When it’s the right fit, I’m accept to work as a freelance writer, a brand storytelling/content strategist, to collaborate with a brand or an agency on a campaign as a lifestyle expert or an early childhood development aficionado. For these purposes or for media interviews, contact me at kim (AT) kimvallee (DOT) com or call me at +1 514.800.7115.  You can also reach me through Twitter or LinkedIn.

Don’t bother to send a request for guest blogging. It’s not an option. Since you already know that my answer is no, I won’t reply to your request. I will repeat it to make sure that you get it. Don’t contact me about the unique, high-quality article that you can generously write for me in return of a link to your company or your client’s website. Even if your boss insists, don’t waste both of our time. The answer is NO.

Due to time constraint, I don’t respond to submissions unless I want more information. I typically don’t respond to media event invitations unless I wish to attend the event.