Bone and Cozy Cups by PMO Design

kiosk of pmo design at souk at sat

Last weekend was the seventh edition of Souk @ SAT. Every year, it is a chance to discover fantastic designers and artists. The smart thing about the Souk is that they rotate the exhibitors. Therefore, you do not see the same things year after year. The kiosks are simply made with one or two low white tables on which each exhibitor nicely displays their products.

Beautiful and practical cups

pmo design small bone and knitted cozy cups

I was looking for a porcelain or ceramic cup with a knitted cozy to drink my tea, a cappuccino and a small hot chocolate for a while now. There was always something that I did not like until I saw those.

The Bone and Cozy cups from PMO are well designed. The cozy is knitted with acrylic, which means that it goes in the washer and dryer. The form of the cup rim minimizes the cleaning. The cozy stays well in place. The exterior over the section covered by the cozy is a little bit abrasive. The bone cup goes to the dishwasher and is microwave oven safe. I used it for two days now. It is very comfortable in your hand. It is everything I ask you. A large version of Bone & Cozy is also available.

If you do not wish for a cozy, although I do not know why you will want to miss on this awesome feature, the Bone cup is available by itself. In that case, the exterior is all glazed.

Creamy Oga

pmo design products

Beside cups, PMO produces fun salt and pepper shakers. each set is made of a tall salt shaker with a short pepper shaker. But sizes and forms vary. Therefore, each pair is unique.

+ Bone and Cozy cup small $20 CAD, 3 for $55 (price at the Souk)
+ Bone small cup $12.50 CAD
+ Creamy Oga $20 CAD for the set

  • Indigonat
    December 15, 2009 at 13:47

    I will buy some for home! Great to drink Hot chocolate after skiing or skating. I guess I will also do like you and drink my tea in it. Cute!

  • indigonat
    December 19, 2009 at 16:01

    On my way to get 6 of these super Bone and Cosy Cups for my hot chocolates and tea

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