Career Success Can Be Measured in Many Ways

kim vallee on board the uss constitution

As I was reading several articles on the NY Times about the gain of women in the workplace, it reminded me how far my career goals changed over the year. I believe that it is because I grow as a person. At university, I dreamt of being the chairman of a large corporation. I am still as ambitious today except that my priorities changed. I measure success differently.

After working for three awesome actuarial firms over a 7-year period, it was clear that I did not enjoy that type of work. It took me some time to have the guts to go after my true passion. But I am so happy that I did. I am proud of being my own boss, to call the shots and to make daily decisions that impact the success of my brand.

Running a small business is a lot of work. My parents were two successful business owners. Their influence may explain why I prefer working hard to build my business instead of working for someone else. If I wanted to, I could get a job at a large corporation with a big pay check. But each time I get an offer, a glance at the job description reminds me that their managerial structure is not for me. A director passes most of their time planning and administrating things. I like to create.

It is a Question of Lifestyle

I am often asked why I run my blog instead of writing for a magazine. First, there is freedom. I choose what to put on own editorial. Then, there is the timing of the story. On a blog, you write about what it is happening right now. Plus, I enjoy the direct contact with the readers, the free exchange of information.

But really, the most important factor is that being the editor on my own women magazine enables me to get the lifestyle I want. I can travel where and whenever I want to and still be working as long as I get an Internet connection. I am building my own media. Any serious blogger is. Some blogs have become major media platforms, food bloggers published cookbooks while others opened their retail shops. Blogging provides us opportunities to make a living following our passions.

We are at a time where business models are challenged. New successful models will emerge as we continue to experiment and explore new ways to do business. Maybe it is time that we update success to be more than being at the top of the corporate ladder. I know that I changed my tune when I realized that happiness has to be part of the formula.

+ The Mismeasure of Women written by Joanne Lipman in NY Times
+ When We’re Equal, We’ll be Happy written by Judith Warner – Domestic Disturbances column
+ photo was taken when visiting the USS Constitution in August 2009

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    Hello Kim,

    I understand and can relate to this post…I too am from Montreal but am new to blogging. I love your blog, thank you for inspiring me!