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Announcing my New Blog, Balancing Act, and the End of At Home

reading balancing act

Inspired by my worldview as a parent and an entrepreneur, Balancing Act by Kim Vallee explores how to find the right balance when it comes to life, parenthood, and owning a business. You’ll notice a touch of design in my opinion articles. What I want Balancing Act to be is a work-life balance guide for modern moms and dads. It’s time that we approach work-life balance by including both parents into the discussions. I hope that you will join me, tell your partners or husbands, and visit at often.

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Social Media

Seven Writing Tips for Bloggers to Convey Your Message

tips for editing your blog posts

Every blogger develops their own writing style. This is a part of the attraction of reading a blog. If we were to examine your writing style, we will probably find that reflects the type of person that we are in real life. Loyal readers can discover some of your character traits and your skills just by reading your blog. For instance, I like to get to the point, which is why I prefer shorter posts to long ones. Continue Reading


Big Announcements: A New Job and At Home will become At Home & Work

I have been quieter lately on my blog. It was for a good reason. I needed some time off to think about my priorities and to explore what I want to do for living from now on. 2013 seems to be a year of change for many people and I am one of them. This time off enabled me to take a huge decision. I’m returning to what I used to do before becoming a full-time blogger. My new job is an enhanced version of what I did for years at Paradivision.

What made me changed my mind? First, it was a quest for a more balanced life. Being a blogger requires too long hours for success. But it was mostly the challenges. There are so many amazing things that we can do now with the Internet. Many have not being explored yet. I want to be a part of it! Continue Reading


The Reveal of My Business Site

new website for kim vallee

→ But I am Still a Lifestyle Blogger

new website for kim vallee

Today, I published my new Web site for Kim Vallee. This marked an important moment for me. For years, I felt the need to have a cover page where I could highlight the several business hats that I wear. I finally have it!

Update: I forgot to mention the best part about the design of my business site.  It has a responsive design, which means that its layout automatically adjusts to fit the screen of your device. Try it on your iPhone and iPad. I love this feature.

You might have noticed that I write less often over the past year. Now, you know that it was not just the baby that kept me from writing more posts. Do not worry, At Home with Kim Vallee will continue to be a big part of my life. And yours, I hope! I still want to inspire you with my stylish finds, time saving tips and design ideas. As a matter of fact, my next post series will be about tasty summer cocktail recipes that was made just for me by a renowned mixologist.

Joli PR

I am excited by my latest project. And if you are a lifestyle blogger, I believe that you will enjoy Joli PR. I designed it with lifestyle bloggers in mind. Joli PR is the visual, interest-based app that I wish that I had for years, instead of an inbox filled with mostly irrelevant pitches. To make it a win win solution, I make sure that it delivers something great for brands and PR people. If you want to be amongst the first people who have a peak at Joli PR, sign in here. I promise not to spam your inbox.


Help Wanted: A Part-time Blogger

writer help wanted

writer help wanted

At Home with Kim Vallee has a part-time writer position to fill. We pay per post. We are looking for a talented writer with a good eye for a design or a foodie. Being a  savvy shopper is a plus. We are looking for candidates who could write 2 to 3 posts (150 words approx. each) every day of the week.

How to Apply

Send the following information by email at athome[at]kimvallee[dot]com

  • your CV
  • what are your specialties?
  • tell us why you would be a good addition to At Home with Kim Vallee?
  • provide 3 links to articles you wrote
  • pitch us 5 ideas of articles for At Home with Kim Vallee
  • what model of camera do you own?
  • links to photos you took
  • do you know how to use and do you have a version of Photoshop?
  • in which city, country do you live?

Career Success Can Be Measured in Many Ways

kim vallee on board the uss constitution

As I was reading several articles on the NY Times about the gain of women in the workplace, it reminded me how far my career goals changed over the year. I believe that it is because I grow as a person. At university, I dreamt of being the chairman of a large corporation. I am still as ambitious today except that my priorities changed. I measure success differently.

After working for three awesome actuarial firms over a 7-year period, it was clear that I did not enjoy that type of work. It took me some time to have the guts to go after my true passion. But I am so happy that I did. I am proud of being my own boss, to call the shots and to make daily decisions that impact the success of my brand.

Running a small business is a lot of work. My parents were two successful business owners. Their influence may explain why I prefer working hard to build my business instead of working for someone else. If I wanted to, I could get a job at a large corporation with a big pay check. But each time I get an offer, a glance at the job description reminds me that their managerial structure is not for me. A director passes most of their time planning and administrating things. I like to create.

It is a Question of Lifestyle

I am often asked why I run my blog instead of writing for a magazine. First, there is freedom. I choose what to put on own editorial. Then, there is the timing of the story. On a blog, you write about what it is happening right now. Plus, I enjoy the direct contact with the readers, the free exchange of information.

But really, the most important factor is that being the editor on my own women magazine enables me to get the lifestyle I want. I can travel where and whenever I want to and still be working as long as I get an Internet connection. I am building my own media. Any serious blogger is. Some blogs have become major media platforms, food bloggers published cookbooks while others opened their retail shops. Blogging provides us opportunities to make a living following our passions.

We are at a time where business models are challenged. New successful models will emerge as we continue to experiment and explore new ways to do business. Maybe it is time that we update success to be more than being at the top of the corporate ladder. I know that I changed my tune when I realized that happiness has to be part of the formula.

+ The Mismeasure of Women written by Joanne Lipman in NY Times
+ When We’re Equal, We’ll be Happy written by Judith Warner – Domestic Disturbances column
+ photo was taken when visiting the USS Constitution in August 2009


Blog Out Loud event and My Integrated Brand | Quick Links

integrated themes for Kim Vallee

You may have noticed a change to the main navigation bar of At Home with Kim Vallee. There is now a Live section where you will find my tweets and live blogging posts.

What will be these live blogging posts?

It will be made of several things. But mainly, there will be quick links. For a while now, I have been searching at a way to add to the curated experience I am trying to provide you. I wish for great pictures on all my posts here. What do I do when I only wish to provide you a quick info? Until now, I relied on Twitter. But 140 characters is not always enough to deliver the message.  I will use Kim Vallee Live to bring this type of information.

Another usage of Kim Vallee’s Live is when I will attend a conference. You will not have long to wait since I will be at the Social Gaming Summit 2009 that will occur June 23rd, 2009. All day, I will rely what is going on at the session through Kim Vallee Live.

Integrating  Layout

I also wish to point out that my second blog, On the Web with Kim Vallee now shares the theme structure than At Home. Like I said in Live, I am integrating my brand. Each component has its own personality.

Blog Out Loud event  in Los Angeles

One last thing. If you are in the Los Angeles this week, register for the first Blog Out Loud event. It should be a great event for bloggers and aspiring bloggers in the creative sphere. Check out what I have to say about the Blog Out Loud event on On the Web.


Touch and Feel of Karim Rashid’s Globalight Champagne Cooler


I introduced last April this exquisite Champagne cooler. I got the chance to see many in person at the Interior Design Show of Toronto. Do not look in the exhibit; it was only accessible to VIP guests.

I have the chance to be a good friend of Harry Wakefield, the founding editor of MoCo Loco. If you recalled, Harry was one of the 3 bloggers invited on a Design Trends by the Minute panel at the show.

Not only did I drink a superb rose Champagne (pink) but I got the complete demonstration on how works the coolest cooler on Earth. This unique piece of technology is an avant-garde interpretation of the French candelabra. This explains why the cooler illuminates thanks to rechargeable battery.

Globalight retails for about $800 if I am not mistaken. But do not rush to the store; the Globalight cooler is only available in Europe.


In the shadow (bottom picture), you see a guy taken a picture. This is Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan of Apartment Therapy. Look at some of his pictures on Maxwell’s highlights of IDS 2009.

Go see more pictures of the VIP lounge and bar on a photo album of AHWKV’s page on Facebook.

+ Globalight for Veuve Clicquot


Best of IDS09 from the eyes of Ready2Spark

best of ids 2009 - video by Lara McCulloch-Carter of Ready2Spark

best of ids 2009 - video by Lara McCulloch-Carter of Ready2Spark

I spoke last weekend at my PodCamp Toronto session about the lack of videos in the women design blog. Tonight, I noticed that my friend Lara McCulloch-Carter of Ready2Spark did her first video blog while attending the Toronto Interior Design Show.

We met at the show and sit together at the Design Blogger Panels with Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan of Apartment Therapy, Harry Wakefield of MoCo Loco and Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge.

Her video is great! I am to warm you Lara, I will borrow some of your video techniques. You will see that Lara was also impressed by Luminoso, that I introduced two posts ago. You will probably grasp a better understanding of this innovative product by watching the video.

+ Via Ready2Spark