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Lucirmas Upcycles the Wine Bottle into a Table Set

pure bottle

pure bottle

Sometimes, you simply need to adapt the shapes of everyday objects to create new ones. If we omit the handmade process of the making, this is basically the visual approach of Lucirmas, a Barcelona-based glass studio. Lucirmas uses 100% recycled glass to create tableware.  Take for example, the Pure Bottle. Lucia Bruni imagined a cleverly designed 3-piece table set that is made from a single recycled wine bottle.

pure bottle 3 piece table set

After five steps (cutting, hand polishing, fusing, thermal tempering and sandblasting) what you get is a glass, a lantern and the most unusual spoon that I ever saw. I especially enjoy the look of the lantern.

The spoon is sure to be a conversation piece. But I feel that it could be awkward to eat with it. Is it just me? I guess that it is one of these things that you need to try before you are convinced.

recycled glass toothpick holder

On the end, they did a good job with their toothpick holder. It’s a fun, simple design!

For the moment, a small numbers of European retailers carry their products. But if you don’t mind the shipping fees, Lucirmas operates an international online store.

+ Pure Bottle €41 at Lucirmas
+ Toothpick €13 at Lucirmas
+ via MOCO LOCO on Facebook


My Must-Haves at Fish Eddy for Spring and Summer Entertaining

sunday brunch

party glasses like1959

Shown here: Party Glass $5 USD

Fish Eddy introduced a new line of party glasses that are simply too adorable to ignore. I imagine myself drinking juice or iced tea in any one of the 4 cheerful mod tumblers this summer.

I compiled the things I like for a cozy brunch at home from a metropolitan look to the girl ion the garden. I love the golden yellow of the egg tray holder.

sunday brunch

Shown here: Take 5 Dishtowel Pair $14.95 USD | Golden Egg Holder Tray $9.95 USD |  Milk Bottle Robin Egg 8 oz $6.95 USD | From the Charley Harper Collection designed by Todd Oldham for Fish Eddy School of Fish Tray $32.95 USD, Sunset Glass $5 USD Charley Harper Orange Fish Coupe Plate $14.95 USD |  Take 5 Mug $10.95 USD and plate

Shopping at Fish Eddy is definitively on my to-do list for my next trip to New York City. They are located on Broadway at 19th Street. If you do not live in New York, you can always shop at their online store.


Adorable Party Supplies at Shop Sweet Lulu

8 oz, round bottles for milk, limonade or other beverages

8 oz. round bottles for milk, chocolate milk lemonade or other beverages

If you wonder where to get these adorable small bottles that are so popular at baby showers and weddings, have a look at Shop Sweet Lulu on Etsy. They also carry the traditional French square bottles.

french square glass bottles and wooden taster spoons for ice cream

Shop Sweet Lulu also sells wooden ice cream spoons, dots and stripes birthday candles, nice striped straws, polka dot party cones and baking cups with cute festive patterns that you can use to serve candies, ice cream as well as cupcakes.

polka dot candy cups

If you need a large number, you may be better to buy your beverage bottles in bulk. I found the square bottles in different formats at SKS Bottle & Packaging.

+ 8 oz. Round Bottles, $12 USD for 4 at Shop Sweet Lulu
+ 8 oz. French Square Bottles with a black plastic cap, $16 USD for 4 at Shop Sweet Lulu
+ 8 oz. French Square Bottles without caps, $66.36 USD for 84 at SKS Bottle  & Packaging
+ Flat Wooden Ice Cream Taster Spoons $2 for 20 at Shop Sweet Lulu
+ Polka Dot Candy Cups $4 for 20 at Shop Sweet Lulu


Beverage Dispensers for Summer Entertaining

Horchow is a store where I could always find unique, stylish and practical entertaining supplies. Any of these four beverage dispensers would be great for serving spa water, ice teas and homemade lemonade. The warm colors of the ceramic beverage dispensers would mix well with a cottage setting, a beach party or a casual garden party. The 2.75 gallon beverage server is made of ceramic with a glass lid and plastic spigot.

If you are looking for something more classic, I found a clear glass dispenser that could save space on your drink station. The Triple Beverage Server is made of three containers. Therefore, you stack none, one or two containers on top of the bottom container. The top and middle dispensers hold 96 ounces each while the bottom dispenser holds 128 ounces.

beverage servers for outdoor entertaining at horchow and costco

You can display fruits, flowers or sea shells at the bottom of the two-gallon glass Square Beverage Dispenser. A cheaper option that is very practical is the plastic beverage dispenser with a separate container for the ice. A girlfriend bought one earlier this summer at Costco in Montreal. It works well. Naturally, it costs a little less at Costco but I wasn’t able to find it online. I need to go to Costco this week. I would tell you if they still carry it since I want one.

+ Ceramic Beverage Dispensers $65 USD at Horchow
+ Triple Beverage Server – currently on sale at $99.90 USD
+ Square Beverage Dispenser – currently on sale at $84.90
+ Three-gallon plastic dispenser $35


Poitras, 13 rue de l’univers Living Collection

servingware table linens by 13 de rue de l'univers by jean-claude poitras

servingware table linens by 13 de rue de l\'univers by jean-claude poitras

The first stand I visited at the SIDIM 2010 show was Poitras, 13 rue de l’univers. Jean-Claude Poitras presented at SIDIM his brand new collection of table linens, tableware, throws and home accessories. I love what I saw. And judging from the reactions of women visiting his booth, I do not think that I am alone.

This is the latest venture of Jean-Claude Poitras, a prolific designer from Quebec who started his career in the 1970’s as a fashion designer. After dressing women and men, he switched his interest to dressing our home in different ways. As I spoke to him, Poitras pointed out that home design can endure the passage of time and stay fresh. He gave me as an example the first plate he designed, in 1998, if I recalled well. He still enjoy eating in it after all these years.

glassware by poitras 13 rue de l\'univers

With his 13 rue de l’univers collection, Jean-Claude Poitras infused a cheerful element to each piece and yet the ensemble carries such a classic elegance. It’s form a whole but every piece has its own character.

server spoon by poitras 13 rue de l\'univers

The serving spoon that stays on the rim of the bowl is such a clever. I want one. A collection of candles in modern glass containers complete his home collection. He opted for casual chic table linens that are superb. These definitely feel timeless.

summer throws by poitras, 13 rue de l\'univers

The same beautiful colors and textiles that you put on your table are available in throws. My favorite ones are the chevron. If you are invited for a weekend at a cottage, make sure to bring one as a hostess gift. They will love it for cold nights, when they sit next to the fire pit.

The information is not all on his Web site but it should be there shortly. For now, selected retailers in Montreal carry the line. I hope that it will cross our borders. I do not recall the exact price but I know it is accessible. You can find his tableware collection at Les Touilleurs in Outremont, À table tout le monde on St-Paul Street West, Léo Victor (who is also at SIDIM) and Nautique International (located at the marina of the Old-Port).

+ Poitras, 13 rue de l’univers
+ SIDIM 2010 – up to May 29th, 2010


Summer Entertaining Finds at Ikea

new outdoor party accessories at ikea :: summer 2010 collection

new outdoor party accessories at ikea :: summer 2010 collection

What is great about shopping at Ikea for a party is that you can afford to buy the items in large quantity. Here are two finds that would be great for a summer party in your garden, at the beach or for a picnic in the park:

+ BARFOTA Hanging tealight holder $4.99 CAD for a pack of 2
+ SODA drinking straws $1.50 CAD for a pack of 200
+ HÄLSA Steel vacuum flask $8.99 CAD

For an ocean theme, look at their vibrant turquoise glassware and bowls.

turquoise glasses and bowls at ikea - summer 2010 collection

+ GODIS MIX Glasses $8.99 CAD for a pack of 6
+ BLANDA Serving bowls, available in assorted sizes from $1.99 to $9.99 CAD


Glass Beverage Bottles by Lifefactory

carry-on glass beverage bottle by lifefactory

carry-on glass beverage bottle by lifefactory

A glass bottle is ideal for liquid since it is cleaner and will not form an after-taste.  The silicone sleeve of the Lifefactory bottles protects the bottle by reducing the chance of breakage if it falls.

With a choice of 6 colors for the sleeve, each member of the family can easily identify which one is his/her. Plus, the silicone sleeve provides a tighter grip. A bottle holds 22 oz (650 ml). The best thing is that the bottle with the sleeve can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

All components are FDA-approved and are compliant with US, Canadian, and European safety standards. Naturally, I would not suggest them unless they were bisphenol-A (BPA) free, phthalate free, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) free.

Lifefactory’s glass beverage bottle $21.99 USD


Pastel Jewel Tone Tumblers for Easter

fleur de lys glasses for easter at anthropologie :: pastel tumblers

fleur de lys glasses for easter at anthropologie :: pastel tumblers

Whether you opt for mixing or matching pastel jewel hues, the end result will be a cheerful Easter. Generally, it is easier to achieve a more refined look if you use one or two colors. This year, it is easy with many retailers carrying exquisite tumblers.

victorian tumblers at pottery barn

You can select between the French and the English style:

  • Fleur de Lys Glasses $32 USD / $37.95 CAD at Anthropologie. Go for either the amber, green, pink or yellow tumblers.
  • Victorian tumblers $36 USD for 6 at Pottery Barn. Your options are pink, green, turquoise or yellow.

easter tabletop :: place setting ideas

Lastly, I  want you to notice how they tie the ribbon to put together the flatware. It is really cute!


Lesson In Style and Ambiance by Toast

toast rustic inspiration :: greek pot :: picardie duralex glasses

Everyday items can look awesome in the right setting. I love how Toast’s stylist team repurposed old newspaper as wallpaper and transformed old wooden boxes as storage on the wall. Keeping in mind that these angles were selected for their photographic value, it still shows that creativity and good design ideas, more than money, are essentials for any project.

Toast carries carefully selected food, tableware and kitchenware. But the range is deep enough to make it a must shopping for easy entertaining.

toast jams and marmalades :: colored glasses

The autumn edition of Toast catalog is filled with amazing shots like those. I am sure you will enjoy them. if you wander what they sell on those pictures, I listed the shown products.

For entertaining and organizing your kitchen:

+ toast jams and marmalades £4.95
+ linen herringbone napkin £7.50
+ coloured handblown glasses £25
+ duralex picardie glasses £9.50
+ handblown glasses £15.50
+ greek pot £39

toast hottie covers and velvet lined slippers

To make you feel good when you are sick:

+ flannel hottie cover £22
+ sloppy joe hottie cover £35
+ silk velvet hottie cover £35
+ satin quilted hottie £25
+ velvet lined slipper £59


Square Glass Beverage Dispensers by Cal-Mil

square glass beverage dispensers by cal-mil

I received several requests about the stylish square glass containers with the cucumber water that I shown you last June. I asked my friend Isabelle who works at Fairmont Hotels to find out where they bought it. She found that they are manufactured by Cal-Mil, a brand that cater the food service industry.

round and recycled glass beverage dispensers by cal-mil

Browsing their catalog, I also found more elegant beverage dispensers. Each beverage server has the ice cube insert that will not water down your drinks. They also carry an eco-friendly line made from recycled glass.

Budget between $390 and $420 USD which is not more expansive than a few beverage dispensers I showcased before. I do not know if they sell to the public.

+ Cal-Mil