Recognizing the Need for Urban Garden Centers

city garden center :: urban green in amsterdam

city garden center :: urban green in amsterdam

It’s about time that retailers start to meet the needs of urban gardeners. Most city dwellers have access to a small backyard or just a terrace. The presence of taller buildings means that shades is more common in the front yard or back yard. You get the wind factor and pollution to take into account. If you add that many urban residents do not own a car, driving miles to go to a large garden center can be complicated.

dark terrace :: urban green

Urban Green launched a garden center right at the center of Amsterdam, near the famous Vondelpark. It carries a vast collection of light containers, small bushes and plants adapted to urban living.

Having easy access to retail places should encourage people to plant in their garden other things than the flowers they can buy at the city Farmer’s markets. Let’s hope this initiative will reach this side of the Atlantic in a near future. Diversity must also be integrated in our city gardens.

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