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My Place: I Want One or Two Knitted Poufs

knitted pouf living room

Every year, I feel the same when the cold weather arrives. I want to fill my home with a warmth feeling. I crave for knitted throw and wool. Add to this, the fact that my son just started to crawl and you will understand my appeal for one or two knitted poufs. They are comfy as an occasional seat or a footrest. Plus, they do not take a lot of floor space. Finally, the soft edge of poufs made them safe and fun to play with for my baby. Continue Reading


Recycle Your Old Sweaters as Lampshades and Vase Covers

recycled-sweater lampshade and vase covers as seen on country living

my fall trend report for hgtv canada

I highlighted the knitted home decor trend on my fall trend report for Style Sheet by Since I live in a cold climate, I am naturally drawn to it. By adding a few knitted pieces, you can create beautiful cozy rooms where it feels good to live.

DIY Home Decorating Ideas

recycled-sweater lampshade and vase covers as seen on country living

You do not ned to buy things to integrate the trend on your home if you are a little bit crafty. Country Living proposed ways to transform worn-out sweaters into clever covers for lampshades, vases and cushions. Keep those projects in mind for home made housewarming gifts and Holiday gifts.

+ 6 Recycled-Sweater Crafts on Country Living
+ via Sage & Style and Design Hole


Bone and Cozy Cups by PMO Design

kiosk of pmo design at souk at sat

Last weekend was the seventh edition of Souk @ SAT. Every year, it is a chance to discover fantastic designers and artists. The smart thing about the Souk is that they rotate the exhibitors. Therefore, you do not see the same things year after year. The kiosks are simply made with one or two low white tables on which each exhibitor nicely displays their products.

Beautiful and practical cups

pmo design small bone and knitted cozy cups

I was looking for a porcelain or ceramic cup with a knitted cozy to drink my tea, a cappuccino and a small hot chocolate for a while now. There was always something that I did not like until I saw those.

The Bone and Cozy cups from PMO are well designed. The cozy is knitted with acrylic, which means that it goes in the washer and dryer. The form of the cup rim minimizes the cleaning. The cozy stays well in place. The exterior over the section covered by the cozy is a little bit abrasive. The bone cup goes to the dishwasher and is microwave oven safe. I used it for two days now. It is very comfortable in your hand. It is everything I ask you. A large version of Bone & Cozy is also available.

If you do not wish for a cozy, although I do not know why you will want to miss on this awesome feature, the Bone cup is available by itself. In that case, the exterior is all glazed.

Creamy Oga

pmo design products

Beside cups, PMO produces fun salt and pepper shakers. each set is made of a tall salt shaker with a short pepper shaker. But sizes and forms vary. Therefore, each pair is unique.

+ Bone and Cozy cup small $20 CAD, 3 for $55 (price at the Souk)
+ Bone small cup $12.50 CAD
+ Creamy Oga $20 CAD for the set

ALL occasions GIFT IDEAS

Reusable Coffee Sleeves to Save the Earth

reusable coffee sleeves :: cupkozy :: hip grip cup sleeve :: bentwood coffee cuff

When I bought my latte to go yesterday, I felt bad again for not having a recycled coffee sleeve. At least I could reuse for a few runs the cardboard sleeve I got at the coffee shop. But usually I finished my coffee while working or talking to someone, so I forget to keep it.

Today I am proud of myself because I acted. I bought three coffee sleeves on etsy. I went for the CupKozy II that is made of felt. I bought one in each accent color: orange, pink and green. I planned to carry two with me. I will keep the third one on reserve for when I need a tiny gift.

What I like about the one I selected is the key ring. Apparently once it is rolled up the coffee sleeve is about the size of lip balm tube.

Features to look for in a reusable coffee sleeve

  1. It is best to find a model that fits most 12, 16 and 20 oz. disposable coffee cups.
  2. To make sure you use it all the time, check that if it easy to carry around.
  3. Must be easy to clean

A cool option with a pocket

I saw the Hip Grip Cup Sleeve on Real Simple. The coolest thing about that is come with a pocket to store a few bills or the coffee club card. If you like to grab your java or tea after your jogging run in the park, I am sure you will appreciate the pocket.

Hip Grip Cup Sleeve is reversible with two fun prints. I did not buy it because I prefer a toned down pattern. As summer is arriving, I may wish I got a bolder fabric. For sure, the practicality is amazing.

An upscale version

The third one is a pure indulgence. You use it when you want to impress. Handmade with reclaimed architectural veneer offcuts, the Bentwood Coffee Cuff performs double duty. The concept is that you wear it as a bracelet once you finished your coffee. It is a good idea in principle. But every fashionable girl knows that wearing the same bracelet every day is out of the question. So you need to be more creative to carry the Bentwood Coffee Cuff around.

But the Bentwood Coffee Cuff is definitely the most stylish coffee sleeves I have seen so far. There are three wood veneers to chose from: bird’s eye maple, black walnut and benge.

This concept emerged from the design duo at Contexture Design. They are a design firm located in Vancouver, BC. Their unique products are sold online and at selected retailers in Canada, the United States, UK, Australia and Italy.

Buy online: CupKozy II in Heather Grey and Green by cupkozy on etsy – price: $7 USD
Buy online: Hip Grip Cup Sleeve at Solutions – price: $14.95 USD
Buy online: Bentwood Coffee Cuff by Contexture – price: $68 CAD
Learn more: Retail locations for Contexture Design products
Via: Coffee Cuff – ‘Wear your java jacket’ published on bookofjoe
Via: CupKozy II on Design Crush

ALL occasions GIFT IDEAS

Feeling cozy under the Christmas tree


Every year, Second Cup introduces a new holiday gift collection. Their catalogue is small and reflects trends. This year cozies and knitted bags share the spotlights.

If you are good at knitting and have the time, you can make your own. I am sorry that I did not find a pattern draft online but I guess it is not too hard to make if you have a teapot with you. Otherwise, make a gift set with a few mugs or a teapot from Second Cup, each with a removable cozy.

The cozy for the travel cup is more for aesthetic purposes but it looks so comfortable. If the gift recipients do not carry their own cup, why not knit a cozy for disposable cup? At least, there will be one less thing that they will throw away. And it is easy to carry in your purse all the time.

For wrapping your gifts, Second Cup proposes cute knits bags and fake leather magazine baskets. Because people will reuse the containers in their everyday life, these options are eco-friendly.

Learn more: Holiday catalogue at Second Cup