Boys and Girls birthday party themes by Pottery Barn Kids

Polka dot collection and kid decors by Pottery Barn Kids

If you have ever shop at Pottery Barn Kids, you know that the store is all about creating cute and almost fairytale environments for your children.

With all the fun kid accessories in the store, it is easy to design a theme birthday party if you shop there. Because their staff is fully aware that your kids love to entertain, Tabletop and Birthday Parties are spotlighted in their catalogue.

For play dates and celebrations, why not organize a Carnival event where kids can alternate between the acting roles of a concession seller and a Carnival visitor? Or if you entertain the kid at the beach, go with a friendly Shark luau party.

Pink and green birthday party theme

From table runners, dinnerware, table and chairs to personalized decorative items, this is the place where the kids are kings and queens. I am showing you the Polka Dot collection. The Hibiscus luau party is fun for a summer event.

Make sure to grab a Happy Birthday banner with the classic party hanging décor and a white cake stand. These items represent money well spent since you will be able to reuse them with new accessories. From a few basic elements you will can create many more new party themes for girls.

Personalized gift ideas

One thing for which Pottery barn is strong is the fact that we can put our name or initial in a lot of their exclusive products.

The rustic Thomas step stool and the personalized terry travel bag are two gift ideas that I like a lot for the young children. At this age, kids want to be treated as grownups. They are thrilled when you give them things that look like the grownup stuff.

Lots of other party themes

soccer party, baseball party, pirate party, shark luau party by Pottery Barn Kids

Other themes are the Soccer party, the Baseball party, the Shark Party and the Pirate party. In our modern society, these themes amuse boys and active girls.

The Pirates theme is well executed. It looks classier that the plates and place mats available at Toys R Us or from Disney.

One stop party central for kids

For each theme, you will find tablecloths, place mats, runners, plates, glasses, photo op canvas, hanging pennant flags, activity games and more party supplies.

This is not all. Their Birthday stationery from themed invitations, thank you cards and gift wrapping supplies look original and fun. If you are short on time, I suggest you visit a Pottery Barn Kids near you to find almost everything for your kid celebrations in one place.

A small lesson in marketing history

I assisted to a direct marketing conference in 2000 where the president (I think) of Pottery Barn was a guest speaker. I was impressed by the company approach at that event. They continue to inspire me today.

Did you know that the kid division at Pottery Barn existed because of a group of employees were desperately seeking great furniture to decorate their baby and kid rooms? They worked hard to persuade the direction that there was a market for better and more fun kid furniture. Today it sounds so obvious.

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    Yes I love this store. It is very inspiring.

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    Yeah, party here we come! These pictures make me long for the days when the children still wanted pirate parties!

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    Love the Pottery Barn Kids stores ! Unfortunately we do not have them in Belgium

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