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January 7, 2010 | by Kim

Stunning Pool Design at Hotel Encanto

Hotel Encanto in Acapulco, Mexico :: pool at night

Wow! I am in awe with the pool area and the overall hotel design. I loved to stay there for a week [...]

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January 4, 2010 | by Kim

30% 0ff on Porter Flights

sale alert on porter flights

I need to book two tickets to go to Toronto. The service on Porter for short distance travel beats the one of [...]

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December 22, 2009 | by Kim

Crown & Crumpet Adds Fun to the Tearoom

crown and crumpet tearoom

Having tea at Crown & Crumpet is on my agenda for my next trip to San Francisco.  This place inspires me from [...]


October 29, 2009 | by Kim

Opera: the chic return of the folding camper

opera folding trailer

I am curious about this upscale folding camper that comes with luxury beds and an enclosed teak veranda. I perceived it as [...]


October 13, 2009 | by Kim

Beautiful Amsterdam

jordaan area in Amsterdam photographed by pia jane bijkerk

If you never went to Amsterdam, you are missing something. The gorgeous has its share of cool modern design shops, you eat [...]


October 5, 2009 | by Kim

More Designer Hotels

bulgari hotels

I introduced the Missoni Hotel a couple months ago for their bold use of colors in a bedroom. Missoni is one of [...]

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October 3, 2009 | by Kim

The Magic of Lanterns at Jardin Botanique

magic of lanterns exhibit at montreal botanical garden

This is an annual must-see in Montreal. Until November 1st, 2009, head to Montreal Botanical Garden at night to see the Magic [...]


September 21, 2009 | by Kim

Bed-in in John and Yoko’s room at Queen...

jerome paradis and kim vallee having the bed-in in peace moment

Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth was one of the sponsors of PodCamp Montreal 2009. After the Saturday sessions, a selected group were invited [...]


September 11, 2009 | by Kim

Ecological Underwater Sculpture Park by Jason...

james de caires taylor

If you ever go to Grenada, do not miss this incredible exhibit. British sculptor Jason de Caires Taylor wanted to do something [...]


September 5, 2009 | by Kim

Modern Architecture Green Cabins in the heart...

natural retreats in yorshire dales national park, uk

This is not the typical accommodation that you think you will get when you stay at a National Park. It is about [...]

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August 24, 2009 | by Kim

Clever Interior Design Ideas at Fairmont...

standard room at fairmont battery wharf, boston

We stayed to the newly opened Fairmont hotel when we went to Boston at the beginning of August. We stayed there for [...]


August 18, 2009 | by Kim

Missoni Hotel Teaches Us How to Use Bold...

hotel missoni sophisiticated use of bold patterns

Using bold colors and patterns requires more than an eye for design. One luxury company who is known for their bold use [...]

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