Bring natural harmony to your home

ligting by Nicolette Brunklaus :: tableware at the conran shopAn enduring trend is the chic natural look. This style mixes modern design with icon of the wildlife.

The Shady Tree Lights designed by Nicolette Brunklaus from Amsterdam certainly portrays this style. Offer in six colors and three formats, you will find you to fit your space. You can achieve an overall rustic look by mixing the Log Hanging lamps with the Log Standing set. Folded Secret neatly catches your post and hides your keys.

February 6th, 2008 Update: I saw the Nicolette Brunklaus Lights at Lekker when I visited the store last week-end. The ceiling lamps are even more adorable in reality.

In the foyer, let your guests hang their coats on another Dutch design. Perfect for the urban crowd, the Rack Deer Park displays 3 über hip solid cast aluminum deer antlers.

The lesson here is that nature can be brought to a home while still infusing a designer look into the room.

Stylish tableware

Passing from the hall to the table, I went shopping at The Conran Shop for stylish modern tableware ideas.

The Blue Butterfly collection is particularly interesting due to big illustrations. The drawings vary from chargers, to the dinner plates up to the side plates. And you have a classic on your hands with the blue and white color scheme.

Bold and Gold

Gold accessories are a hot ticket right now. Made of porcelain with gold glaze, the Golden Teapot will prompt some compliments for sure. For a modern stylish cup, I would opt for the affordable Copper Inka Mug. I do not feel it would not look out of place at tea time, unless it is a formal event.

Continuing on the same theme, you could get the Gold Balance scale designed by Hannes Mayer for Mayerunthiele that I shown you last July.

+ Nicolette Brunklaus
+ Blue Butterfly dinnerware at The Conran Shop – starting at £22 for a side plate
+ Ceiling lamp – Shady Tree Collection by Nicolette Brunklaus at Lekker – starting at $450 USD
+ Rack Deer Park at Lekker – price: $88
+ Golden Teapot at The Conran Shop – price: £35
+ Inka Mug Copper at The Conran Shop – price: £9.95

  • Kell
    January 29, 2008 at 09:39

    i’m not a “gold person” but that teapot is lovely!

  • At Home with Kim Vallee
    January 30, 2008 at 00:25

    Kell: I am not a gold person either. I guess we like this one because it is a darker shade of gold.