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New Cards and Notebooks by Cartolina Cards

cartolina notebooks :: white swan and blue lotus notebook

cartolina les modes notebook and happy birthday card

Fiona Richards is known for her unique style. I love what she does. Therefore, I am happy to introduce the new collection of Cartolina greeting cards and notebooks. I only selected a few. So make sure to check out her entire collection because it is exquisite.

Fashion Theme

cartolina baroque fashion cards

This time, Fiona was definitely inspired by the fashion history of France. Her variation on Baroque fashion is splendid. It allows her to display burst of colors in a refined way. It is one of the rare occasions where I will suggest that you buy a kit.

More Florals and Nature Themes

cartolina notebooks :: white swan and blue lotus drawings

If you wish to give a little something to a girl friend, you can match your card with a notebook.  You could mix the White Swan notebook and the Blue Lotus notebook to create an ensemble.

It’s OK to think outside the box when you select a greeting card. For example,the Lucky You card could be used to wish Happy Birthday! to a kid or for a Baby Shower.

In case you did not know, Cartolina produces environmentally reponsible paper products. Their recycled paper cards are printed with vegetable based inks. Their printer was named Most Environmentally Progresive Printer in Canada for the last 5 years at the Environmental Printing Awards.

+ Cartolina Notebook $5.98 USD, Card $3.49 at Modern Paper Goods
+ Store Locator for Cartolina Cards


The Red Mittens of Vancouver 2010 on Cafe Cartolina

The Great Canadian Mitten Giveaway on Cafe Cartolina

The Great Canadian Mitten Giveaway on Cafe Cartolina

There are things in life that you regret to not have bought sooner. The perfect example are the red mittens of Vancouver 2010. I saw a girl wearing them 10 days ago on the street just next to The Bay and thought I should go inside to get mine. Then, I forgot. But now, it is almost impossible to find them, at least in adult size.

I would like to wear them during the Olympics to show my support to the Canadian athletes. Plus, I love the Winter Olympics. Now, with the shortage of stock, this $10 item is now more desirable.

This is why I am sharing with you a giveaway that is going on all week on Cafe Cartolina where you have a chance to win your own pair. Fiona took nice pictures and made a nice illustration for her event. All you have to do to participate is to post a comment where you tell me one thing you know about Canada. It is day 2 and there are already 155 entries.

+ Click here for more details or to enter the Great Canadian Mitten Giveaway on Cafe Cartolina.


Latest Releases at Cartolina Cards + Introducing GreetQ

birthday and keep in touch cards by cartolina cards

I adore the unique design of Cartolina Cards. Each time, I gave one of of her cards, I get a positive reaction.

Have a look at some of her latest card releases. You now put some of her best selling designs on notebooks.

One Stop to Send Handwritten Message Cards

You can buy them online on GreetQ. This online store provides a practical delivery service. You can provide the inside message that can be typewritten or handwritten and they will ship your card anywhere in Canada and the United States.

An handwritten message card sent to the United States will cost you $8.41. Add 50 cents for delivery in Canada. You save $1 if you opt for a printed inside message instead of an handwritten one.

offensive+delightful birthday cards at GreetQ

Other card makers are available on GreetQ. The catalogue is diverse. Take Offensive + Delightful; it is a totally different style. Their humour is not for everyone. I will talk about their line another time.

+ Cartolina Recycled Notebooks $4 USD each
+ Cartolina Greeting Cards $5 USD each
+ Offensive + Delightful Cards $4.25 USD


Old Meets New in the Exotic Collages by Cartolina Cards

greeting cards, note cards, mini cards by cartolina cards

The owner and designer of Cartolina Cards, Fiona Richards sent me a wonderful set of card samples. These greeting cards invite us to a multicultural trip through the centuries that wraps up in a fresh, modern twist.

Ancient Meets Contemporary

You catch influences of ancient cultures, especially India in the work of this independent design studio from British Colombia, Canada.

Fiona Richards grew up in Scotland. Her grandparents were dealers in old world Indian textiles. She often visited her uncle who was an illustrator. So it is not surprising that Fiona Richards successfully interacts with vintage patterns and infuses them with a modern distinctive look.

A pattern is printed on the front and the back of the cards. Therefore, these cards feel luxurious. Whether you are looking for a Have a Beautiful Birthday card, to transmit a Bravo, to forward your Best Wishes, to send Many Thanks, to celebrate Love in Wedding Wishes, check out their one of a kind catalogue at selected retailers across Canada, United States and Australia.

Eco-friendly Cards

Better yet, these gorgeous and uniquely original cards are eco-friendly. They are printed on FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified recycled papers, printed with vegetable / soy based inks. Their printer was named Most Environmentally Friendly Printer in Canada at the 2006 and 2007 Environmental Printing Awards.

The retailer catalogue of Cartolina Cards that I received shows 58 models of greeting cards, 18 note cards and 37 mini cards. Note cards are sold in single or box of 8. Mini cards are sold individually or as a six pack.

>>> Sourcing:
Learn more: Cartolina Cards – retailers list on their Web site
Buy online: Cartolina Greeting Cards at Tansu, a few models only – price: $5 USD