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I Want: DIY Play Kitchen for a Boy

play kitchen for a boy

My husband can vouch how much I am dreaming about a play kitchen for our son. Most play kitchens on the market are too girly or won’t nicely fit in our home design. Which is why I want to create my own. I found my starting point for inspiration.

Ethan’s mom Becky designed a fabulous play kitchen for his little boy. Her DIY play kitchen is full on details and realistic functionalities. A magnet keeps the oven door closed while a motion sensor light turns on when the door is opened. Awesome! Continue Reading


Mood Board: From a Nursery to a Toddler Boy Room

mood board for a toddler boy bedroom

mood board for a toddler boy bedroom

My son will be 16 months old next week. I can’t believe how time flies. He becomes a little boy more and more every day. He started to show signs of independence. We went to dinner twice  last week at Bistro Japonais Furusato, our favorite friendly neighbourhood  Japanese restaurant. Zack savoured everything we gave him. I guess that it pays off that we ate there once or twice a week while I was pregnant.

The reason why I mentioned the growth of my son is that, soon, I will need to update the decor from a nursery to a toddler bedroom.

My Design Plan, So Far

I won’t start from scratch since I will reuse his crib bedding. We bought a convertible crib with a toddler rail for that reason. Therefore, I look for accessories that will go with his Owl crib set by Dwell Studio and his fir stand green walls (P5036-41 by Para Paints). His space monster wall decals will go away; my son already removed several characters anyway.

I wanted a theme than would grow with his interests. Zack currently likes trucks. I came up with city life. It provides me with many options and chances for reinterpretation. There will be elements of nature, buildings and transportation. The theme came to me when I started looking for a growth chart. I felt in love with Petit Collage fabric City Growth Chart. I already hung it on the wall. I like the subtle tension between the modern drawings of his conforter and the vintage vibe of the ABC poster transportation by Petit Collage.

I also want to add orange touches. He likes that color. I bought him this adorable Fox plush by a small Montreal brand called Velvet Moustache. Just by the way he hugged it, I know that I am on the right track. It is also important to not confine my choices to kids stuff. I might add the VILMIE RUTA Cushion because I like the mod African pattern.

I estimate that my boy will be ready to move to a toddler by this fall. This is when I will put everything together. I will continue to keep you posted on the development. I still need to find him drapes, small furniture and more accessories. In the meantime, you can revisit old posts about kid bedrooms.

Disclaimer: When I told them that I was working on a story for my son bedroom, Petit Collage nicely agreed to send me for free the fabric City Growth Chart and a framed ABC Transportation poster. I was not able to find the growth chart at a Canadian store. Thanks again, Petit Collage!



Introducing Parson Gray: New Fabrics by the Husband of Amy Butler

curious nature parson gray

curious nature parson gray

David Butler, the husband of the well-known fabric designer Amy Butler, will launch shortly his own line of fabrics. David is the man behind Amy’s photography and graphic design. They worked together since 1992. Curious Nature is his first collection of quilting/fashion and home décor fabrics for Westminster/FreeSpirit.

curious nature fabric collection by parson gray

Amy described his collection as his folk modern interpretation of natural elements weaving together a balance of hand-drawn patterns inspired by Japanese indigo and mid-century fine art. Curious Nature is divided in 3 groupings: Rare Earth, Ocean and Mineral.

rare earth by parson gray

The collage  and groupings make you appreciate how you could mix and match the patterns. The muted colors he used are soothing and energetic. Curious Nature has a good mix of manly and gender neutral patterns, which speaks to me since I live with two boys. The Home Décor line will be larger prints on weight cotton. The line will be available this winter. I will keep my eye open since I need to reupholster a chair that sits in my living room.

ocean by parson gray

Ocean is filled with various blues and greens while the Mineral series is made of tone of bone, smoke, silver and dark grey (or black, I am not sure).

mineral series by parson gray

The Parson Gray’s Website is not ready yet. In the meantime, you can like Parson Gray on Facebook.



Yeehaw! Cool Cowboy Birthday Party

cowboy birthday party kids boys dessert table

cowboy birthday party kids boys dessert table

When it comes to planning super stylish parties, sometimes boys get the short end of the stick. But little dudes deserve clever little details too, and there’s no shortage of them in this cool cowboy birthday party designed by Lovely Little Parties.

A broader theme can be easier to execute because it allows more room for creativity, and ensures it won’t lose any of its charm over time. The cowboy connection is an obvious one in the photos, but there are also “Wild West” touches in the customized “Wanted” poster of the birthday boy and handmade “Sheriff” badges.

cowboy birthday part kids boys poster

Classic red and blue gingham fabric on the tables and on the take-home jars of cowboy cookie mix create a punchy party palette that’s balanced with neutral materials like burlap, twine and brown kraft paper. A wooden crate does double duty as a cake stand for the adorable farm cake, while keeping it just out of reach of a stampede of little party-goers. Paper cut-out horseshoes are adorable accents on stamped paper loot bags and threaded on twine as an alternative to popular bunting garland (as seen in top photo).

cowboy birthday party kids boys favors

cowboy birthday party kids cookies mason jar

Check out Somewhere Splendid for more photos of this Western themed party and vendor information.

+ Party by Lovely Little Parties, via Somewhere Splendid
+ Photos by Melanie Mauer


Paper Airplane 1st Birthday Party Theme

paper plane birthday party table

paper plane birthday party table

Had your fill of princess parties and superhero soirées? This charming, cheerful first birthday party uses bright colors and customized, inexpensive invitations and printables to help a paper airplane theme take flight.

Clever wording and simple graphics on the invitation, designed by Paper And Pigtails, are the starting point for this party theme.

The hostess, Amy of Buggie and Jelly Bean, packed loot bags decorated with luggage tags inside a paper suitcase, which helped to organize the table. Other suitcases, perched on upside-down empty flower pots, hold pilot loot bag essentials like plastic aviator sunglasses and airline wing pins.

paper place birthday party invite loot bag

Small food marker signs play up the paper airplane motif with snacks named to fit the overall party theme.

paper place birthday party cookies

paper place birthday food signs

Check out the Paper and Pigtails Etsy shop for more creative party themes and coordinating printables.

+ Printable Paper Airplane Invitation $15 USD at PaperandPigtails on Etsy
+ Real party: Paper Airplane First Birthday from the Paper and Pigtails blog


Christmastime Block Puzzle | Etsy finds

Christmastime Block Puzzle tree and owls

Christmastime Block Puzzle tree and owls

Last night, I had to refrain myself from buying these awesome Christmastime Block Puzzle by Tiny Giraffe for my baby to-be. The tree and owl theme goes well with the nursery bedding I bought this weekend. But since we will be in the middle of our renovations, there will be no Christmas decorations for us this year. My husband suggested that I wait until next year. Although it breaks my heart, I know that he is right.

Christmastime Block Puzzle :: christmas tree and rudoph

It’s something to put on your Holiday shopping list if you need a cute educational and inexpensive toy for toddlers. The 4 blocks will produce 6 bright, festive images. The set arrives inside a ready-to-give packaging. For $4 more, add a personalized drawstring bag to store the block puzzles.

Christmastime Block Puzzle :: bird by tiny giraffe

You may recall that I introduced two adorable block sets by Tiny Giraffe earlier. I still plan to order mine once the renovations are completed. Especially now that a reader, who received the two sets of Zoo blocs that she ordered, told me that the blocks are super cute.

+ Christmastime Block Puzzle by Tiny Giraffe $14 USD on Etsy


A Sublime Cowboy Party for a Little Boy Second Birthday

country western 2nd birthday party

country western 2nd birthday party

Chrissy, the mom of a boy who turned two years old, did an amazing job planning his cowboy theme birthday party. She created a total experience with toy ponies, bindle sticks, BBQ, bales of hay, plaid tablecloths and cowboy hats for girls and boys.

She clearly organized a big feast for the kids and their parents. You will find clues on how to recreate a similar country western birthday party for your little boy at Hostess with the Mostess.

+ photos: Super Kimagery
+ via Hostess with the Mostess


Sailing Theme for a Little Boy Birthday

sailing party theme :: fishing rods of goldfish crackers and saltwater taffy filled boats

sailing party theme :: fishing rods of goldfish crackers and saltwater taffy filled boats

Mary wrote to me about the cute sailing theme party that she did for the birthday of her toddler son. With several simple craft projects, she was able to design everything from scratch. She did not stop with the room decor, her food packaging plays a part of her theme. Have a look at her little fishing rods of goldfish crackers and the saltwater taffy filled sailboats for the adults.

sailor outfits :: personalized hats and t-shirts

All the kids received a personalized sailor outfit that they wore during the party. Some kids further decorated their sailor hat with stickers. Dressing up the kids make the photo booth session more memorable.

sailing party pennants

Besides hanging a fabric and felt pennant under the porch (or inside her home), she installed cut paper sailboats under the sun umbrella.

sailboats on the sea cupcakes

A fun and inexpensive idea was the paper waves that Mary attached to the kitchen counter. You could use that idea on a buffet table. The waves complement her sailboats on the sea cupcakes.

Bravo Mary! You successfully created a beautiful sailing birthday theme.


Yellow and Black Monster Truck Party for a Third Birthday

monster truck birthday party tabletop for a third birthday

monster truck birthday party tabletop for a third birthday

It’s no secret that little boys love monster trucks. When Jennifer Shields of Posh Tot Events received the mandate to plan a fabulous Monster Truck party for the third birthday of a little boy, she made sure the party would be memorable. She succeed! The small details are everywhere.

cupcake stands and lollipops for a monster truck party

Jennifer infused the spirit of the theme in many ways. I like the way she decorated the cake stand with a wheel. And who could resist those lovely monster truck cupcakes?

monster truck cupcakes

Even for a kids birthday party, it is important to set the table properly before the event. As people entered the room, the tabletop design sets the tone. I like how she decorated the back of the chairs with checked flags.

monster truck party labels and party favors

This was an outdoor party. They rented an inflatable play center with a big truck at the top. How cool is that for kids?

+ Monster Truck party at Posh Tot Events
+ Photos by Kristen Alexander Photographer


A Boy Bedroom Shows that Small is Beautiful

boy bedroom in a closet

boy bedroom in a closet

Jordan of Oh Happy Day shared the walk-in closet bedroom of her 2-year old son. Jordan did an amazing job decorating the room with flea market finds, IKEA bedding, an eye-catching coat rack, and stylish plush toys. She was not afraid to use colors. Small rooms can be practical. When they are done properly, it will not look cramped. Go have a look at the “It’s beautiful here” coat rack and her flea market shell floral pendant light.

+ photos: Oh Happy Day


Boys and Girls birthday party themes by Pottery Barn Kids

Polka dot collection and kid decors by Pottery Barn Kids

If you have ever shop at Pottery Barn Kids, you know that the store is all about creating cute and almost fairytale environments for your children.

With all the fun kid accessories in the store, it is easy to design a theme birthday party if you shop there. Because their staff is fully aware that your kids love to entertain, Tabletop and Birthday Parties are spotlighted in their catalogue.

For play dates and celebrations, why not organize a Carnival event where kids can alternate between the acting roles of a concession seller and a Carnival visitor? Or if you entertain the kid at the beach, go with a friendly Shark luau party.

Pink and green birthday party theme

From table runners, dinnerware, table and chairs to personalized decorative items, this is the place where the kids are kings and queens. I am showing you the Polka Dot collection. The Hibiscus luau party is fun for a summer event.

Make sure to grab a Happy Birthday banner with the classic party hanging décor and a white cake stand. These items represent money well spent since you will be able to reuse them with new accessories. From a few basic elements you will can create many more new party themes for girls.

Personalized gift ideas

One thing for which Pottery barn is strong is the fact that we can put our name or initial in a lot of their exclusive products.

The rustic Thomas step stool and the personalized terry travel bag are two gift ideas that I like a lot for the young children. At this age, kids want to be treated as grownups. They are thrilled when you give them things that look like the grownup stuff.

Lots of other party themes

soccer party, baseball party, pirate party, shark luau party by Pottery Barn Kids

Other themes are the Soccer party, the Baseball party, the Shark Party and the Pirate party. In our modern society, these themes amuse boys and active girls.

The Pirates theme is well executed. It looks classier that the plates and place mats available at Toys R Us or from Disney.

One stop party central for kids

For each theme, you will find tablecloths, place mats, runners, plates, glasses, photo op canvas, hanging pennant flags, activity games and more party supplies.

This is not all. Their Birthday stationery from themed invitations, thank you cards and gift wrapping supplies look original and fun. If you are short on time, I suggest you visit a Pottery Barn Kids near you to find almost everything for your kid celebrations in one place.

A small lesson in marketing history

I assisted to a direct marketing conference in 2000 where the president (I think) of Pottery Barn was a guest speaker. I was impressed by the company approach at that event. They continue to inspire me today.

Did you know that the kid division at Pottery Barn existed because of a group of employees were desperately seeking great furniture to decorate their baby and kid rooms? They worked hard to persuade the direction that there was a market for better and more fun kid furniture. Today it sounds so obvious.

Buy online: Birthday parties and celebrations at Pottery Barn Kids