Ecological Underwater Sculpture Park by Jason de Caires Taylor

james de caires taylor

If you ever go to Grenada, do not miss this incredible exhibit. British sculptor Jason de Caires Taylor wanted to do something to help the endangered reefs along the coast of Grenada. He came up with a solution that uses his skills. He created artificial reefs made of sculptures fashioned out of materials suitable for marine life.

Jason de Caires Taylor did it with humor. He sculpted modern art pieces in the ocean. It is a fantastic sight. His 79 art pieces continually evolve as nature dwells the park. People can dive to admire this surrealist art exhibit.  I would like to go. You can start to understand the magnitude of his creations by watch this video. It is a treat!

Limited edition prints and posters are sold at Limited edition prints are £260 each and posters are £20 each.

Where Is It?

The underwater sculpture park is integrated into an artificial reef at Molinere Bay, north of St-George in Grenada. Do not expect a sign at the surface of the ocean. The sculptures are sited in clear shallow waters to be accessible to divers, snorkellers and those in glass-bottomed boats. Before you start your quest to explore this unique underwater sculpture park, read this detailed article in Maco. It explains everything you need to know to find the spot.

+ Underwater Sculptures – copyrighted photos by Jason de Caires Taylor
+ Via WebUrbanist
+ Via my friends Nathalie Rivard and Renée Wathelet who shared the video on Facebook

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