Latest Releases at Cartolina Cards + Introducing GreetQ

birthday and keep in touch cards by cartolina cards

I adore the unique design of Cartolina Cards. Each time, I gave one of of her cards, I get a positive reaction.

Have a look at some of her latest card releases. You now put some of her best selling designs on notebooks.

One Stop to Send Handwritten Message Cards

You can buy them online on GreetQ. This online store provides a practical delivery service. You can provide the inside message that can be typewritten or handwritten and they will ship your card anywhere in Canada and the United States.

An handwritten message card sent to the United States will cost you $8.41. Add 50 cents for delivery in Canada. You save $1 if you opt for a printed inside message instead of an handwritten one.

offensive+delightful birthday cards at GreetQ

Other card makers are available on GreetQ. The catalogue is diverse. Take Offensive + Delightful; it is a totally different style. Their humour is not for everyone. I will talk about their line another time.

+ Cartolina Recycled Notebooks $4 USD each
+ Cartolina Greeting Cards $5 USD each
+ Offensive + Delightful Cards $4.25 USD

  • Design Lovely
    February 20, 2009 at 14:34

    How pretty!