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Three Bubbly Cocktails for New Year’s Eve

champagne cocktails

champagne cocktails

Instead of serving a glass of Champagne, you can serve Champagne cocktails. You can either use real Champagne or a sparkling wine. We found that the Roederer Estate Brut NV from California is a wonderful substitute to the real thing. A versatile Champagne is the Veuve Clicquot.

The Kitchn shared three bubbly cocktails. Their Pear-Cranberry Champagne calls for an optional dash of orange bitters. For next time, I found two online sources; one in Canada and in the United States.

Champagne Bar for New Year’s Eve: Three Bubbly Cocktails on The Kitchn
+ For Canadians: Fee Brothers Orange Bitters $ 7.99 CAD
+ For Americans: Fee Brothers Orange Bitters $6.99 USD


The Bubbly Bar | Book Review

naughty negroni drink recipe :: the bubbly bar by maria c. hunt

naughty negroni drink recipe :: the bubbly bar by maria c. hunt

In her book, The Bubbly Bar, Maria C. Hunt shared a vast assortment of champagne and sparkling wine cocktail recipes. I just bought the book; I did not have time to yet to try her recipes. With the wedding season, I think that many of you would like options to serve a bubbly concoctions.

One section of her book that I am sure you will not want to miss for entertaining this summer is the dessert corner. She proposed seven refreshing desserts make with Champagne or sparkling wines. A Lemon Ice transforms lemon sorbet into an elegant, grown-up dessert by adding Prosecco, vodka and a mint leaf to garnish. Otherwise, the Grapefruit Vanilla Granita made with brut rosé sparkling wine sounds divine to end a Sunday brunch.

If you are not familiar with Champagne and sparkling wines, Maria wrote an effective guide at the end of her book. To give you an idea of the type of cocktail recipes you will on her book, I scoured the Web and found the recipe of her Naughty Negroni on Canadian House and Home. The recipe of her Pure Passion drink recipe is published on the

About the Naughty Negroni Drink Recipe

As you can guess from the name, it is a twist on the classic Negroni. Although at first glance, I thought that is was similar to a Negroni Sbagliato that I introduced last year. But after checking, it’s quite different. A Naughty Negroni is made with 4 measures of Moscato d’Asti Sparkling Wine, a top-quality sparkling wine from the Piedmont region. Moscato d’Asti is superior and less sweet than Asti or Asti Spumante but make no mistakes, Moscato d’Asti is a sweet wine. She also keeps a half measure of gin from the classic Negroni recipe. A Negroni Sbagliato simply replaces the measure of gin by a measure of a Prosecco Brut (dry).

If you do not recall, the classic Negroni is one measure of gin, one measure of Campari, one measure of sweet vermouth (red vermouth) served with an orange slice. I prefer the tall Negroni where you pour some soda water over your Negroni. I usually will ask for a chaser of soda water because it is hard enough for most restaurants to serve a decent Negroni. The idea to try it with sparkling wine is appealing.

+ For Americans: The Bubbly Bar by Maria C. Hunt $11.55 USD [affiliate link]
+ For Canadians: The Bubbly Bar by Maria C. Hunt $15.87 USD [affiliate link]
+ Naughty Negroni recipe


Happy New Year! And my new Favorite Champagne

toasting new year with moet and chandon nectar imperial rose

toasting new year with moet and chandon nectar imperial rose

I do not wait for New Year’s Day to drink Champagne.  As with any wine, the taste is diversified which is why I like to try new Champagne.

Amongst the few Champagne I tasted in 2009, the Moët & Chandon Nectar Impérial Rosé seduced me. It is the latest rosé in the Moët & Chandon’s collection. It has a wonderfully intense and fruity flavor. The pink color is beautiful. I will buy it again when I go back to the States since the SAQ doesn’t carry it.

On that note, I wish you a very Happy New Year! I wish that your life in 2010 will be filled with health, love, peace and joy.

+ photos: Moët & Chandon


Touch and Feel of Karim Rashid’s Globalight Champagne Cooler


I introduced last April this exquisite Champagne cooler. I got the chance to see many in person at the Interior Design Show of Toronto. Do not look in the exhibit; it was only accessible to VIP guests.

I have the chance to be a good friend of Harry Wakefield, the founding editor of MoCo Loco. If you recalled, Harry was one of the 3 bloggers invited on a Design Trends by the Minute panel at the show.

Not only did I drink a superb rose Champagne (pink) but I got the complete demonstration on how works the coolest cooler on Earth. This unique piece of technology is an avant-garde interpretation of the French candelabra. This explains why the cooler illuminates thanks to rechargeable battery.

Globalight retails for about $800 if I am not mistaken. But do not rush to the store; the Globalight cooler is only available in Europe.


In the shadow (bottom picture), you see a guy taken a picture. This is Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan of Apartment Therapy. Look at some of his pictures on Maxwell’s highlights of IDS 2009.

Go see more pictures of the VIP lounge and bar on a photo album of AHWKV’s page on Facebook.

+ Globalight for Veuve Clicquot


Karim Rashid Lights Up Veuve Clicquot Champagne with Globalight

globalight by karim rashid for veuve clicquot

For a second year in a row, Veuve Clicquot asked Karim Rashid to design a limited edition product for the brand. Only 500 Globalights have been produced for a worldwide distribution. This is something for the rich and famous.

Remembering the Loveseat

The first time, Karim Rashid updated the 18th-century French armchair with a modern pink loveseat for Veuve Clicquot. Karim opposed two flower petal shaped seats. When you examine them after the fact, they could have been inspired by eggs too. At the center, a classic Clicquot yellow ice bucket ensures that sip your glass of champagne at the right temperature.

What is Globalight?

This time, Karim Rashid engineered a new champagne holder. The asymmetrical ovaloid illuminates the bottle. In fact, you do not know which one is more precious. The object is sensual, pink and divine. I love it! Karim explained his creative process:

“When Veuve Clicquot asked me to design a new project for their champagne, to continue the sensual integration of the immaterial and the material as I had done with the Loveseat, I immediately drew an elliptical scribble around the VC rose bottle as if to denote the intent – this is what I must do – and thought how could I bring light and champagne together? – and suddenly realized my scribble was the idea in itself – ‘surround the bottle with illumination’ – embrace the bottle with a dynamic energetic magnetism – encapsulate the bottle with warmth, so I literally made an elliptical object and designed Globalight – like a purse, or a handbag, the ovaloid vignettes the champagne – lights it, glorifies it, and embraces the fabulous pleasurable experience of drinking my favorite champagne. Salut”

A Splurge

At a suggested retail price $4500 a piece this ultimate luxury comes with innovative technology. For example, the light can be on for 2 hours without heating your precious drink. Unless my husband wins the lottery, this will not be my birthday present.

If you wish to experience Globalight in the United Stated, you will need to shop at W Hotels The Store and eCliquot.

Via: Veuve Clicquot Globalight – 04.15.08 on Notcot


Have a taste of my Valentine’s Day

happy valentine\'s day : la porte restaurant : billecart-salmon champagne : frog prince at red envelop

To conclude my series on Valentine’s Day this year, I thought of leaving you with inspirational shots. I will also share with my plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day.


The food is from the La Porte restaurant on Saint-Laurent Street in Montreal. I took these pictures last October. The oysters tasting plate was amazing.

Restaurant La Porte is a story of love. First of all this is a small French restaurant run by a couple. Thierry et Pascale Rouyé had a restaurant in France before they moved to Canada. These long-time restaurateurs have transmitted their love affairs to their son who is a sous-cook under his Chef father.

The restaurant is named La Porte because they imported a stunning wooden door that they saw while visiting Morocco. It is the focal point of their restaurant.

Finally the attention to details and simply hearing them talking about their dishes indicate that food is a true passion for them. I recommend you try La Porte the next time you fancy upscale French cooking.


As a truly glamorous girl, I am fond of Champagne. What happens with Champagne is that there are a lot of smaller producers. The average consumer does not realize it because the government regulated liquor stores typically carry the big names. When we went to Los Angeles, we bought a bottle from a brand that is not available here. It is really interesting to experience the differences in bubbles and taste.

I did not know at the time that a select a champagne from a champagne house that was born out of the wedding of Nicolas François Billecart and Elizabeth Salmon.

Tonight, we will drink a 1998 Cuvée Elizabeth Salmon Brut Rosé from the Billecart-Salmon champagne house. Just reading this poetry from Billecart-Salmon built up my expectations for tonight:

This vintage stands out for its amazing coppery-pink glints underscored by an outstanding string of pearls and a lasting but fine and delicate mousse.

How do I plan to celebrate Valentine Day with my prince?

Our vintage champagne bottle can accompany a huge array of superb dishes from poultry to a delicate red fruits dessert. I will stop by the French bakery this afternoon to pick up a red fruit mousse cake. My husband and I will pick up sushi on our way back from work. I will lay down large cushions around the coffee table and we will eat in front of the fireplace.

Talking on my prince charming, I saw this cute Frog Prince at Red Envelop. My husband has never been an ugly frog but I never imagined when I first met him that he would be The Love of My Life. A long story so it would be for another time.

I wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Valentine’s Day! Share the love. It is free and it makes the world a better place to live.

Learn more: Restaurant La Porte
Learn more: Billecart-Salmon
Buy online: Frog Prince at red Envelop – price: $58 USD


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2008 with La Grande Dame Vintage champagne

Dear Readers,

I hope that all your dreams come true in 2008. In any event, I wish you Health, Joy and Happiness.
Happy New Year!


1998 Vintage of La Grande Dame

I spot this gorgeous Couture Gift Box of La Grande Dame. If you are looking for a splurge for the hostess, this gift set is a sure way to get invited again next year.

To celebrate the launch of the 1998 vintage, Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin created a brand new Haute Couture packaging.

Buy online: 1998 Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame at – price: $155.99 for 750 ml
Buy online: 1998 Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame Rose at – price: $294.89 for 750 ml



Gender neutral schemes| 3 blogs and a mood board – 2007.12.03 edition

design crush :: home by sunset :: notcot

I am pleased to feature two blogs I never spoke of. And it seems that brown is the color of my weekly mood board.

1 | Design Crush

In her resourceful blog, Kelly talked about Garnish, a great source to make your own gift packaging for food. Garnish supplies the basic materials and you personalize the look to fit your style and the occasion.

Garnish a Mid-Winter’s Day made the cut of mood board but they showcased more ideas on their Web site. A source to remember for wrapping your holiday baking and party favors.

2 | Home by Sunset

The team behind Sunset spotlighted a fall themed tabletop done by Rosanna Bowles, the founder of Rosanna Inc. You already know that I like Rosanna’s plates. With a dinnerware name like Famille A Table (French for Family at the table), it is so appropriate for everyday of the year, not just for holidays.

I like the tabletop design except for the wrongly placed cup and saucer. The picture demonstrated why I am a strong believer of not putting the cup and saucer right away. If you do so, the table always looks too crowded. And since the cup and saucer goes to the right, not the left, they will interfere with the glasses during the dinner. Bottom line, putting the cups and saucers on the table before the dessert course is both impractical and uncomfortable.


The Mumm’s Expedition Kit would be a wonderful holiday gift for the man in your life. And what is more fun is that you will probably be invited to drink Champagne. G.H. Mumm produces the expedition kit in a deluxe version (show here) and a lightweight version.

British designer Bill Amberg designed the leather bags. Do not be fool by the vintage look, these bags are high tech. The lower half forms an insulated compartment to keep your bottle cool for up to 12 hours assuming you put previously the bottle in the freezer.

Both versions come with a small leather tray and two unbreakable flutes. The deluxe kit includes expedition essentials like a compass and a silk map of Reims. G.H. Mumm may not be my favorite champagne but these gift sets please me a lot.

Buy online: Party supplies and food packaging at Garnish
Buy online: Famille A Table at Rosanna – price:$60 USD for 4 square scalloped plates
Learn more: G.H. Mumm Expedition kit