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LIVING, URBAN Living | November 21, 2011 | by Kim Vallee

Urban Living: How the Dutch Got Their Cycle Paths

cycle path in the Netherlands

This video starts with: The Netherlands has the world’s largest number of cyclists, but it is also the safest place to cycling. It says a lot about what is possible when you want to. Even if it is just to see how another nation solved an universal problem, I invite you to watch the video (below). The suburban [...]

LIVING, URBAN Living | April 5, 2011 | by Kim Vallee

Umbra Handisleeve and Dandisleeve

umbra handisleeve and dandisleeve

The Handisleeve by Umbra has an handle, which means that it is easy to hold and drink from. Some textile coffee sleeves can be slippery. It won’t happen with the rubber coated Handisleeve. I see it as a must-have for when you are driving your car. It comes in blue, red, green and black. Alan Wisniewski [...]

LIVING, URBAN Living | January 26, 2011 | by Heather Watterworth

2011 Food Trend: Honey

honey spoons

Pie may be getting all the buzz, but there’s something even sweeter on food trend lists this year: honey. Perhaps a reflection of the local food movement, beekeeping is making its mark in urban backyards. Food and Wine magazine reports the Carmel Valley Ranch in California allows guests to check on hives located all over [...]

LIVING, URBAN Living | December 12, 2010 | by Kim Vallee

Body Care during Pregnancy | Getting Ready for the Baby

clarins skin spa treatments

I have to confess that I spend a lot of money on beauty products. I don’t usually write about it because I am faithful to the brands I use. I learned over the years which products work best for my skin. Plus, the skin on my face does not like changes. Body and Beauty Care [...]


November 3, 2010 | by Kim

Recognizing the Need for Urban Garden Centers

city garden center :: urban green in amsterdam

It’s about time that retailers start to meet the needs of urban gardeners. Most city dwellers have access to a small backyard [...]

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September 14, 2010 | by Kim

Opera de Montreal at the Farmers’ Market

opera de montreal at jean-talon market

Opéra de Montréal found a great way to reach ordinary people this weekend. Four singers from Opéra de Montréal and the Atelier lyrique [...]

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September 8, 2010 | by Kim

The Cutest Dog and Cat Tags Can Help You Find...

blanket ID tags for dogs and cats

Losing a pet is devastating for all members of a family. This is why it’s important to provide a way to find [...]


August 30, 2010 | by Kim

Delightful Mondays | Sunflowers at the...

sunflowers at the farmers market

Last Friday, I had lunch at the Copley Square Farmers Market in Boston. It’s a great place for an impromptu picnic. Gorgeous [...]


August 17, 2010 | by Kim

Health Benefits of Living with Cats and Dogs

living with cats and dogs

I read on WebMB, 27 reasons why, on average, pet owners are more healthy and live longer. There are the obvious health benefit [...]


August 16, 2010 | by Kim

Delightful Mondays | Pictures from the...

yellow carrots at the farmers market

Today for my Delightful Mondays I simply wish to share some pictures I took this weekend at the Farmers market. It is [...]


August 11, 2010 | by Kim

Not Far from a Tree Harvests Fruits in Toronto

nor far from a tree fruit picking in Toronto

Not Far from a Tree is a worthy initiative that is in operation for the third summer in Toronto. Founder and director [...]


July 19, 2010 | by Kim

Delightful Mondays: City Bike and a Swedish...

civia loring city bikes

Over the last couple of years, the vintage style of the Dutch (or Italian) city bike is in vogue. It’s cute and [...]

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