Have a taste of my Valentine’s Day

happy valentine\'s day : la porte restaurant : billecart-salmon champagne : frog prince at red envelop

To conclude my series on Valentine’s Day this year, I thought of leaving you with inspirational shots. I will also share with my plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day.


The food is from the La Porte restaurant on Saint-Laurent Street in Montreal. I took these pictures last October. The oysters tasting plate was amazing.

Restaurant La Porte is a story of love. First of all this is a small French restaurant run by a couple. Thierry et Pascale Rouyé had a restaurant in France before they moved to Canada. These long-time restaurateurs have transmitted their love affairs to their son who is a sous-cook under his Chef father.

The restaurant is named La Porte because they imported a stunning wooden door that they saw while visiting Morocco. It is the focal point of their restaurant.

Finally the attention to details and simply hearing them talking about their dishes indicate that food is a true passion for them. I recommend you try La Porte the next time you fancy upscale French cooking.


As a truly glamorous girl, I am fond of Champagne. What happens with Champagne is that there are a lot of smaller producers. The average consumer does not realize it because the government regulated liquor stores typically carry the big names. When we went to Los Angeles, we bought a bottle from a brand that is not available here. It is really interesting to experience the differences in bubbles and taste.

I did not know at the time that a select a champagne from a champagne house that was born out of the wedding of Nicolas François Billecart and Elizabeth Salmon.

Tonight, we will drink a 1998 Cuvée Elizabeth Salmon Brut Rosé from the Billecart-Salmon champagne house. Just reading this poetry from Billecart-Salmon built up my expectations for tonight:

This vintage stands out for its amazing coppery-pink glints underscored by an outstanding string of pearls and a lasting but fine and delicate mousse.

How do I plan to celebrate Valentine Day with my prince?

Our vintage champagne bottle can accompany a huge array of superb dishes from poultry to a delicate red fruits dessert. I will stop by the French bakery this afternoon to pick up a red fruit mousse cake. My husband and I will pick up sushi on our way back from work. I will lay down large cushions around the coffee table and we will eat in front of the fireplace.

Talking on my prince charming, I saw this cute Frog Prince at Red Envelop. My husband has never been an ugly frog but I never imagined when I first met him that he would be The Love of My Life. A long story so it would be for another time.

I wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Valentine’s Day! Share the love. It is free and it makes the world a better place to live.

Learn more: Restaurant La Porte
Learn more: Billecart-Salmon
Buy online: Frog Prince at red Envelop – price: $58 USD

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