home while still infusing a designer look into the room.

Stylish tableware

Passing from the hall to the table, I went shopping at The Conran Shop for stylish modern tableware ideas.

The Blue Butterfly collection is particularly interesting due to big illustrations. The drawings vary from chargers, to the dinner plates up to the side plates. And you have a classic on your hands with the blue and white color scheme.

Bold and Gold

Gold accessories are a hot ticket right now. Made of porcelain with gold glaze, the Golden Teapot will prompt some compliments for sure. For a modern stylish cup, I would opt for the affordable Copper Inka Mug. I do not feel it would not look out of place at tea time, unless it is a formal event.

Continuing on the same theme, you could get the Gold Balance scale designed by Hannes Mayer for Mayerunthiele that I shown you last July.

+ Nicolette Brunklaus
+ Blue Butterfly dinnerware at The Conran Shop – starting at £22 for a side plate
+ Ceiling lamp – Shady Tree Collection by Nicolette Brunklaus at Lekker – starting at $450 USD
+ Rack Deer Park at Lekker – price: $88
+ Golden Teapot at The Conran Shop – price: £35
+ Inka Mug Copper at The Conran Shop – price: £9.95


Wedding gift ideas: Get inspired by Grand Designs 2007 awards

Kitchen scales, flatware and London Homes plates and mugs

Kitchen accessories are the typical wedding gifts. But why ones make the best wedding gifts?

Yesterday, I came across the 2007 design awards for the Best Cookware & Tableware Product compiled by Grand Designs magazine. I give you my top 3 choices.

Grand Design Awards 2007 winner

My first choice is the Balance scales designed by Hannes Mayer for Mayerunthiele. A Balance Kitchen Scale with porcelain bowl that rely only on gravity and a clever rocker to calculate the weight. The balance scale works without a battery or electrical power. Perfect if you attain a green wedding.

The kitchen scale is available in silver, graphite and gold. A high quality design red dot design award winner 2007, this kitchen scale is not an ordinary product. With a price tag of £129, the Mayerunthiele’s Balance scale is a beautifully designed practical gift. You can use the bowl for other cooking tasks and the balance can be wall mounted.

The finalists

My second wedding gift idea is a stylish flatware set. Maisy by Louise Jenkins for Habitat brings a unique look to any table. I really enjoy the beauty of the laser etched floral pattern onto 18/10 mirrored stainless steel cutlery. The design reflects on one the strongest current trends right now. A 16-piece cutlery set costs £139 at Habitat.

My third choice is the 1930s Modernist London Homes Plates and Mugs designed by Hannah Dipper and Robin Farquhar for People Will Always Need Plates. I prefer the new brighter colors to the original soft palette. This is a limited edition.

The collection includes six English bone china plates and six mugs illustrating the minimal beauty of white-rendered pre-war modern masterpieces across London. The mugs cost £10 each while the plates are £25 each. The store Eden and Eden in San Francisco carries the line.

Two dinnerware sets

Beautiful every day dinnerware are always appreciate by the happy couple. You sais that you cannot eat in higher quality dinnerware daily. You can consider Sophie Conran for Portmeirion. Since I bought a few pieces for myself, it is clear that I am a fan of Sophie Conran’s tableware.

The Denby China collection is crisp, simple and yet satisfyingly gorgeous. This collection will please couples that look for simple classic elegance on their table. A 16-piecedinner ware set costs £147 on regular price. You can also buy them by place setting.

Sophie Conran for Portmeirion and Denby China collection

About Grand Designs TV series and magazines

I am a huge fan of Kevin McCloud the British designer, writer and television presenter. He is interesting, charming and knowledgeable. Since 1998, Kevin works on Grand Designs, an amazing architecture and design show that chronicles the making of a house in one episode.

In Canada, we only were able to watch Grand Design Abroad, a spin off chronicles of properties outside the UK. Delightful to watch; I even convinced my husband to watch every episode with me. If a Canadian or American TV channel finally broadcasts this remarkable TV series, you will be hooked on Grand Designs too.

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Shop for: Maisy by Louise Jenkins for Habitat
Learn more: London Homes by Hannah Dipper and Robin Farquhar for People Will Always Need Plates
Shop for: 1930s Modernist London Homes Plates and Mugs at Eden and Eden in San Francisco
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Via: Grand Designs Magazine 2007 Awards